Monday, April 26, 2010


As much as my job can be infuriating at times, there are the fun times and the interesting times that get you through the day.

One of my favorite things to do at work? Busting drug seekers. I'm sure corporate is unhappy that this may 'hurt their bottom line', but I don't care. Many people in my profession can spot these people from miles away. It's always irritating when you know it's not legit and the MD is on their payroll, but one you can bust 'em, it's just awesome.

Take this one guy for example. Every time he comes in, it's for the same narcs, pays cash in 20 dollar bills for narcotics that cost about a total of $1000 every month, cash that is kept in a bank purse that has way more money in that every single time he comes in. Another thing is I hate taking that much cash. 1) I have to check all bills 20 and larger 2) having that in my drawer makes me uneasy, 3) why the fuck are you carrying around about 5 grand in cash with you at all times?! I have 5 grand too buddy, but I store it at this place calle THE BANK. Or at least in a safe at the house. Fuck carrying that around.

He also does the one thing that irritates he shit out of me while I work. He hovers around the pharmacy, peeking in, giving that you should hurry that shit up vibe. Fuck you, man. Funny thing is, this usually makes me work slower. I've been wanting to bust him for months, but my hands were tied. MD said the RXs were legit, etc blah blah blah. As we're doing the second data review on the script a red flag pops up that he's filled norco somewhere recently.

Oh AAA, you were always a pain sometimes, but I <3 them for not only jumping my car when I need it, but busting his ass. Tracking AAA discount (p.s. some pharmacies offer AAA discounts on your rx's if it's not covered or you don't have insurance) was pain in the ass, but through a few phone calls I tracked down the second pharmacy they were using and found out he goes to them about a week after us for the same narcs. BUSTED.

I don't know why, but it's so much fun to bust them. Almost as much fun as talking to the kids that come in, or the regulars that give you a laugh.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Work apathy

I've just seriously been so apathetic lately at work. I think it's a combination of burn out and wanting to be with my girlfriend. I know it's not just me that goes through all the BS in the pharmacy. We all get yelled at over ridiculous crap that's out of control, but I just don't even care anymore. Most of the time I just raise an eyebrow, turn and walk away. This may seem rude to them, but if I don't walk away there is a huge chance I would say many many not so nice things.

I'm sorry you 'lost' your vicodin down the toilet for the 3rd time in two weeks. We cannot give it an early fill without doctor approval. I'm sorry your copay sucks, yell at the insurance company. No I do not magically know your insurance ID number. No I cannot magically guess what it is especially if you don't even know the name of your insurance carrier.

It also sucks that girlfriend's hospital schedule and my pharmacy schedule are complete opposites. Serves me right I suppose. I finally date someone I do want to see often, and work prevents it. If she's got the late shift, I have an early morning shift.

Not to mention we're conveniently ignoring the fact that I'm moving in 4 months. It's weird. I guess as soon as I decided on where I was going, it made it real that I was leaving. It also made it real that we would most likely not be together at the end of these four months.

I adore her. I've never really been with someone I wanted to spend all my free time with. I've always been the one that needed her own time and space. It's just different with her. I just don't think I could handle long distance. Not with stress from school, and the stress she's under. It just sounds like an explosion of fights waitingto happen. Ugh, need to stop thinking about that and enjoy the moments we have now.

Sunday, April 18, 2010


I'm pumped right now and so excited for the summer. Starting this week I will begin training for a 5K mud run. WEEEEE. I am worried too because I have became a fatty sloth and haven't done my 4 mile tri-weekly run in almost 3 years. I'm so out of shape now it's embarrassing. I gained 15 lbs since I left college, lost 5 of it, but I was still not exactly in shape when I left college.

My fat timeline would be high school really fat --> college I actually lost a lot of weight and ran 4 miles every other day by my senior year so I was in shape, and pudgy --> work rut that included weight gain, crap food eating at lunch with coworkers and not working because work is draining (excuses, excuses)

So my goal is to get back to working out 4 times a week and work my way back up to 4 miles in 32 minutes, and get to a good healthy routine. I have two other coworkers and possibly a third to complete our 4 person team for the mud run. I am so excited about this!!

I think I will start to use this blog to monitor my working out progress and training routines as well. Or a second one, haven't quite decided yet.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Introducing... the girl.

I forgot to add something in my last post. I met someone, someone I now call my girlfriend. I had no idea during that post that it would turn out to be much. I'm moving across the country in 4 months, and I was not keen on starting a relationship. I am not good with relationships. My friends and coworkers make fun of me for having 'commitment issues', when in reality, if I don't feel it, then I don't pursue it. I don't understand why that's so hard for them to grasp haha.

But... She makes me happy. I actually feel kind of silly writing that, but she makes me smile stupidly, say silly things, and I just feel... happy. Not that I wasn't happy before, but now I'm in that weird happy-relationship kinda thing. Weird.

My friends think it's a match made in medical heaven. I think they're all insane, but her shifts at the hospital and my random pharmacy schedule does make things a bit difficult.

I'm crazy about her. There. I said it. I like her, a lot. And that scares the crap out of me. She knows in four months I'll be living in another state far far away, but we never really breached the subject further than just acknowledging it. Honestly, I just figured we'd have fun and 'whatever happens, happens', but I adore her.

It also doesn't help that the one day off we had together I got an emergency call to work. In my sleepy stupor I agreed to work and asked my coworker to stop sounding so damn peppy when gf asked "Babe... are you talking to your puppy on the phone?" (My coworker has the same name as the pup lol.) I explained that I had to work today and that was recieved with swift kick to my shins and reminding me what today was.

I felt like the world's biggest ass. I don't make good decisions straight from waking up, ever. This is why work attacks me in the morning, they know I'm not coherent. So I was stuck, be an asshole and say that I can't work, or be an asshole and ditch my gf on our break day. After a lot of furious texting and talking with the gf, she relunctantly agreed that I should bail them out. I felt so bad, I was a grumpy butt at work for the first few hours. I felt bad about that too. Today was not the happy day off I was expecting! haha.

She forgave me by the time my lunch break rolled around, and I went skipping back to work the happiest person. My coworkers were baffled. I couldn't explain it. Just knowing she was ok, we were ok, just made my mood so much better. (I texted my coworker that missed his shift saying that if she breaks up with me over this I am holding him soley responsible. haha.)