Saturday, September 26, 2009

School Spirit!

Wow. Seriously, I knew I had a special place in my heart for college football, but this weekend it got even better. My usual dilemma is not having anyone from my alma mater to enjoy the game with since I went to college out of state. Today I found my solution. I joined a group of people I had never met before today, but we all had one thing in common: we love watching our college football team and of course, school spirit.

I was a bit nervous because I am a strange mix of introvert/extrovert. Apparently my subconscious decides by itself whether I am going to be an introvert or extrovert that day. It's all dependent on environment, state of mind, and state of sobriety. I almost didn't even go because I was strangely nervous about hanging out with a bunch of strangers and our only link was our alma mater. I'm glad I forced myself to go. I was immediately welcomed because I was wearing a school shirt. Two beers later we were having a fine time cheering, groaning, and having fun conversations with each other. I felt a bit odd being one of the youngest there, but it was so much fun meeting people who went to the same school I did regardless of when we graduated.

I'm so glad I went. My voice is hanging by a thread and I may not be able to talk to my patients without sounding like a pre-pubescent boy tomorrow, but that's ok! I am exhausted from working like crazy, going to the game to cheer my heart out, then home to finish some chores, but it was all so worth it.

Now I'm watching Dinner: Impossible; and this crazy lady just asked him to make dinner, all with candy infused in it. Mac n' Cheese with candy, soup with candy, pork with candy, etc. GROSS. WHY. Why would you want candy in EVERYTHING? Are the hosts dentists hoping all their guests will get cavities? I mean that's just gross. Gummy peach quiche. EW. Bedtime. More work tomorrow =(

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Work ramblings

So I'm back at work. After being questioned by several people with the same 'you're back back now right? Like for reals back???' and my nodding and saying I've been cleared to work as long as I don't do something utterly stupid like lift 50lb totes of drugs than I will be fine, with the occasional wincing pain from my ribs. Working with bruised or fractured ribs is not so fun (my orthopedic surgeon would not tell me for sure, he said whichever it was that I would just have to let it heal). I was greeted with several firm pats to my shoulders and back, which when you are still sensetive to touch is not a pleasant feeling. I can tell they are genuinely glad to see me, but damn that hurt.

It's weird really, and half the time I am off in my own little world if I decided that I was in too much pain to work without aid of medications. I HATE TAKING THEM. They make me feel better, but make me feel so weird. The problem is, it's so hard to run around and focus on work with pain. Once, I must have forgotten to eat because I felt high as a mother effing kite. I'm standing there smiling like a goofball and talking like an idiot, and my coworkers find this great so they send me off to talk to patients. Well fuck me. I'm standing there feeling giddy as shit, trying to interact with patients. Thank goodness I didn't giggle.

I'm also glad my focus wasn't impaired and caught some unusual (aka fake) scripts that went by. I also caught an incorrect script order for painkillers and anti-anxiety meds for a 1 year old. How the computer system and insurance company didn't find 2mg of xanax and vicodin ES (extra strength) order for a 1 year old weird is beyond me. Can't believe it passed through so many people before it landed in my hands to sell to the patient. Definitely glad I took the shift that day. Signs that my coworkers are being overworked, and need some more help and time off. I also went by and smacked the person that took it in.

Flu shot season is also in full swing. That means on top of our ever growing volume of Rx's we get to give people flu shots. Rar, this whole daily flu shot thing totally sucks, for us. And now that we are feeling competitive with other stores one of my bosses is seriously pushing on us to do more. This one goes to sleep thinking about giving flu shots.

I am glad to be back at work, even if it is crazy stressful. I've also just been offered a position at another store. A slower, nicer store. Same pay, easier hours and volume. I might take it. I just feel so guilty about leaving my current position.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's love

I'm one of those fools that is always wary about new things. I'll be honest though, as careful as I can be, I tend to make snap judgements on whether or not I'm going to like someone or something. Sure I can be covinced to change my mind eventually, as long as there's evidence enough to convince me I was wrong. Hmm.. Science must really have a hold on me. Once I make up my mind, I tend to let the little things either prove me right or wrong. Is that some sick way of having a hypothesis, then holding ot some weird social experiment to draw my conclusions? I never really noticed that about myself, but maybe I do?

Well, after two years, I have concluded that it definitely is love. I love my pup. He's the best darn pup I could ever ask for. He's about as stubborn as I am, and even cuddlier. Some mornings I'll wake up and find him pouncing on me doing the I NEED TO PEE dance, other mornings he'll lie quietly in his own little corner waiting for me to get my lazy ass up. I wasn't sure about it for a while. I knew I really like him and loved playing with him, but I didn't know I could love him this much! Sometimes when I'm sad I'll just cuddle him and he'll make my day better. He'll give me that silly goofy smile of his and it'll just melt my heart.

Not to mention he does the cutest things. He'll lie on his back with his paws up in the air and a ball in his mouth, just because. He'll play ball by himself (because it's his ball and he doesn't like giving it up. haha) I love the way he sprawls out on his stomach with his legs stretched back and his front legs stretched forward. It's like a bear rug, only cuter and not scary. Once I found him playing around in the hamper stealing socks. This guy used to be a huge sock bandit. I'd come home from work and before I even had a chance to remove them, he'd be nipping at my feet and run off to the other side of the house with my sock. Glad we broke that habit, but I admit, he was cute doing it. The best is when we go for car rides. He can open the windows himself if I didn't feel like opening the windows. Then he runs back and forth in the back seat changing windows at his leisure. I love watching him stick his little face out and sniffing at everything.

