Friday, December 26, 2008


Ok, so ever since I got too old for gifts from the family I have just pretty much started buying them for myself haha. So after spending oodles (yes oodles) of money on my kids and family, I spent another buttload on myself.

I got myself a new pair of skis! They are beautiful and a total steal. I got some really comfy boots, a pair of K2's, poles, and bindings for less than $300! Including the fee to mount the bindings! I am so excited I may actually take pictures for ya'll haha. It was totally worth being 30 minutes late to work to get. I had a pair of ski's during my college days, but I injured myself (took me out for the rest of the season) on them in 2006. When I packed up to move last year I sold them to one of my friends because she loved them. They were a bit long for me and they were the perfect height for her.

People wonder why I still ski and do teeny stunts like jumps off of little hills after I tore my ACL, but I guess I don't believe in letting the fear of injuring myself again get in my way of doing what I love haha. Dust myself off, get up and try again. After I had knee surgery that summer I was back on the slopes 5 months later. A year after that I was playing around on jumps and stuck all but 1 out of 10. That last one I caught too much air, freaked out, and ending up faceplanting into the snow. All caught on tape and displayed for all to see on youtube haha. Even in slow motion. I watch it once a month because it makes me laugh.

Being back at work was a bummer though. It wasn't a bad day, but I had some of the strangest questions asked. I think some MD's were still drunk off their holidy cheer and gave us some really strange prescription requests. We were bored though, it was a slower day than what we normally see. I ended up having to re-do paperwork and reordering them. Haha. Those darn papercuts.

Thursday, December 25, 2008


I know everyone's been busy with the holiday hustle and bustle, but I had no idea I would be too. I thought I'd be bored to death with all the time off I had unlike last year when I had to work overtime during the holidays.

I've been away for a bit spending lots of time with my kids and family. It's been great, I took them to see movies, watched them open their Christmas presents, treated my cousins and their parents to a Christmas Eve dinner (I think that caught them off guard haha), and I even got to go skiing! My baby cousin was super adorable going down the slope after ski school shouting CAROLYN LOOK ME SKIIIIII! I was by myself for a bit since I am a more advanced skier than my kids. I suddenly found myself at the top at the mountain wondering what on earth I was thinking. The only time I fell though was when a guy crashed into me from behind. He took out the back of my knees and I fell in slow motion like a tree. Timberrr!

I've been having such a great time away from work. haha.

I am also now poor due to the amount of money I've spent on my kids. I didn't buy them expensive gifts, I just took them out a whole lot. I don't regret it though, spending time with them is worth way more than money ever will. I love spending time with them. One of their mom's (my aunt) called me Christmas eve (they opened my present as their one present on Christmas eve) and laughed saying that she got the same gift for him. That was funny.

I also met a girl. She makes me laugh, seems really fun, and I think I kind of like her. We have a great time talking, but the only downside is she lives a bit far from me. And she's a few years younger (don't yell at me TSD!). It doesn't bother me that she's younger, but I think I'm just weirded out by it slightly because I'm used to dating older women. And when I say that I mean two. haha. I guess I'll have to wait and see how it all pans out.

Hope everyone is having an amazing holiday, I am playing catch up on your blogs I promise! Love and cheer all around <3

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Musical Madness

Ok, I am super excited for the lineup this year at the Pantages in LA. I am even MORE excited now that my sister just gave me $150 gift certificate to the Pantages for Christmas!!!!!

I am so excited. A part of me wants to see Phantom, but after seeing it in Vegas, I don't know if LA can top what the Venetian did. I want to see Mamma Mia, Rent, Rain (Beatles musical), Grease, and Dirty Dancing.

I am squeeing all over the freaking place right now.

(And for those of you wondering, I got my xmas present now cos they never spend xmas here. So we always open it before they leave.)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Like, omg, like how old are you?

Ah, southern California. Stupid people say the funniest things.

I've had a few drinks and waiting outside on the patio while my friends finish their cigs and drinking my beer and this is what ensued.

Me: ... no.
DG: OMGASSHH LIKE ARE YOU EVEN OLD ENOUGH TO SMOKE? (Yes, she was indeed screaming these things at me)
Me: ... no I'm just old enough to drink.
DG: *confused look* Well you don't look old enough to smoke...
Me: Then why are you asking me for cigarettes? I'm not even smoking...
DG: Stumbles away.

Come on people! I was holding a beer (and drinking it too) at a place that cards everyone!

And I <3 my friend Beans. I am totally laughing my ass off right now. (we were discussing the Wicked Movie)

Me: Ugh, really? Someone wants Zac Efron as Fiyero, really? That'd be like casting me as Galinda
Me: hahahahha! Maybe Efron wouldn't be so bad then it'd be like HSM4
B: You're fired. From casting, not from being Galinda. Cos that's just too funny.
Me: Yesss, I could be like F-you Fiyero! Hey Elphie...
B: "so uh, elphie, you wanna go for some chinese after temple?" *winks* 
B: I'm glad you're not offended by this, course you do make fun of me for being a beaner.
Me: *sings* beans beans the magical fruit....
B: *smacks*

Ahhh laughing so hard.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Blast from the past.

So my ex texted me tonight. It's been odd actually. We haven't spoken for quite a while which is a huge change. We used to be in constant contact, even when things ended and stayed good friends. The relationship just ended up being something that wasn't good for me. My friends didn't like the way she treated me and in retrospect, I guess I didn't either.

