Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Here are some things that stick out in my mind:

My friends are back, which means I will gladly sacrifice sleep so that I can see them. Even if it means 3 hours of sleep a night for over a week, I will push through because they are only here for so long. We've done everything from snowboard, go out, have a pre-xmas party, and just watch a movie together.

Work has been interesting. At my main store, there is a current fued between power tripping managers in the front and the pharmacy staff. This leads me to believe more and more that I should transfer before shit hits the fan. At the store I am moonlighting at, the police had to show up to remove a verbally abusive lady from the store. I also did some CE credits about emergency contraception and chronic constipation. The funniest thing I learned is what I have dubbed "The proper pooping posture". I had no idea there was a 'proper' way to sit while going #2. When the manager at store #2 heard about my serious consideration of transferring out of my main store, her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. I guess I do have a place to go haha.

Now for the fun! Snowboarding! I've been three times in two weeks! The best was Christmas eve because it was not crowded at all. I've improved a lot, but let's face it, it's funnier to hear about my falls.

Fall #1
I had a bit too much speed and hit the jump way too fast and ended up off balance about 5 feet in the air. As I realize there is no way I am going to land this, I go into my default falling position, which I guess is body slamming the mountain. This prevents any further knee injuries and any new wrist injuries, but definitely knocks the wind out of me.

Fall #2 I hit a rail, again off balance and roll off of it and landed hard on the ground on my left breast. Ouch. That hurt. I was hugging myself the rest of the way down shaking that off haha. It's still sore.

Fall #3 the quarter pipe. My cousin says "It's really easy just ride up and slide back down. you can do it!" Well I made it up, but halfway down I definitely fell back hard on my butt and possibly my head. He said I did, but I was wearing a helmet and didn't feel a thing. (don't be a fool, helmet's rule!)

Fall #4 The box of DOOM. Looks like the easiest box rail to do, but due to its enormous size and length, it's really hard to keep your balance. Half the time I fell backwards and slid off and tumbled down. I have ice burn on my butt from one of the falls off the box of doom.

Fall #5 I got about 6 feet of air and land the jump, but realize that the next jump is too close for me to slow down in time to take it. As I approach the second jump way too quickly, I bailed and break-dance like spin on my butt down the slope and halfway up that second jump.

Fall #6 The best one of all. The wavey box rails. I hit the first one wonderfully, but somehow lost my balance on the second and landed right in the halfmoon rail on my butt. OOHHH!! and OUCH! could be heard from the people passing by on the lift that got to witness that haha.

Aside from those awesome falls, I've really improved my jumps. I landed most of them, until I was exhausted by hour 7 of snowboarding and my legs began to feel like jelly. It's hard to stick landings when your legs are saying f-you! I'm done!

My legs have the phantom boarding feeling. It's kind of like being in the ocean and later that day laying down and feeling like you're still being pushed back and forth by the waves. My body still feels like it's barreling down a mountain ahha.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Silly people.

I am sick. Joy. BUT! The brightside is that it is not the piggy flu!! Muahahhaa. I knew it wouldn't get me... at least not yet. My lungs are burning though and it hurts to breathe, cough, and sneeze, which is all I can really do right now, so that kinda sucks.

I am so medicated right now, and it's not really helping any. It alleviates some of the symptoms, but it just makes me stuffy nose into a runny nose and to behonest I'd rather be stuffy. I am not a fan of stuff oozing from my nose, or any orifice. haha.

... Now that I have grossed you all out by that gross mental image, here are some fun quotes of the week:

"OH MY GOD, you sound terrible! Are you sick?" ... yes. "Really???" ... yes. "OMG, STAY AWAY!" ... you have been infected by your slow reaction time. "WHAT???" (insert maniacal congested laughter) "You're a jerk." I am well aware. Hug? "eeeee! no!"

Hello Mikey. "HOLY HELL DUDE, YOU SOUND GROSS." Thanks Mikey. "... why are you here?" getting drugs. "oh.. ok, don't lick anything ok?" ... not gonna be a problem pal. "THANKS!"

