Saturday, September 1, 2012

Summers over? :(

Well this is a bit late. Summer has been over for a bit. I feel like I got back to school and barely had time to hit the ground running. Surprisingly after a summer of lazing about, working, and doing a lot of nothing (best break ever!) I fell back into the routine of chicken with no head quite quickly. I think it helps that I had meetings prior to school starting so it kind of got me back into that mindset. The first few weeks of fall are always the roughest. All organizations have meetings about recruiting and general meetings soon after to keep membership up so it's like a whirlwind of meetings and then before you know it, it's exam time.

I think I've lost my mind. I'm an officer for several organizations, taking a full credit load (I maxed out my elective credits), and I have my pharmacy job that I work 13 hours every other week, plus my work study job at school that's about 5 hours a week (not much). And that's not even to the point where I think I've gone off the deep end.

I think I've gone off the deep end because I am thinking about taking on a third job as a school tutor. Money has been a little tight and I am doing a lot as a P-3 from campus things to conferences and unfortunately those conferences cost money. I don't max out on my student loans because I consider it something way too frivolous when I know I don't need all of it. However, I think I may have gone slightly too conservatively. I've always had the mindset of, take what you need for the essentials- tuition, rent, and food. Whatever else you want to spend money on, you work to pay for it.

It's really all the same as my first two years of pharm school. I think I may have bit off more than I can chew this time. I really hope I can handle everything I seem to have gotten myself into this year.

So what do you think? Yay or nay to the tutoring gig?