Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Secret annoyances

For those of you who care, and those of you who don't, here's something that secretly annoys me anyways:

It really peeves me when a few of my friends say "Are you sure you want to go skiing or boarding again? I mean you did hurt your knee. Maybe you should stop."

It's sweet of them to want me to be safe, etc. but I really don't like it when people tell me I should stop doing something I love just because I had an accident... or two.

I tore my ACL about 3 years ago now, fixed it all up and was back on the slopes 5 months later. I went through all my PT and worked really hard to get my knee back into shape. I didn't do that just to play with it in a bubble house. Sure, I did slam my 'good knee' into a rail a few weeks ago, but whatevs.

I'm accident prone, I get it, but that doesn't mean I should stop doing something I love because I may get injured here and there. That's why I got better health insurance! haha. I don't know, it just bugs me when someone tells me I should stop doing something I have fun doing because of an injury. I guess I'm just not someone who lets that slow them down. When I hit that rail I probably boarded a good three hours more before we called it a day. I'm tough, and I can handle it. Plus, I got to get an icepack from that really hot ski patroller. She was sweet and put a bandaid on my knee haha.

Most of my friends appreciate the fact that I don't let falling on my face multiple times, or having a bad injury get me down. Because I don't like to give in. I love it, accidents happen, I move on! And they should too. The concern is sweet, but borders on annoying when they repeatedly bring up old injuries to try and get me to stop.

In other news, I went boarding... again. This time I was a lot more daring. A bit silly yes, since I had just readjusted my bindings to give me better control (after getting used to it of course), but I went for it anyways. I finally got the courage to do the jumps that are taller than me. Not the 16 footer holy crap I might die if I try that jumps, just the 6 to 8 footers. I am so proud of myself! I think of all the high jumps I did, (about 12) I landed all but two.

What I've learned from all this is not to let fear hold me back. Sure it can be scary the first few times when I'm unsure of how to stick the landings, but as long as I don't let it get to me I do really well. I like challenging myself, otherwise I get bored fast. It was kind of funny, approaching those jumps and thinking "Holy crap, that's taller than me, I can't even see over it!!!" But I pushed those aside and concentrated on my take-off and landing. It seriously makes me really happy when I can challenge myself like that and do it well.

So what if I'm a bit accident prone? I trip walking on flat ground. May as well have accidents doing something fun ;)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Snowboarding, Disneyland, and work, oh my.

It's been a really crazy two weeks filled with a lot of overtime, one day of snowboarding, Disneyland, and a very tired me.

The weirdest thing happened after I finished snowboarding last week. I was waiting for my buddies to finish going to the bathroom before we headed out for the day and I had leaned on board, which I've lovingly named Ollie, against the ski/board racks and sat down on a bench. As I was sitting there people watching, and babysitting Ollie from afar, I notice these two women staring at Ollie. Then one of them approaches Ollie and smiles at her friend and reaches out for Ollie. Now I'm just thinking NO! DON'T STEAL OLLIE I'M SITTING RIGHT HERE! DON'T YOU DARE!

I am about ready to rescue Ollie, when I just see that she wanted to touch the stomppad. Really? Why is a piece of generic plastic (I don't have a cool designy one) so interesting? Then she walks around and is clearly checking Ollie out and I start laughing to myself, and I was secretly relieved when she picked up her own board and left. My board set up is pretty hard to confuse with anyone's. It's a woman's board with male bindings, and a rainbow PEACE sticker slapped on the tail. There's no way anyone could mistake their board with mine. I am still really amused that she just wanted to rub the plastic stomppad though.

Afterwards I went to work again to cover another shift and somehow volunteered myself out of sheer insanity I'm (sure of it) to come in to work at 630am. I was still at work at 9pm. Not to mention I this was supposed to be my 'weekend'. So I still had to work my own week! Somehow I got the person I was covering for to work my friday and managed to switch the Friday off to Thursday (since I had been working 9 days straight already). I was somehow convinced that I should go to Disneyland on my one day off as well. I haven't been there since I quit 6 years ago! So I was pretty excited. I toured my sister's friends around and I had a lot of fun, but 13 hours of it was exhausting. I forgot how much I love that place haha. It really is the gayest place on earth.

Oh I forgot to mention, the person I was with spotted Victor Newman of the Young and the Restless and got super excited. I had/still have no idea who that is, but it was funny. She was trying to get pics of him. I felt like I was hangin with the paparazzi. Funny stuffs.

I'm so glad my 'weekend' is finally here again. I really need the sleep haha.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Good Cause

Hey everyone. Breast cancer awareness month may have been in October, but really it's something we need to be aware of all the time. This affects so many people and is occurs more commonly than many may think. I know times are tough and money is tight, but as always every little bit counts. Research is so important in fighting cancers to help develop treatments, medications, and look for possible cures. Even small amounts will add up in the long run.

The Surprise Dyke, a wonderful blogger and friend is supporting her family friend who is participating in the Avon Breast Cancer walk. Please click on her name to read more.

Thanks for reading! If you'd like, please pass the word on!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not so nice realization.