On the phone:

Hello? "Who is this?" ... you called my cell phone... "Well.. ok, but I'm looking for Carolyn." ... This is Carolyn. "Are you sure?" ... yes. "Wow, you sound more manly than usual." ... Manly?? More than usual? You're an assface. "Hee hee"

Corporate pharmacy how can I help you? "Hey, who is this?" Carolyn "You're not Carolyn." Umm... ok? Are you looking for someone? "Yes... Carolyn." ... How can I help you? "I said I wanted to talk to Carolyn!" Are you kidding me, Ellie?? "How do you know who I am? And no... is she there?" IT'S MEEEE I am just sick! "Wow I thought you were joking..." About being Carolyn? "Good point, who would want to pretend to be you?" jerkface!

Monday, November 30, 2009


I need to breathe before I freak out. Just the mention of my soon trip to Arizona makes me hyperventilate. I am really nervous about going. I used to love traveling. Well, I still love traveling, but for fun! Traveling for 'business', not so much fun. It's nerve wrecking. I won't even check in my bag even if it's free because if they lose it, I lose my suit. I lose my suit, well then I'm just screwed.

People are thinking that I'm just lazy and not coming to work-work as often, but what they don't know is I'm not at home relaxing the day away. Quite the opposite. I feel like wound up and edgy. Time! Please please slow down. How the hell did this year disappear so quickly?!

I gave up biting my nails years ago, and man it's one of those nail biting times. I'm not going to revert back and start biting them again though. I work with sick people, nasty habit to have when you have no idea what you're touching.

Sorry for the scattered thoughts. Time to go and review.

Friday, November 20, 2009


Here are my list of reasons (excuses) on why I've been a bad blog friend and gotten so far behind on every blog this past week or so. (Days have begun to blend together)

1) Work has been giving me ridiculous hours, i.e. work til 11pm two nights then work at 7am the next day, then work again until 11pm. Not being away from the pharmacy fo more than 8 hours is no fun.

2) been working on my physical therapy, acupuncture, seeing my spine specialist (my spine is ok though! thank freakin' goodness), and working on being less lethargic.

3) tutoring the kids. Checking homework, help study. It's like I have actual kids.

4) Friends are back and demand my attention. Attention I happily give them because I have missed them something fierce.

5) I crash as soon as I get home, or too tired to do more than watch Grey's Anatomy or HIMYM online and usually never make it through the whole episode before passing out.

6) I just finished Guitar Hero World Tour. I almost finished it within weeks of getting it, but I stopped playing due to work, accident, applications, etc but my friend was the catalyst in getting me to play again. This re-sparked my love of the game and I finished my last set on medium on drums! My arms were going to fall off, but I did it! Weee.

7) My sister was on bed rest. I spent most of the free time with her, bring her and my brother food, keep her company, etc.

8) The extra time that I did have online was devoted to fixing itunes. For some reason when I tried updating itunes, it wouldn't update. It then prompted me to uninstall then reinstall. Too bad IT WOULDN'T FREAKING RE-INSTALL. Hours of time was spent un/re-installing itunes in a number of ways, disk checking, scanning my computer for viruses (just in case), defragmenting, and then today... IT FINALLY REINSTALLED. It was driving me insane.

Now it's past 1am and I must be off to bed. I hope to start trying to catch up with all you lovely people by Saturday evening.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Insane or just plain stupid?

I am going to go with a little of both.

Today I have been up the entire night because of some serious back pain. I don't think I have a low pain threshold. I've rammed my knee snowboarding into a metal rail enough to cut and bruise it up, yet managed to be fine snowboarding on it for another 3 hours. It's just so hard to sleep when it feels like something is repeatedly punching you in the spine.

Yet, for half the night, even with the pain, all I could think of was how much I wanted to go snowboarding. You may be having the same thoughts as most do 'Are you stupid? You barely walk without pain, and you want to WHAT?' or as my boss so eloquently put it 'Oh please, promise me you will not snowboard. You're going to hurt yourself more.' and she also meant to add 'who else will work???'

