Sunday, February 28, 2010


Me: ... Wow... apparently 'tis the season to be pregnant.
Pregnant Coworker: "SHUT UP...."
Me: Sorry! Just messin' with ya.
PC: It's ok... everyone had a pregnancy scare that week.
Me: ... except me. And the one person that wants to be pregnant!
PC: true... did you know RxM is preggers too? The same time as me!
Me: Holy crap!
PC: See! You should get pregnant and have a baby with me!
Me: ... And through what miracle would be achieving this feat?
PC: *snickers* Well... it COULD happen.
Me: No honey, it can't.
PC: What! You could be carrying baby jesus.... or the anti-christ.
Me: ha. ha. ha.

The very next day....

Pharmacist: Oh! So G wasn't feeling so good yesterday. I guess she was feeling really dizzy. I think she may be pregnant again.
Me: Wow. Is that good or bad?
Pharmacist: ... I don't know.

Five minutes laer G calls to let the pharmacist know she was ok. And not pregnant.

Pharmacist: OH! Good you took a test? Oh! Erin! She took it twice! Not pregnant!
Me: Congratulations? Hi G!
G: Who was that?
Pharmacist: Erin! She says hi!
G: OH! Tell her I say Hi, I'm NOT PREGNANT!
Pharmacist: She says hi and that she's not pregnant!!
Me: .... congratulations?

I am just amused at the relief. And the fact that even though it has been said over and over... she kept reiterating that she wasn't pregnant. Then again G just had a baby in August... so I'm guessing one child depriving her of sleep is more than enough for her and her hubby.

Sunday, February 21, 2010



That's pretty much how I've felt all week. I am on 11 days of work straight this week and it has not been an easy 6 days. Between rushing between my PT (yes... still in PT from that damn acccident), my MD appointments (I've been in there so much it's ridiculous) for shots and TB tests and the like, while tutoring a very stubborn 13 year old in science and algebra and mediating between him and his dad, then being yelled at my parentals for working too much, not having enough time to tutor, and working too late all the time (blah blah, one day I should just say psh Ashley ( has an even crazier work load, but they'd just stare at me strangely.

Blah and filling out financial aid?! That means I need to file my taxes hahaha.

Oh man. I feel like I'm being pulled in so many different directions and the ONLY thing I have to look forward to is ONE day off this Thursday and then back to work I go.

Shoot. There are techs that are desperate for hours and they find the one person that would be over time?! I mean it's flattering because it means I have a good reputation as a competent tech with so many people/pharmacies(you'd be surprised how hard it is to find a competent tech) that my name usually comes up when people need coverage and that they are willing to pay me time and a half to do it. It's just blargh because I have a problem with saying 'no'. Which means things like Thursday happened when I was working and missed my PT because they simply could not lose me for 90 minutes. I need a clone so I can be in more than one place at a time.

Sorry... enough complaining. I just got off from work after being yelled at by many many people because of things beyond my control.

Monday, February 15, 2010

To come out or not to come out

So much to do... and so much to think about before I move. I am going to miss my puppy so much! But it wouldn't be fair to coup him up in a tiny apartmet when he has so much space here!

I've also been talking to my future classmates and the same question keeps lingerig in my head. Should I come out to them? We're all in professional school, but at the same time if one reacts badly I am stuck with them for four years! Well 3 since 4th year is mostly clinical rotations. I was barely out in college. Blah. I have no problems being open at work, but my thoughts always come back to that story where a guy was kicked out of pharmacy school for being gay. My school is a private school too, but they are progressive... you just never know. Blah.

Here'sa fun conversation to lighten those thoughts:

that game is the best
that is my valentine lol
hahhaha well at least it will never leave you
if it breaks then my life is over
or you could go buy yourself a new one
or steal one like you did in your hoodlum days
lol it was one lollipop
whateverrr gateway theft
first it's a lollipop
then it's a candy bar
before you know it you're on the 10 o'clock news on a high speed pursuit down the 405 with cops chasing you.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

domain name change

Hey everyone,

So with a new life about to start ahead of me, I changed my url. I did this for a number of reasons, and I know that links will be broken etc. Sorry! I should have thought about my url more carefully than when I had started this blog last year, but I didn't. My apologies!

T-Minus 6 months til I pack up and move for pharmacy school!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

My arm hurts.

I am still ecstatic about my acceptance. I love love love the school, the weather there, the city, I am so excited! I've pretty much been bouncing off the walls the last few days, and I'm sure some are getting annoyed by it haha. Teehee I am going to be a doctor of pharmacy!

Well, of course after acceptance I get to start the 'what you need to do' before you can successfully matriculate. I pretty much woke up the next day and started making appointments for the following day for my physical/immunizations.

I hate shots! =( They gave me three injections and I have to go back Monday to get my TB test done and start my round of Hep B immunizations. My arms were pretty sore today and people at work kept accidentally bumping into it/poking me in the arm. Also, I think something was off because I was super clumsy today. Read: Dropped and broke a glass bottle of cough syrup, and knocked a coffee out of my friend's hand (separate occasions). I felt so bad, coffee is important. So with sore ams I sucked it up and mopped up my mess because I made them.

Had a good night tonight, dinner with the fam, had drinks with my coworkers to celebrate. Life is good.

Memorable quotes:
everyone (including me): "CHEERS TO THAT!!!"

Coworker: "Here's to Carolyn finally getting the F- out of CA!" <3333


Coworker:"so... can I have your hours when you leave? You know... the nice ones."

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

=) =) =)

I am so very very happy right now! I JUST FOUND OUT I WAS ACCEPTED TO PHARMACY SCHOOL!!!! Not only that, it was my top choice!!!!

I thought I bombed that interview because I had a horrible sinus infection and was pretty out of it, but I got in!!! I am so happy right now!


My phone literally exploded that night. Phone calls and texts from friends and family kept coming for hours! My parents get the word out fast. I had no idea there were two different call waiting tones if you're on the phone while two other people are trying to call you at the same time. LOL I thought my phone was having a nervous breakdown.

P.S. Turns out my second store knows I'm gay. LOL. Amazing gaydar? Or just super observant?