Sunday, April 15, 2012

just a quick update

As I am writing this a part of me is nagging me reminding me I have two exams to study for this week. One of which is tomorrow. I seem to have dropped into this lull and I don’t like it. I feel tired all the time, unwilling to do much aside from lie in bed and waste the day away. It took me 6 hours yesterday to drag myself from bed to get out of my apartment and just do…. Something, anything.
I’m not sure what set me off really. My ex and I are restarting our friendship. It’s actually been quite nice. I’m just worried because at this point I feel rather vulnerable and wonder if I may fall in love with her again for all the wrong reasons because it feels safe. I’m not sure what has brought me to this point, but I am trying my best to shake it off. I hate feeling this way. I hope it passes, soon.

Sorry about the not so uplifting post.