I think the worst part is I'm reviewing my list of 'tricks' in my head while I lie in bed daydreaming of snowboarding to get my mind off the pain. I'm reviewing my 'technique' that I learned through trial and error on landing box rails and jumps. Trying to think of ways to improve my technique and try a 180, or if I can really manage it a 360. But the last time I tried a 90 degree spin to land on rail I literally fell backwards and hit my head, but that's what helmets are for... right? Really those turns are currently in the 'in your dreams' stage.

Last year I managed to become proficient in riding on my board down a mountain without falling face first. This was a huge feat considering for three days I was was only able to stand up just to fall on my face again every 5 inches. Somehow that progessed to 4 footer jumps, that progressed to box rails, and that somehow progressed to 10 footer jumps. I am pretty good at landing those now, though the approach to 10 footer always scares the bejebus out of me and I am terrified until I land.

I guess a part of me just doesn't want to accept defeat. I don't want this to keep me from doing what I want, or want I love. We shall see. I can gaurantee you that my dumb ass will be standing at the top of a hill soon. Whether or not I may end up hurting myself further I guess is the question. Maybe I'll keep of the tricks and ride for the sake of riding and just enjoy that feeling of flying down a mountain.

Rar. But I can do that even better on skis. The tricks are what really made me fall in love with boarding. This is going to be a sad season if I don't get better soon. Boo.

I've gotten complaints from my cousin that I don't ski anymore. That I'm a 'traitor' (haha), but skiing doesn't offer the challenge it once did, that snowboarding now does. And of course my friends that snowboard are thrilled I've finally 'seen the light'. What does it matter. I can do both in the same day if I wanted.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


You know at work there is almost always someone that everyone dislikes. I've always been afraid of being 'that person'. I have my quirks, actually I have a lot of them. I've learned that there's no real way of hiding my quirks because sooner or later they come out in full force and I look like an ass for pretendng to be any other way. Besides, it's better to be yourself right? Well, lucky for me I'm not 'that person' at work. At least if I am, the gossip mill at work has been very good at hiding it. That and there's someone else that pretty much takes the heat off of just about anyone at work.

Well, I've been 'moonlighting' on my free hours elsewhere and my boss is not happy about having to share me, but it's what's good for my health right now. Honestly, I enjoy the break and not feeling like someone is kicking me in the ribs while at work. I could have transferred out, but I didn't have the heart to. I've had to cut my hours back though due to the pain. Which sucks for both the store and for my bank account. So this moonlighting position is actually a good solution to my problem.

The place I've been moonlighting at, I was slightly worried about how they would handle me. Yes, I can be a handful and my humor can be taken the wrong way, but it fit like a glove! They were just in a bad position with losing staff unexpectedly, so I stepped in one or two days a week to help them get by. They are actually hilarious and have the same sense of humor I do so it's fun to be there. After they had found a more permanent replacement (though half of that replacement was not liked at all by the full staff) I thought my time was over. Lo and behold, the next week I get a phone call from them.

"She quit."

I don't know why, but I just started laughing my ass off. I knew they didn't want her there, but the fact that she hated this group of awesome people enough to quit one of the easiest jobs had me rolling. I laughed so hard, the manager started laughing too. I'm not sure if it was out of the sheer ridiculousness of the situation, or that she was freaking out over staffing again, but we had a good laugh. Now I have a semi permanent moonlighting position with them, and I'm kind of glad. I enjoy working with them and missed them. Not to mention it's one of the few times I've been able to work without excruciatin pain.

The only thing that's different is that I'm not 'out' there. My main location pretty much knows I'm a giant homo, even the newbies, but I haven't quite gotten the nerve to do it there. I guess it doesn't really matter. It doesn't affect my work, it doesn't hurt anyone there. It is part of who I am though. I guess only time will tell.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gays Anatomy

I believe I started calling Grey's anatomy, Gays Anatomy after reading a blog post byLauren. Amazing writer, wise beyond her years! Check her out if you haven't already.

I've been plagued by insomnia again. I spent the last 3 weeks in sleep comas. I couldn't stay awake for more than 5 hours without abruptly falling asleep in the most inappopriate places (i.e. metro trains, checking emails, break rooms at work, cars, buses, it got pretty bad that I avoided going anywhere far). The upside side of this is I actually slept at normal hours before 1 AM. Downside is I still felt lethargic and useless during the day and still fell asleep everywhere.

