Monday, August 31, 2009

I miss living on a boat.

Ok, it wasn't your regular boat, it was a ginormous and slightly tacky cruise ship, but it was so much more fun and way less tacky than I expected. I had never been on a cruise before, or been to Hawaii so it was like two adventures all rolled into one. Also add that I needed to survive with a lot of family for a whole week posed as a huge challenge in itself. It was great the first few days... near the end of the week I was hiding (ok so I was a bit drunk too) from them in various parts of the ship.

The strangest thing is you still feel like you are on a boat for at least two days following. A strange, yet soothing feeling. Luckily I do not get motion sickness.

I got to do so many fun things. I saw a crater, and other hot spots in Maui. I played and swam on a black sand beach in Hilo and got some excellent pictures of a huge sea turtle. I also met an awesome friend who was a photographer on the boat that day when she tagged along with us in Hilo. She was fantastic to hang out with and talk to. I also got to ride a raft and snorkel in crystal clear blue water in Kona. I also got to kayak in a river in Kauai and hike to two waterfalls and spend hours at the beach. I got pretty dark, and luckily did not burn.

The best part were the amazing pictures and memories I got from the cruise. I wish I could do it all again!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Adios amigos!

I am going to be on a boat for the next week. Will catch ya'll later =)

Coming Out

Coming out is really crazy sometimes. I've pretty much gotten to the point where I think, 'Well if this friend can't handle it, then we were not meant to be friends'. Well, it's still scary. I don't know why I find it so scary sometimes. I guess I've been too babied with everyone at work knowing, my friends knowing, and even a few cousins. The family... I still need to work up enough courage to face that mountain.

Well, today I came out to someone I hadn't spoken to in years. We recently caught up again, and it was really great! Reconnecting with old friends is always an amazing experience. When it goes well at least. I knew that I had to tell her. I can't hide that from someone and then drop it on them later. I don't know, I guess it's better to tell them sooner rather then sometime down the line going 'oh, by the way, I'm gay.'. At least that way I don't have to play that stupid pronoun game. I am terrible at it anyways. I usually slip or make it ridiculously obvious. I am a terrible liar.

I think she was slightly confused at first, mostly because I didn't outright say I was gay. For some reason I am a terribly vague person. She didn't seem to mind, so hopefully things aren't weird after this. Unfortunately my net pooped out on me shortly after. Stupid AT&T.

It was like a weight had lifted. Probably because I spent a few days debating whether or not I should tell her. It's weird, after I come out to someone, I feel so much better. I'll be happy once I find the courage and right time to tell my family. My parents are 'the gays are bad!' types of people, so it may have to wait until I finish everything because I don't think I can handle it right now. haha.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Random memories of Europe

I've been thinking about my past travels lately. Partly out of nostalgia, and partly because I miss the pictures I've lost. Spending a month of my summer for two years in Europe with other high school students enjoying everything it has to offer was one of the best times of my life. (These are just scattered memories, totally not in order, but whatever funny things come to mind)

I miss the friends I made overseas and sad that most of us has lost touch. Then again it's been 8 years. I remember the youth hostel in Austria where the German kids taught us bad words in German sign language. I also remember seeing their band, 12 accordians, a bass guitar, and a singer perform at a festival while we were out there.

I still remember the hilarity of street vendors in Italy that got in your personal bubble without a second thought, or the drunk gondala drivers hitting on you as you walked across a canal bridge.

One disappointing thing I remember was The Mona Lisa. Why you ask? I don't know why, but we all expected it to be a huge painting! When we finally saw it at the Louvre it turned out to be an 8x10 painting surrounded by a huge crowd. Certainly not the most impressive piece there, but getting lost in the Louvre was sorta fun.

Actually, for some reason that also reminds me of our friend John requesting 'Pope soap on a rope' while we explored The Vatican. We were disappointed to find that no such souvenir existed. Rats.

The homestays in England and Ireland were also amazing. It was weird not being together as a group for a few days, but it was fun. I got to live in a quaint little cottage in an English countryside, and also a wonderful house in Ireland with 3 rowdy boys that were a lot of fun to hang out with.