Ok, so I was watching 24, and I realized that the first daughter was very attractive to me. Her character radiated confidence, attitude, and she looked really good in a suit. And then... the touching moment between her mom (the president) and herself awww.

But then... in the last few minutes of the episode, what she said was kinda crazy, and even scared me a little.

Then I realized... OH MY GOD, even fictional characters I am attracted to turn out crazy.

Wow. How's that for depressing revelations?

It did make for great conversation with one of my friends. She assured me that it was just bad writing on the writer's part that she just happened to turn out crazy. Of course I countered. "What about real life? Eh? Wow, my life must be a really shitty TV show." (it really would be, as evident by my blog posts haha)

"If that were true you would have been cancelled a long time ago."

Ah, this set me up for this wonderful line "unfortunately, by proof of Bush, we know cancellations in life are unfortunate that they don't exist"


Sunday, March 8, 2009


Sorry, I know I've been posting lately, but for some reason sick me thinks it's a good idea to post frequently. I'm sure once I get well again (at this rate it may be a while haha) things will go back to normal, but this is too exciting to not blog about tonight. Well, for me at least.

I saw Rent today! It was always a dream of mine to go see it in New York, but when I heard that it was closing in November I was so sad. Then I heard about it's 'last national tour' with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascall, how could I miss that?! Surely the next best thing to see it on broadway is to see it on tour with two of the OBC! (exclamation points may be excessively used in this entry, I just realized that haha.)

It was nothing short of awesome. Mimi sounded like she had a cold though, but really you could barely tell she did a fantastic job. The entire cast, leading and supporting, sounded amazing. The guy playing Angel did a fantastic job. He was one of my favorite, he had me laughing through half of it! One of my favorite bits was the scene where they are looking for a new coat for Collins and it went down something like this:

*Looks through coats* "No... No... No...Ew. No. no. *lady holds up hideous coat Angel falls over and lies down on the stage and screams* OH MY GOD NO!!!! *shakes leg at it*

Hee, I don't know why, but just the way he shook that heeled leg made me laugh really hard.

Maureen was platinum blonde. That... was slightly odd, but she did an amazing performance. I usually don't like the 'over the moon' song, but I enjoyed this one.

Oh! During 'La Vie Boheme' I remember wanting to dance in my seat and then all of a sudden this little asian chick loses her shirt and is wearing a fuzzy pink bra. I don't know why it surprised me, but I found it funny. Not to mention some hot kisses in the midst of all the dancing.

The girls in front of me were mooning over Adam Pascall. Haha. And the very gay boy behind me squeed like a little girl every time Angel was on the stage. Super cute. I was losing my voice and could only clap like a very enthuasiastic monkey. Sad.

Plus, Anthony Rapp's white boy dancing. So. Freaking. Awesome. Just watching him in Tango Maureen was hilarious.

The orchestra was amazing too, I love the music so much... I think I may have to listen to it tonight. Haha.

The only thing that annoyed me during the show was the back door. When it opened, the light was so freaking bright you couldn't see anything on stage. Mostly because it was shined directly in our direction. It would have been fine it wasn't just this blindingly bright white light. When they dimmed it near the end, that was totally bearable, but at full blast it was painful.

I was so excited about this, I could barely sleep last night (hence the previous blog post). Now I am exhausted and I promised a friend I'd go boarding tomorrow. Hmm.. taking care of myself healthwise is not working very well. Haha.

Sorry, I'm gay.

Ah, new patients are funny. My coworker walked up to me with a military ID and proceeded to ask me how to process it as insurance. So I follow him back and tell him the ID's and the numbers that he was going to need and then started working on my stack of scripts. Out of no where the guy goes "Is (the company I work for) a family business?"

... haha.. just cos we're all asian doesn't make us all related. I just told him no, and we're not related either, in fact we're not even the same ethnicity. Sure that was a bit racist, but it was funny as hell. Because after this he proceeded to ask if my (male) coworker and I "exchanged valentines" this year. We looked at each other and busted out laughing. Oh there were so many things wrong with that.

Patient "What? There's nothing wrong with that!"
C "Haha... no. We don't even get along!"
Me "Yeah, I can't stand this punk! He's such a jerk!"

C was thinking pretty much the same thing. "Sorry sir, she's gay." I kept my mouth shut and kept the playful bantar going. Eventually he left and we got our work done, ya know after the, OMG, HE'S RIGHT! I LOVE YOU! makeout session. Ok, maybe not. After that we couldn't even look at eaCh other without laughing from the ridiculousness. After C went home the guy came back and started asking about C.

"I thought I saw a spark between you two! You two should be good to each other!"

I almost fell over laughing again. Let it go man! Never gonna happen! He's like my brother and even if I was straight I doubt it haha.

Life is good. I'm getting a lot of skiing/snowboarding in. I am getting to go see musicals often. I am going to see one of my best friends in a month! My best friend from college may be visiting soon! I have spent a lot of time with my family. If I could just kick this sick I'd be happier. Haha.

I was sad a few months ago because my friends and I are separated by so much distance now, but things are falling together as they should. The plus is now that we live all over the country, there's always a place to visit with a place to stay!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Heading South Ya'll!