Unfortunately I lost that awesome I can sleep before 1am bit. Which leaves me with a lot of night time thinking, reading (I've read 2 books in 2 days, starting on my third), and watching tv online.

I think it started last night because I was so anxious and nervous about the MRI I was scheduled to have today. I couldn't sleep until about 5am. That resulted in book #2, 2 episodes of House, and 3 episodes of Greys anatomy. (Yes, I am aware I am a nerd with a love of medical shows, as well as forensics (CSI, Bones), and well Glee. Because Glee is amazing.

I cannot stay on a point to save my life. Master of Digression, thy name is Carolyn. Anywho, so I've been sad that Grey's Anatomy has not been giving much screen time to the best couple on there: Arizona Robbins and Callie Torres. Yes, I may be biased, but they are both amazing, funny characters and cuuute couple. I also secretly love little Grey.

I basically stopped watching Grey's a month ago because I was really only interested in their story line and was more involved in Bones and Glee. Oh I should not have done that because those three episodes were a bit more on the Arizona/Callie storyline. They made me giggle, laugh, and happy. (Oh god, I'm living vicariously through fictional characters... must move self back to reality) But the second episode I watched where Callie's dad brought a priest to the ER and Callie's great response 'YOU CAN'T PRAY AWAY THE GAY, DAD. YOU CAN'T PRAY AWAY THE GAY!!!'

Quite possibly my new favorite quote. I am rooting for them, as lame as it sounds. But secretly, I want my own Arizona Robbins. Who wouldn't want a hot peds doctor that has a good head on her shoulders and rolly shoes? She can put me in my place any day.

.... I think I've been escaping reality too much lately. Every few months I go through at least 2 days of what I call 'The anti-social phase' where I do nothing but read and ignore text messages and phone calls. It's good for the soul, but not so good to lose too much touch with reality.

Monday, October 26, 2009

bruises are cool?

Is there something about a bruised woman that gets guys super excited? I mean, not bruised in a someone just beat the crap out of you way, but the 'sports' injury kind.

Something you may or may not know about me: I'm crazy in the, I'll try anything once and I'm going to give it all I've got, type of person. So keep this in mind.

Anyways, so I got this huge bruise from a paintball. Most likely because the gun was firing at an 'unsafe' speed of waaay over 275 feet per second and the ball tried to pummel its way through my arm. I mean I was shot point blank in the crotch (yay for no penis) and I was fine, also was shot in the hand and bare forearm and those barely left marks. This bruise is monstrous. I would say about the size of a jawbreaker or a super bouncy ball (about 3 inches (or 7.62cm) in diameter). It started of innocently enough, but quickly became the purple glob of pain.

Apparently these things excite boys. Most people were impressed when they saw it, some were understandably grossed out, but guys were so... intrigued by it. It's like the bruise gave me 100 cool points in the boys club or something. I guess they are impressed that I'm 'tough' enough to sport a massive bruise, or that I'm willing to run around the front lines of a paintball field. I don't know what kind of girls they hang out with, but my friends and I hold our own. We will bungee jump, skydive, board, whatever. Just tell us when and where (busy schedules willing).

But I will just post some great responses I've gotten to the bruise:

1) "HOLY SHIT WTF DID YOU GO PAINTBALLIN NAKED?" (one of my paintball buddies)
2) "OMG OMG OMG EW EW EW." (hehee, gotta love my girly girls)
3) *Blank stare straight at the bruise while grimacing* (she's funny, speechless too I guess)
4) *jaw drop* OH MY GOD WHO DID THAT TO YOU?
6) 'I shouldn't be laughing, but damn woman that is impressive.' (She is awesome)
7) So... something to add to the 'Things Carolyn shouldn't do, but she stupidly does them anyways' list?