I can't believe how much I love this little guy. As much fun as I was having in Hawaii, every night I would think of him and miss him.

I woke up this particular morning to watch the sunrise and wished he was there so I could cuddle him. Attachment issues? Probably. It was only day 3 of a 7 day vacation and I was missing him since day 1. I cuddled him before I left for the airport the morning I left feeling so sad to leave him for a whole week. He groaned because it was 5am and I woke him up haha.

Monday, September 7, 2009


As a former college and high school band member, I almost forgot how much I loved going to football games. I didn't really like watching football before college, but being part of the band made it even better. I always liked playing football (both American and European footy) but watching it was always kind of eh, to me.

Watching the showdown between my alma mater and our in state rivalry game for the first time in two years really made me nostalgic. It totally took me back to my first day of college band and the friends I made that taught me so much. They taught me how to dance (I am still terrible, but it was fun none the less), we had tickle wars, and had countless memories together going to games, having long rehearsals, and homecoming parades.

Being part of the school band with people who took pride in what we did to put on an amazing show because we simply loved doing it, made it one of the best things I did in college. The rehearsals and time commitment were grueling, sometimes on an icy field covered in snow, and in the late fall, we even rehearsed in the dark with only a cell phone or glow sticks that allowed us to see the drum majors.

I loved every moment. I loved show time, I loved performing, I loved playing my trumpet, learning music, being with people who loved it maybe even more than I did. Watching the game this year made me smile. And even though I was a thousand miles away, I still cheered like I was right there with them.



And we totally beat them to the ground this year.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh the things people say.

ok so I lied. I got bored with logging my trip. Instead I bring you this:

I am standing at the counter organizing our cash drawers because for a glorious 20 minutes it was not busy! We had a rather uneventful, less screaming than usual day. Really odd for us. I look up from the drawer and see a couple approaching. The guy looks really intoxicated and the woman looks really embarrassed to be with him. I try and access the situation in my head when he suddenly looks at me and shouts:


I blink twice because rarely do I hear shouting about condoms in the tightassed area I work in and reply 'Aisle 3.'

And just as quickly as this happened the girl looks even more embarrassed and shoves him towards aisle three. Glad they are using protection. haha.

At least it wasn't the lady telling me about her herpes outbreak in detail. Yech. My favorite though is the person that calls their acyclovir: assy-clover. Yes, I'm sure it feels like assy clovers, but after a few years pushing pills you get used to all sorts of funny pronounciations. It did take a few tries for me to figure out she was asking for acycovir. I don't blame them, a lot of the generic names are hard to pronounce, but it is damn funny to hear people that are high off their ass trying to pronounce generic vicodin.

Moving on. My coworkers are also hilarious. Working with them helps ease the pain of the day away because they make me laugh. They also like asking highly personal questions. It's like your love life is so much more interesting when you are the gay kid in the pharmacy. Or maybe I just don't talk about my love life quite as often as they do so they like to inquire? It's also great when I feel nauseous and they immediately ask if I'm pregnant, pause for 10 seconds, then laugh at their own 'joke' as I look at them confused and slightly horrified. Sorry dear, it'd have to be one hell of a drunken night for that to happen.

My puppy is staring at me and looks like he's going to sit on my keyboard if I do not play with him. So cute.

Days 1 and 2

I noticed I have been starting to forget the details of my trip, so I am going to write them down now. Feel free to skip the next few entries haha.

Day 1: Flight to Honolulu and boarding the ship.

So here I am sitting patiently waiting for the plane to take off when suddenly I feel something sprinkling on me. What the hell? Is it raining on the plane? I look up confused and a lady in the aisle looks down at me and says 'Some dipshit just spilled soda on you.'

.... What. Hooray. I get to be sticky for 6 hours. He didn't even apologize. He also managed to kick my chair every 10-20 minutes even though he didn't sit directly behind me since that chair was soaking wet thanks his effort of trying to store open drinks in the overhead compartment.

If you haven't been to Hawaii before, it is HOT. It was like getting kicked in the stomach when you first get outside (if you're not used to super high humidity). I thought my hair would suddenly become an Asian fro from all that moisture. We also had a very mean cab driver. She was quite the angry little Asian lady. I thought she was going to kill us haha.

We finally got to the port, and all in one piece too! Man, checking into a cruise is more intense than an airport. You need to pass security on the docks, check in your large luggage, pass the security into the check-in warehouse, get herded through some metal detectors, then you go and actually check-in at the desk, then you go through the final security check with your new ID card to actually board the ship.

We ate on the boat and finally got into our rooms! It was lovely! The room as super tiny, but the balcony gave us an amazing escape. Then I had my first Hawaiin sunset:

The only downside was the food was not so good. Oh well, the food was included in our price, so I guess we shouldn't expect too much hahaha. We promptly went to bed around 11 since it was technically 2 in CA and we were exhausted. Plus the kids were still getting used to the boat so we tried to sleep in our now rocking room haha.

Day 2 Maui

I woke up to this:

This was no sleeping in vacation. We usually rose with the sun to eat and be on our way to the days excursions. We took a bus ride to the Haleakala Crater in Maui. We even got a park ranger escort up to the crater because of the annual bike race. I guess they feared a tour bus might run over someone haha. The pictures do not do it justice. The elevation was so high that the temperature dropped by 30 degrees. It was freaking cold up there. There was also this really cool little trail that took you to its highest point. Brr.

Afterwards we explored the ship or a bit an soaked in a hottub. That was fantastic. We also saw a polynesian dance show on the ship. Great show full of really funny moments. I was really impressed with the ship's entertainment.