Friday, August 27, 2010

Puppy love

Ohh a post! See, it wasn't really farewell! I can never make up my mind!

The day has come for me to pack up and move! I'm terrified and excited all a the same time. I'm excited for school, new adventures, and starting in a new place, but I am having some serious separation anxiety.

I have a 3 year old dog and I have become insanely attached to him. If I am away from home for longer than 3 days I get homesick for him! It was a really really hard decision to leave him behind (with my parentals!! not giving him up! I could never do that!). I just know it wouldn't be fair to him to be couped up in a tiny apartment all by himself most of the day when he has a whole house and yard here. We haven't been apart for more than a week at one time since I got him 3 years ago!

I know it sounds like I'm some kind of crazy dog lady, but I just adore my puppy. He's such a sweet baby! I'm not the crazy kind that dresses their dog up. That creeps me out. I did put devil horns on him once for halloween though...

Anyways so yes, with each day I've had more and more anxiety about leaving him behind. This entry sounds a bit manic. I will blame it on all the stress of packing, moving, and trying to fit in family and friend time before the move. I've become so flustered that I have double booked myself several times this week. Friday for example, I had lunch plans with 2 different people and 2 different dinner plans too. Why can't I keep these things straight?!

Saturday, August 14, 2010

A farewell!

I'm only in the trenches part time nowadays, and with school looming very near in the future I am thinking about closing this blog. I may not have time and honestly I can be a bit paranoid about this blog getting out to some people.

I may keep the blog running, it really all depends. I've been spending my last days of freedom being asked to cover more shifts and the free days frolicking about with people I love and just enjoying my time.

Thanks to everyone who has kept up with this blog. I may not actually end it here, but I wanted to say farewell just in case I forget to later. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I am someone who will know exactly what happened with a certain script out of the thousand we do in a day, yet forget what I have planned for the next day. Thanks for all the support and funny comments! I will continue keeping up with everyone's blogs, time has just been flying lately.

Check out the blogs on my blogroll! They are pretty great. Everything from pharmacy to hilarious gay centered blogs. Always good for a laugh, smile, and sometimes very insightful!

Monday, August 2, 2010


Sorry about my slight absence. Ok, I'm not really sorry because I had an amazing vacation. I was on vacation with my best friend and we galavanted about for a week at an undisclosed location and had an amazing time! I missed her! My legs are now less blindingly white and slightly match the color of my upper body.

Now I'm back in the pharmacy trenches for just a few more short weeks. Time has flown by much too quickly and I need to start packing my life away.

Here are some quick funny pharmacy moments that make me die a little inside.

How can I help you? "I need to pick up something." Ok... are you picking up a prescription? "Yes." What's the last name you're picking up for? "HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO KNOW THAT?" Umm. I don't think I can really help you any further unless you know the name you're picking up for.

While I'm talking to a patient and collecting the 'information' the ass of a store manager strolls about the pharmacy (while the phones are ringing off the hook and the drive thru bell is making that hideous noise) and asks me why I haven't answered the phone yet and helped them. I point to the patient that I'm talking to and I think he finally gets it through his fat head that I am busy at the moment. Yeah assface, just stand there and tell us how we could be 'more efficient' instead of making yourself useful. Then again I've seen his "helping out" and it's better when he's just not within 100 feet of the pharmacy.

Even better, while I was on the phone, he asks me why I haven't answered the other phone call. The only answer short of the finger I could give him was a dirty look and pointing to the phone that I am currently talking into. Now I've had two different handsets to my head before (one on a call while on hold with an insurance company), because I have great multi-tasking abilities, but this was not one of those moments where I can talk to two people at once. Why don't YOU answer the phone call you dumbass?

Sorry, this guy just freaking grinds my gears. Since the pharmacy makes a billion dollars profit for the store, he gets a nice cushy bonus. Our former store manager understood that the front store was where their help was needed. The pharmacy runs very efficiently for the volume of the store, so we were left alone until McDouchebag transferred in. Then came the stupid suggestions on how to do our work faster, when in reality he is slowing us down. I've learned to ignore him and stare off into space and concentrate on not killing a patient and nod every once in a while pretending to agree with whatever new douchebaggery suggestions he has to 'do things better'.

I will not miss him, but I will miss my staff. Such an amazing group of people for the most part! We make each other laugh to get through the day so we don't jump over the counter and yell into people's faces. I just can't believe how quickly time is flying.