I also saw Rent again for the second time this past weekend with OBC members Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascall (again). FRONT ROW!!! They were amazing. Also Nicolette Hart was an amazing Maureen. She mooned us for far too long (not that I'm complaining) and was overall wonderful. In the brief moments after the show as she stood on a chair waving posters and playbills, she paused just long enough to make a silly face at me so I could snap a picture. Oh, she had me with that, who needs hello. I could only smile like a goof as I trotted away.

Oh amazingly talented unattainable women.

Ohhh she also lost her cat ears on the fire escape during the New Years scene. The look on her face was hilarious! Kind of a mix of 'Wtf' with a 'huh... I lost my ears' look. Also, when she sat in her chair (right in front of me) pouting after 'Take Me or Leave Me' a bit of hair was sticking straight up (evil cat ears again perhaps?). It was kind cute.

I wish it was still here so I could see it again. My kid cried as soon as Adam started to sing One Song Glory, out of pure joy. I am pretty sure she was crying for most of the show. No matter how many times I see it... I really do love it every time.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Flying on Jet planes

So I recently took a trip. More business than pleasure, but I don't really want to blog about it until I know the results of the trip.

I feel like I've become mildly narcoleptic, yet still quite the insomniac at night. I fell asleep every where on my trip. I even fell asleep on the metro train on my way back from the National Air and Space Museum (Yes, I chose to go there on my few free hours hahaha). Luckily I woke up at my stop. I fell asleep checking my email, I fell asleep watching TV, I pretty much just kept falling asleep. It's odd, but it's probably just exhaustion and lack of sleep at night. On a side note, I found out later that a stabbing occured across the street from the metro station and the guy ran into the station about five hours after I left. How scary!

Seriously though, the museum was so much fun! I got to do a simulator flight on a fighter jet. I kept accidentally doing barrel rolls and we were screaming because we were stuck upside down for a while. We later found out (from other people screaming) that those things were NOT sound proof hahahha. It was fun though.

The flight home was good and bad. Bad.... it felt like FOREVER. Even though I passed out as soon as the plane started to taxi and woke up 30 minutes later. Unfortuntely the flight is 5 and a half hours long. Plus I had a connection to make. The good: I had a really cute stewardess on the flight. I don't really watch those safety demos on planes anymore because I fly so often, but ya know, I just couldnt help but watch the second time around hahahaha. My connection ended up being with the same plane and crew and I was amused they remembered me. One asked me a question about chips from the last flight and all I said was 'I dunno... I was asleep.' and the cute fight attendant giggled. Aww I love cute giggles.

I am a dork. A tired and sleepy dork.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Erin the Confessional

I have always found it strange that some people whom I've known for all of five minutes love to use me as a confessional. Now, I don't mind listening, not at all, but I do have the 'uncomfortable subject' zone when it comes to people I don't know.

This time would be a I think 18 year old girl asking me about sex. More specifically straight sex and if she could be pregnant. Now, I am in training to become a young professional in the world of health care, but our parents were talking in the next room. I hadn't seen this kid since she was TEN. TEN!!! I did my best to not be weirded out by this girl that I hadn't see in 8 years dropping this on me and give her the best advice I would give any other young girl that would come to me in the pharmacy. In my head, this kid was still 10. I have this weird thing where kids don't actually grow up until I see them again, so I was still getting adjusted to the 'this kid is 18, not 10 anymore' mindset.

I think I just found it awkward that she was entrustig me with this information whilst our parents were in the next room and that she begin the bomb dropping by bringing up her love of rubbers. YES RUBBERS.

Come on, I have no use for those things. Ok, in her defense she does not know I am a big giant homo. So what was I supposed to say when she preluded with, 'my favorite part of the pharmacy are RUBBERS!!' I mean really??? really?? What was I supposed to say 'Oh me too!! Aren't they the greatest?!' Because lets face it, the chance of girlfriend getting me pregnant, zero.

I just think it's odd that people really love using me as their confessional. Awkward, but at least I am not used as a fire hydrant.

p.s. I am amused that many find my blog via the search words 'am I gay?' and 'Is gay a bad word?' I can't wait to see what kind of hits I get from this one. haha.

