Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snowboarding is painful.

I am a pretty decent skier, and I really enjoy it. I've been recently convinced to give snowboarding another go and the success that first time made me give it another chance. Today was the first time in two years I actually boarded for an entire day.

I forgot how painful it was. Haha. I really wish I had a camera crew following me around because it was hilarious. I didn't know I could fall and roll in a way that made my snowboard do cartwheels. I fell and then couldn't stop and the snowboard sledded me several feet on my back. I fell getting off the lift and my cousin did too and he ended up kicking me in the nose. I lost my balance hopping and landed on my face. My butt definitely hurts. I can barely turn my head. Tomorrow is not going to be fun haha.

It sure does give me funny memories though.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quickie before my body gives out haha.

I don't know where I found the energy today, but thank goodness I had it. I woke up at 6am this morning to shower and go skiing. I stupidly left my gloves in the car and was too lazy to go back and get them, so I skied for a few hours without gloves. Afterwards I went back to the car and got my friend's snowboard.

Now, I am not the most graceful (at all) person in the world. I can't even walk without tripping sometimes. But I decided I should try it. I figure, third times a charm right? I actually did pretty well! I didn't fall on my face when I got off the lift, but I did fall on my face and my butt for the next two hours I went boarding. I am quite proud of myself, I didn't think I'd get very far. It just wiped me out. I could ski all day and hardly break a sweat, but I was exhausted after two hours.

Then we went home and I ran a few errands before... changing to play softball. It was a last minute decision and they needed more female players so I said why not? Keep in mind I haven't played in over 6 years. I dusted off my old gear and went for it. I was HORRIBLE. I am so ashamed of myself haha. Slow pitches are so hard to hit... and I didn't know we started out with a 1-1 count. I was super confused half the game.

Hopefully I will still be able to make their games. It was fun, but I felt bad for being so horrible. My body is aching though. Work in the morning is not going to be very fun.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Time to learn a new language

I've suddenly gotten the urge to learn sign language. I really want to, and I already know a few signs and the alphabet. I learned the alphabet while sitting on a bus in Wales when I was 15, and it stayed with me somehow. I think it's a beautiful language. I think that's my challenge for the year, find some time to fit in a sign language class, or have my friend teach me. We learned a few signs over break because were were drunk and making hand hearts. So our friend taught us some signs and I now know inappropriate words in sign language and in return I taught them Vietnamese. Of course nothing actually useful, because who really ever wants to know that? haha.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Scrambled entry anyone?

(I started a story, forgot the point, so I went in a different direction. Oops.)

Story time:

So one of the people that really help me come out to myself years ago was my British friend, I’ll call her B for British ha. We met one serendipitous day and from then on my life as I knew it changed. Sure, I had been denying the huge crush I had on my best friend since the day I met her, but somehow B really helped me figure out what all these crazy feelings were all about. B is one of those people who will make you laugh, blush, and grin like a dork all the time. The more I was around her and talked to her the more I realized I was gay. None of the guys I had dated even came close to making me feel the way my best friend and B made me feel. The difference between my best friend and B was that B was bi. So there was always shameless flirting present in our conversations. I never knew I could flirt until I met her. Haha.

When I finally came out to my best friend a few months later there was crying involved. I hate crying, but for some reason telling her made me cry. She made me laugh and made sure that I knew this changed nothing between us. That she would always be my friend gay or straight. I’m not sure if she knew about the huge crush I had on her back then, I’d rather not ask haha. Life went on and didn’t implode like I feared it would. Meanwhile B and I got closer and closer, to the point where part of the night I spent studying was spent talking to her. Yep, she was infringing on my precious studying time heh. By this time I had actually made a few gay friends. One thought I was awesome and scary because I actually liked chemistry, and she is still someone I really hold close to my heart. A great friend. After B left, she helped me get over ‘the one that got away’. I miss spending time with her. Between our busy lives and hectic schedules we rarely talk anymore, but when we do it’s like no time had passed at all. She was someone I confided in about B and my best friend. We spent so much time together people began getting suspicious, and if they asked we’d laugh. It was one of those we’re such good friends it’d be weird to cross the line.

You know what? I think I just forgot the whole point to this story while I was busy reminiscing. Haha. Bad me. I’m sorry.

Right now I am just happy knowing that I made the right choice to go to school where I did. Leaving behind ‘home’ and all things familiar for the unknown a thousand miles from ‘home’, and made a new one. I can’t imagine my life without these wonderful people in my life. Though I’m sad that I had to leave it, I know that I still have more travels and more unknowns to explore and make another home in.

And random insert:
Californians are lazy. Take me for example, remember the girl I told you about a few entries back? She lives about at least 60 minutes north of me (without traffic, probably 2 hours with traffic). As much as I enjoy talking to her, the distance really puts a damper on things. Especially between our work schedules, my school and applications, we’re not left with much free time. What do ya’ll think? (and by ya’ll I of course mean my people Shea and TSD haha. You’re probably the only two people that read this) I’m not sure if I want things to progress farther, or if it even can since we can’t really spend time together.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wait, rewind, where did the time go?

I feel like 2008 flew by in a blur. Some good, some bad, some crazy, and a dash of everything else. So how is it I found myself 'celebrating' the new year in some odd company. Not bad company, I am just amused. I spent last New Years Eve with the ex, without the girl she dumped me for. Weird yes? What was I doing there? I don't even know.

This year I spent it with a few friends (that didn't leave me for a huge bash in another state that I couldn't go to due to unforseen circumstances). The odd part was being with someone who I nearly dated, but ran from since the situation was a little too close to my last not so pleasant relationship. Drama prior to relationship is never a good idea in my book. Before last night I hadn't seen her in a long time. I forgot how gorgeous she is. Then I kicked myself in the arse, reminded myself of a certain someone who might actually be good for me. And who was currently texting me half the night.

I need a nickname for her... eh. Brain no worky right now, which is why this entry is all sorts of random and confusing.

I spent the new year skiing on my awesome new ski's. Ya know those race for a cure for breat cancer races? Well, I ski for a cure! My ski's have a pink ribbon on the bottom, my lift ticket as well was part of the cure. If only I had been wearing pink haha. It isn't something that affects my family, or anyone I know of, it's just another important cause.

I think I'm going to stop this entry of nonsensical rambling now heh.

Happy New Year <3