Saturday, February 21, 2009

bruised knees and bums

So today I opted to go snowboarding again instead of going to work. My friend wanted the hours and frankly I didn't want to go to work. Win, win really. Problem is I am exhausted from my lack of sleep and crazy schedule as of late. It was really fun. I am progressing really well and today we took on a few jumps and rails. My first rail attempt was a funny fail. I hopped up, slid off, but for some reason I came down hard on that rail and I was left clinging to it while the rest of me slid off. I have two nice bruises on my knees from that. I did land a few rails though.

As far as jumps go, difficulty is about the same on snowboard and skis. I caught my tail a couple of times and created a mini snow storm as I slid on my butt on the landing. My tailbone kinda hurts, but judging the amount of times I spent falling on my bum, I'm not surprised.

Other news? A lot has been on my mind lately, but I'm glad skiing and snowboarding has helped distract me.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mountain Getaway

The wonderful weekend away is over, and I am kind of sad. Not sad that I am no longer in an weird uncomfortable bed in a hotel room that can't decide whether to be super hot or super cold, but sad to have left the mountains! I kept waking up at 4am and being super cold and rolling up in my blankets. For three straight nights. But before I go to sleep I feel like I need to be in shorts and a tshirt. Seriously the room needed to make up its mind.

I spent two amazing days skiing and snowboarding. I can't believe I actually did pretty well snowboarding. Granted I went sideways down the steep hills. I am not fearless enough to brave enough to test my balance and stopping skills on a steep hill unless I'm on ski's.

On the last day we were so exhausted after a full day of skiing that we crashed in our hotel room. I somehow acquired a WiFi signal and surfed the net for an hour. I started reading TSD's blog and busted out laughing (as I usually do) and my cousins all leaped on me to try and see what's so funny. That hurt. Teenagers are heavy.

I have a lot of wonderful memories and pictures from that trip. I finally discovered that it IS possible to run up a steep hill in ski boots when you feel like you need to rescue someone. It'll just look funny as hell while you do it. It's also very tiring and you will want to give up halfway through.

I didn't want the weekend to end.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

All better.

My computer is all better now. I feel like an idiot for breaking it in the first place. Let's just say it involved me, a lot of alcohol, and tripping over my ac adaptor that was plugging into my laptop. Very unfortunate. But that's what warranties are for haha.

I am so excited for this weekend! A whole weekend away from craziness and work. Nothing but wonderful snow and skiing and snowboarding for an entire weekend. This week felt like it lasted a whole month.

I didn't realize this was Valentines day weekend, mostly because I don't care for the lame holiday. My boss kept giving me a hard time about requesting the weekend off. Who are you going with? Romantic getaway huh? And then the nudging started. I laughed. I am not at the point of a relationship that I would feel ok going away for an entire weekend alone with anyone haha.

My boss also called me a boy. Pft. I am not a boy. Just because I don't like being smothered to death in relationships and seem to have developed commitment issues lately (it's long distance, you can't fault me for being wary.) So everyone agreed that I am a boy (except me). Then my coworker comes from out of a corner going YOU'RE SEEING SOMEONE AREN'T YOU?! (Also a funny note I wrote doing someone instead of seeing accidentally...)

I almost fell backwards. We're good friends, but haha damn. Oops, not such a secret anymore? I don't know, I'm just not big in divulging much about my relationships, or lack of. So now everyone is asking me all these questions. I feel like I'm being interrogated when there's really nothing to say. Unless I'm drunk, because then apparently there is a lot to say.

I better get some sleep. Have a good weekend ya'll

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


So my computer broke =( and I am without my laptop until the end of the week. Lame! I promise I will catch up on blogs soon but using safari on my iPod is a pain in the butt and it can be a bit annoying. See y'all soon!