Friend was the only reason I needed

YAY for birthday surprise parties. And yay for me not being a coward and going! I had such a great time. And hooray for awesome boyfriends that plan far enough in advanced so I could get the time off work! I was just slightly worried about only knowing the birthday girl and the boyfriend. Psh but it was her birthday! Reason enough! The 90 minute drive to an unfamiliar place was holding me back, but being there for her was all the reason I needed.

When he told me 45 people were planning on showing up, I did get a bit worried, but I figured if she loves them, I probably will too. I hit it off with a few of them that were sitting in my general area so it made the night really fun. I don't know why I am so weird about these things. I am usually really social, it's just the initial meeting that always gets me.

Anyways enough of that. What really made it worthwhile was her reaction. We all thought she would see the crowd of 45 people waiting for her, but she clearly did not. When she finlly got close enough and saw me, her initial reaction was a look of confusion and then everyone erupted in applause shouting Happy Birthday! and SURPRISE! she was literally brought to tears. Happy tears. That moment alone was worth the terrifying drive. When she hugged me she whispered 'this is going to take awhile' as she surveyed all the people smiling. It made me laugh, especially since I was carrying extra hugs for our friends in other parts of the country and one other country.

I'm really glad I went and consulted with our BFF on what chocolate to get her along with a special framed photo of our group of friends through the years. She kept telling me how much it meant to her that I came all the way down for her birthday. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. She actually even apologized for not getting to spend enough time with me a her party. My response: "Are you kidding me? I am not the center of any universe and I am not allowed to hog you all to myself with plenty of other people that love you enough to come tonight!" She laughed, gave me another hug, and we went right back on enjoying the party.

Moments like these makes me wish we were all close (distance wise) to each other again. I miss her, but we are all where we need to be right now. Well except me, but I a hoping that all changes by next fall ;).

Ohh back to the chocolate really quickly, I am a bad friend. I had no idea what to get her for her birthday and pretty much put it together on my way down. (I am terrible with thinking of gifts) I stopped by my place of work that really does have the most random crap, and I found a card and the chocolate. It was an awesome lucky find. Her favorite chocolate actually was in a box WITH a bow that said Happy Birthday on it. How awesome is that? Before I left the house I grabbed the photo and put it in a victoria's secret bag. I got pretty lucky eh? The photo collage was a hit though.

I've said it before, I'll say it again. I love my friends. They make the world (at least my world) a much better and happier place.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

School Spirit!

Wow. Seriously, I knew I had a special place in my heart for college football, but this weekend it got even better. My usual dilemma is not having anyone from my alma mater to enjoy the game with since I went to college out of state. Today I found my solution. I joined a group of people I had never met before today, but we all had one thing in common: we love watching our college football team and of course, school spirit.

I was a bit nervous because I am a strange mix of introvert/extrovert. Apparently my subconscious decides by itself whether I am going to be an introvert or extrovert that day. It's all dependent on environment, state of mind, and state of sobriety. I almost didn't even go because I was strangely nervous about hanging out with a bunch of strangers and our only link was our alma mater. I'm glad I forced myself to go. I was immediately welcomed because I was wearing a school shirt. Two beers later we were having a fine time cheering, groaning, and having fun conversations with each other. I felt a bit odd being one of the youngest there, but it was so much fun meeting people who went to the same school I did regardless of when we graduated.

I'm so glad I went. My voice is hanging by a thread and I may not be able to talk to my patients without sounding like a pre-pubescent boy tomorrow, but that's ok! I am exhausted from working like crazy, going to the game to cheer my heart out, then home to finish some chores, but it was all so worth it.

Now I'm watching Dinner: Impossible; and this crazy lady just asked him to make dinner, all with candy infused in it. Mac n' Cheese with candy, soup with candy, pork with candy, etc. GROSS. WHY. Why would you want candy in EVERYTHING? Are the hosts dentists hoping all their guests will get cavities? I mean that's just gross. Gummy peach quiche. EW. Bedtime. More work tomorrow =(

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Work ramblings

So I'm back at work. After being questioned by several people with the same 'you're back back now right? Like for reals back???' and my nodding and saying I've been cleared to work as long as I don't do something utterly stupid like lift 50lb totes of drugs than I will be fine, with the occasional wincing pain from my ribs. Working with bruised or fractured ribs is not so fun (my orthopedic surgeon would not tell me for sure, he said whichever it was that I would just have to let it heal). I was greeted with several firm pats to my shoulders and back, which when you are still sensetive to touch is not a pleasant feeling. I can tell they are genuinely glad to see me, but damn that hurt.