I know we are all going to hell for this one: while staying in dorm rooms at the University of Edinburgh we used bibles to prop open out windows. Mine fell out of the second story window and nearly smacked a friend in the head. Oops.

Wow, hiking up to Arthur's seat was also an amazing experience, the way the sun's rays peaked through some clouds made the view all the more breathtaking.

Our sayings 'England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales' -castle-castles-and more castles. 'Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and France' -cathedrals-cathedrals-and more cathedrals. It may sound dull that way, but each place had unique amazing architecture.

Mmmm swiss chocolates- 'nuff said.

Wales- learning to say the name of the train station that holds the record for longest train station name in the UK in Welsh. I can still say it too! Also this: 'Ok, now the thing to remember here kids, you must stay to the left of the hotel. Do not wander to the right, that area is not safe.' Haha we stayed on the border between 'safe Cardiff' and 'Dangerous Cardiff'

We also had a run in with some Chavs (Brit slang for wannabe-ganstas) that slapped my friends ass and they were nearly jumped by 30 angry teens hah.

I miss Europe.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family and PT Love

So for the past few days I haven't been able to eat much. I just feel nauseous halfway through the meal so I figure forget it, I may as well keep down what I have eaten than see it all again.

Well my mom noticed I wasn't looking so good when I picked her up from work (I guess she needed to leave before my dad) and started the hard questioning all moms do. It ended up like this (all in Viet, translation for all you english speakers haha):

Mom 'What's wrong with YOU?'
Me: (I am feeling really nauseous and not so good with each passing second, but I'm driving so I try to shrug it off) 'I dunno, been feeling sick for a few days. I can't really eat without wanting to throw up.'
Mom 'Well, at least you're not eating too much. You are getting fat.'

hahahha That made me feel a little better. Not because I am getting fat, or eating less, but because it was just a funny thing my mom would say about me being sick.

My PT place is hilarious. They laugh at me/make me laugh all the time. The topics of conversation range between beach houses, vomiting, and hobbies. It's entertaining. I was doing my stretches and this random 12 year old gymnists starts gawking and goes 'OMG ARE YOU A SWIMMER?'

I turn around abruptly because it kind of caught me off gaurd so I gave her a funny look and apprehensively said 'Well... yeah. I used to be...' and wonder why on earth this girl is asking me such a random question.

This girl is very easily excited haha because as soon as I reply her eyes go wide and she goes 'OH MY GOSH IT'S NOT FAIR! I've been stretching for THREE years and I can't get my shoulders to do that!'

Maybe she should pick up swimming? Then again her body is definitely well suited for being a tiny gymnist, where mine as my PT person said 'Well, your body is very aerodynamically built for swimming' (I really hate it sometimes, the skinny legs vs. broad shoulders/upper body. It makes me feel like a boy)

Drats, I should have stuck with swimming. I could have been the female Michael Phelps. haha. Or not.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Signs you've had too much to drink.

Friend: Don't forget your camera, I want to be able to capture embarrassing moments tonight. Ya know, life if you accidentally make out with a guy.
Me: What are you planning on putting in my drink? Magic straight elixer?
Friend: That's for me to know and you to find out.
Me: ....

Me: Thanks!
F#1: WOW you are only a few months older than me. Like four or five. Wait. *counts on fingers* YEP FIVE!
Me: hahahha

F#2: I am old.
Me: When is your birthday again?
F#2: ummmmmmm September.
Me: So in one month!
F#2: NOOOOOO two months! Duh!
Me: ummmm September is next month... it comes after August.
F#2: no it doesn't! oh wait. hahahhahaa

Last night was a lot of fun. Although a friend's roommate came also and he wouldn't stop touching me. Not really inappropriately, but he would rub my shoulder. F#1 saw my WTF is going on look (when he started touching my hair) and went "DUDE. She's a lesbian. Why are you touching her?" LOL.

He ignored that comment though. It was an odd night, but I had a lot of fun. And woke up at a very inappropriate time the next day hee. Birthday weekend continues!