I have the biggest grin on my face right now. I am hoppin' on a plane to go to Nashville!

I have so many travel plans that I want to do all at once. It was a hard three way tie between seeing my BFF in Nashville, my other BFF and old college buddies in Colorado, or my other BFF in Boston/New York. So after 3 days of mind boggling sickness, I came home from work to a brilliant gchat and a spur of the moment decision. I am so excited, I've never been to Nashville before and getting to see one of my best friends!

I am squeeing all over the effing place right now. It's all booked and confirmed. Now I just gotta wait. Which is of course the worst haha.

Oh, bullocks.

So my body has finally given me the stop sign. Ya know, the sign where it refuses to do anything useful except be irritable and useless. After my fun injury in the last post I showered up and went to work. Right, first off, what was I thinking? I was already a wee bit sick, but I figured I could use the money and they seemed pretty desperate. After about 5 hours of working I was feeling not so great. I went home, took some nyquil (ick) and went to bed. I woke up to three messages from work asking if I could come in again. D'oh. And I said yes. Please, this is when I need someone to just smack me upside the head and say, "Are you effing stupid or something?"

This time I lasted two hours before I wanted to kick one of my coworkers for being an asshole and my head started to reel. So I went home and rested up. Now it's time for me to actually work my own shift. I wake up that morning feeling like absolute shit. I haven't felt this sick in years. I get the sniffles and a slight cold here and there being surrounded by sick patients and all, but this was too much.

So two days, some homeopathic remedies, and a bottle of nyquil later, I am feeling slightly better. I am slightly disgusted that I finished that bottle of nyquil in a mere two days, but the coughing and congestion was bordering on suffocating me without it.

I hope I can last my shift today. Plus, I am supposed to be seeing Rent on Sunday!! I must feel better by then! Or, I will just pump myself full of drugs so I will think I feel better haha. Ok, I'm kidding about the drugs bit. I have refused seeing a doctor for the past two days because I don't really want to be on antibiotics. Something to make this cough go away would be wonderful though.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Love at first....


So I went snowboarding again today. Surprise surprise? I had a blast. Except for one somewhat not so minor fall in the morning. I lost my balance right as I landed on a rail which ended with me spinning off of it rather hard and slamming my knee into the metal rail. I had no idea the extent of the injury, just that it hurt really bad. I managed to pull myself out of the landing area, but man did it hurt. I kinda refused to believe I hurt myself bad enough to take myself out. So I went straight back on the lift (not telling my buddy who missed the fall) about it and went about the day as usual. Three hours of awesome, somewhat painful boarding later we decided to call it a day. There were no lines that day so we got more runs in than we usually did on a full day! It was awesome.

While she went to the bathroom which happened to be right next to first aid, I decided to wander in. Ya know, for an icepack... and a bandaid for my knee. I guess I caught the railing hard enough to get a scrap on my knee, and there was some bruising, but I was pretty much greeted by the cutest girl in a ski patrol uniform ever.

Here is where I became a total idiot and when she looked at me and asked if I needed something I just kind of stared and managed to say "umm... I umm.. was wondering if umm.. I could get an ice pack... and a bandaid."

Yes, that eloquently. Apparently my idiodic stammering must have led them to believe I must have hit my head pretty hard. So she just looked at me kinda funny and asked if she could see it. So I let her examine my somewhat bruised knee. I think she was concerned that I had no intention of really needing anything more than an icepack. When I told her I did this to myself like three hours ago, she was like WHAT? You've been boarding on this for three hours and you were ok?! You must be tough.

Haha. Not tough, just stupid really. I forgot about most of the pain because I just kept thinking wow, you are hot. The stupid hormones went away after she offered to wipe off my cut and put a bandaid on it. That stung a lot. It hurt to push on it a bit and the antiseptic was painful. Aw, she even tried to fan it with a bandaid when I started wincing haha. So cute.

So maybe this is why I am accident prone? Ski patrollers are always so hot.

Ok I'm just kidding, but a funny story eh? My knee is gonna hurt like hell tomorrow.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


I've been having a strange identity crisis. When I was coming out to myself, which seems like forever ago now, I had a really difficult time. I'm sure most people do too, but I had wonderful people around me who supported me which not every one is lucky enough to have. When I finally felt comfortable with myself it was incredible. I felt so much better about myself, more confident.

Now I feel like I'm second guessing myself again. I don't know why I seem to be reverting to the person I was years ago.

In other news that's more interesting than my stupid identity crisis I went snowboarding again. While I was riding the lift I looked down to see two of the silliest things I've seen on the slopes in a while. A guy skiing down in a speedo, yes, a speedo; and a woman skiing down in a bikini. Granted it was a really really hot day, but not that hot.

I've gotten a lot better at boarding, but I still need to build my confidence on landings. I have a hard time sticking landings on jumps and rails.

It's fun to try, but I always end up with sore ribs, an aching arm, and sore quads the next day haha. Oh well, no pain, no gain.

I am sad the season only has a month or so left, but I am excited to start diving again. Especially after I got my new dive boots. I just need my dive partners back haha.