It's weird really, and half the time I am off in my own little world if I decided that I was in too much pain to work without aid of medications. I HATE TAKING THEM. They make me feel better, but make me feel so weird. The problem is, it's so hard to run around and focus on work with pain. Once, I must have forgotten to eat because I felt high as a mother effing kite. I'm standing there smiling like a goofball and talking like an idiot, and my coworkers find this great so they send me off to talk to patients. Well fuck me. I'm standing there feeling giddy as shit, trying to interact with patients. Thank goodness I didn't giggle.

I'm also glad my focus wasn't impaired and caught some unusual (aka fake) scripts that went by. I also caught an incorrect script order for painkillers and anti-anxiety meds for a 1 year old. How the computer system and insurance company didn't find 2mg of xanax and vicodin ES (extra strength) order for a 1 year old weird is beyond me. Can't believe it passed through so many people before it landed in my hands to sell to the patient. Definitely glad I took the shift that day. Signs that my coworkers are being overworked, and need some more help and time off. I also went by and smacked the person that took it in.

Flu shot season is also in full swing. That means on top of our ever growing volume of Rx's we get to give people flu shots. Rar, this whole daily flu shot thing totally sucks, for us. And now that we are feeling competitive with other stores one of my bosses is seriously pushing on us to do more. This one goes to sleep thinking about giving flu shots.

I am glad to be back at work, even if it is crazy stressful. I've also just been offered a position at another store. A slower, nicer store. Same pay, easier hours and volume. I might take it. I just feel so guilty about leaving my current position.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

It's love

I'm one of those fools that is always wary about new things. I'll be honest though, as careful as I can be, I tend to make snap judgements on whether or not I'm going to like someone or something. Sure I can be covinced to change my mind eventually, as long as there's evidence enough to convince me I was wrong. Hmm.. Science must really have a hold on me. Once I make up my mind, I tend to let the little things either prove me right or wrong. Is that some sick way of having a hypothesis, then holding ot some weird social experiment to draw my conclusions? I never really noticed that about myself, but maybe I do?

Well, after two years, I have concluded that it definitely is love. I love my pup. He's the best darn pup I could ever ask for. He's about as stubborn as I am, and even cuddlier. Some mornings I'll wake up and find him pouncing on me doing the I NEED TO PEE dance, other mornings he'll lie quietly in his own little corner waiting for me to get my lazy ass up. I wasn't sure about it for a while. I knew I really like him and loved playing with him, but I didn't know I could love him this much! Sometimes when I'm sad I'll just cuddle him and he'll make my day better. He'll give me that silly goofy smile of his and it'll just melt my heart.

Not to mention he does the cutest things. He'll lie on his back with his paws up in the air and a ball in his mouth, just because. He'll play ball by himself (because it's his ball and he doesn't like giving it up. haha) I love the way he sprawls out on his stomach with his legs stretched back and his front legs stretched forward. It's like a bear rug, only cuter and not scary. Once I found him playing around in the hamper stealing socks. This guy used to be a huge sock bandit. I'd come home from work and before I even had a chance to remove them, he'd be nipping at my feet and run off to the other side of the house with my sock. Glad we broke that habit, but I admit, he was cute doing it. The best is when we go for car rides. He can open the windows himself if I didn't feel like opening the windows. Then he runs back and forth in the back seat changing windows at his leisure. I love watching him stick his little face out and sniffing at everything.

I can't believe how much I love this little guy. As much fun as I was having in Hawaii, every night I would think of him and miss him.

I woke up this particular morning to watch the sunrise and wished he was there so I could cuddle him. Attachment issues? Probably. It was only day 3 of a 7 day vacation and I was missing him since day 1. I cuddled him before I left for the airport the morning I left feeling so sad to leave him for a whole week. He groaned because it was 5am and I woke him up haha.