I'm not a confrontational person, so I never brought it up. Last time I said something hurtful it made her cry and that broke my heart. Even if I am a jerk sometimes, making people cry is not someone I want to be.

I feel kind of awkward now haha. I don't know why... a part of me misses her and the good times. Then again, a part of me wonders if we have anything left in common. And then the voice of my friends chime in and remind me that the good doesn't truly outweigh the bad.

This entry is full of spastic fail. haha. So I will leave you with this:

Today at work, one of the many many people that yelled at me today included this:

Woman: Do you speak Spanish?
Me: umm... no.
Me: ...... because I'm Asian?
What I really wanted to say? Because I don't go to Germany and demand they all know English or Vietnamese. I wouldn't go to Mexico and demand english either.

Obviously if she knows enough english to yell at me, she can certainly tell me what she needs without demanding that I do it in Spanish.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ok so I am posting from my iPod cos I am too lazy to go to my computer and it has been taken over by my dad. It also does some weird word swaps so sorry in advance haha.

My lab partner came over to work on our chemistry stuff and she is currently fast asleep on my couch haha. I don't blame her we have both been at work since before the sun came up and now it's gone to bed and we want to too. I am beat such a long day sigh.

Cam came in today and looked extra cute. This better not get out of hand heh. When she came in today she was wearing make up, well more than she did from the last times I saw her. I basically stopped what I was doing and stared as she walked past. I don't think anyone noticed haha. She may have.

I love women...

D'oh. *must not think of her that way!!* I think it's an extra sign that I need to leave my job and do something else. That and I am beginning to injure myself a lot more at work. I almost body slammed into a few of my coworkers and I got hit in the head by a bottle of Vicodin. How's that for irony? I need to wake up big time at work.

I drilled my coworker C on brand/generic names. Everyone stared at us like we're nuts. Hey, we're nerds, if we don't have anything to do, we do nerdy things to pass the time. It was fun. She cracks me up, and I think the initial shock of OMG YOU'RE GAY! has worn off and been replaced with, you're still an smart ass. haha. She was acting a bit weird. Whew. Now we're back to making fun of each other. I'm glad. That woulda sucked.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I got home at 6ish today and have failed to do anything productive. Lamesauce. That'd be all fine and good if I had been productive for the past two days. The only thing I did was a chem quiz. Bad!

And the worst part is it's finals week.

It seems everyone is hard of hearing lately too. I think one of the things that have annoyed me most lately is that people keep repeating to me their last name when I ask them to spell it. I'm sorry... I really can't spell your complicated 17 letter last that only has 2 vowels in it. Repeating it to me... not gonna magically make me spell it. Then everyone has a hissy fit over spelling it. I spell my last name when I give it to people! Though I rarely give it to people. Too easy to stalk me, thank you California, for making stalking us easy as pie.

*sigh* And drama filled women. Seriously, everyone has their panties in a bunch at work. So in turn it stresses me out and makes me go insane. Then people wonder why I don't feel like talking to anyone. Because I don't want to get yelled at! Sheesh. Women.

I think we're just not morning people.

In other funny news... ya'll should watch this video, Prop 8 the Musical. It's awesome.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Prescriptions, needles, and bugs, oh my!

My job isn't that dangerous, you only get the slightly scary, please put the knife down every few years, luckily I haven't been present for any of those. Hopefully, I won't be around for any of those. Getting kidnapped at gunpoint, having people pull knives on you, nothing I'd really like to experience. True events, a few months before my time at my company. My only experience actually seems very insignificant to theirs.

A man recently passed away and his ex-wife (they were separated, but she still took care of him) brought his prescriptions in a giant paper bag for us to dispose. Normally we don't do this, I didn't learn exactly why until now. It's not the complete reason, but I'm sure one of the reasons we are not supposed to do it. Well I guess I was nominated to peel off labels for patient privacy purposes. not even sure why we had to do it really.

As I stupidly stuck my hand in the grab the next bottle or box I noticed syringes. Yep syringes. Hmmm. Shouldn't you be more careful now? Yes, yes you should. So I stopped blindly grabbing things and started peering into the bag. I'm nearly done with it when I noticed opened syringes lying at the bottom, as well as a very large, very dead insect. I don't do well with spiders and large unidentifiable bugs, so I let out a scream. Not the super girly screams, but an AH! and shuffling away from the bag (as if that'd help). The pharmacist, who I get a funny feeling doesn't really like me, apologized that she had me do it because I could have gotten pricked? Whatever, she's a nice lady, sometimes mean to me, but who isn't at my work haha.

I washed my hands several times. I wasn't traumatized, just a bit caught off guard by the large insect buried next to needles.

Aside from that the most danger I'm usually ever in are people who get angry and yell, scream, and hit things. The night shift gets... weirder things. Like pedophiles stealing baby diapers to masturbate in in the bathroom. Gross. Or the clearly high and drunk belligerant people.

I can't wait to puruse my area of expertise haha.

For now these are the kind of moments I live for. When you get to know a family, unfortunately because their child is ill. He has leukemia and he's only 4 years old. I'm their compounding technician So I make his meds sometimes. The moments I live for is seeing the family drive by the drive thru and him waving at me letting me know he's going home! at least for now.