Monday, September 7, 2009


As a former college and high school band member, I almost forgot how much I loved going to football games. I didn't really like watching football before college, but being part of the band made it even better. I always liked playing football (both American and European footy) but watching it was always kind of eh, to me.

Watching the showdown between my alma mater and our in state rivalry game for the first time in two years really made me nostalgic. It totally took me back to my first day of college band and the friends I made that taught me so much. They taught me how to dance (I am still terrible, but it was fun none the less), we had tickle wars, and had countless memories together going to games, having long rehearsals, and homecoming parades.

Being part of the school band with people who took pride in what we did to put on an amazing show because we simply loved doing it, made it one of the best things I did in college. The rehearsals and time commitment were grueling, sometimes on an icy field covered in snow, and in the late fall, we even rehearsed in the dark with only a cell phone or glow sticks that allowed us to see the drum majors.

I loved every moment. I loved show time, I loved performing, I loved playing my trumpet, learning music, being with people who loved it maybe even more than I did. Watching the game this year made me smile. And even though I was a thousand miles away, I still cheered like I was right there with them.



And we totally beat them to the ground this year.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Oh the things people say.

ok so I lied. I got bored with logging my trip. Instead I bring you this:

I am standing at the counter organizing our cash drawers because for a glorious 20 minutes it was not busy! We had a rather uneventful, less screaming than usual day. Really odd for us. I look up from the drawer and see a couple approaching. The guy looks really intoxicated and the woman looks really embarrassed to be with him. I try and access the situation in my head when he suddenly looks at me and shouts:


I blink twice because rarely do I hear shouting about condoms in the tightassed area I work in and reply 'Aisle 3.'

And just as quickly as this happened the girl looks even more embarrassed and shoves him towards aisle three. Glad they are using protection. haha.

At least it wasn't the lady telling me about her herpes outbreak in detail. Yech. My favorite though is the person that calls their acyclovir: assy-clover. Yes, I'm sure it feels like assy clovers, but after a few years pushing pills you get used to all sorts of funny pronounciations. It did take a few tries for me to figure out she was asking for acycovir. I don't blame them, a lot of the generic names are hard to pronounce, but it is damn funny to hear people that are high off their ass trying to pronounce generic vicodin.

Moving on. My coworkers are also hilarious. Working with them helps ease the pain of the day away because they make me laugh. They also like asking highly personal questions. It's like your love life is so much more interesting when you are the gay kid in the pharmacy. Or maybe I just don't talk about my love life quite as often as they do so they like to inquire? It's also great when I feel nauseous and they immediately ask if I'm pregnant, pause for 10 seconds, then laugh at their own 'joke' as I look at them confused and slightly horrified. Sorry dear, it'd have to be one hell of a drunken night for that to happen.

My puppy is staring at me and looks like he's going to sit on my keyboard if I do not play with him. So cute.

Days 1 and 2

I noticed I have been starting to forget the details of my trip, so I am going to write them down now. Feel free to skip the next few entries haha.

Day 1: Flight to Honolulu and boarding the ship.

So here I am sitting patiently waiting for the plane to take off when suddenly I feel something sprinkling on me. What the hell? Is it raining on the plane? I look up confused and a lady in the aisle looks down at me and says 'Some dipshit just spilled soda on you.'

.... What. Hooray. I get to be sticky for 6 hours. He didn't even apologize. He also managed to kick my chair every 10-20 minutes even though he didn't sit directly behind me since that chair was soaking wet thanks his effort of trying to store open drinks in the overhead compartment.

If you haven't been to Hawaii before, it is HOT. It was like getting kicked in the stomach when you first get outside (if you're not used to super high humidity). I thought my hair would suddenly become an Asian fro from all that moisture. We also had a very mean cab driver. She was quite the angry little Asian lady. I thought she was going to kill us haha.

We finally got to the port, and all in one piece too! Man, checking into a cruise is more intense than an airport. You need to pass security on the docks, check in your large luggage, pass the security into the check-in warehouse, get herded through some metal detectors, then you go and actually check-in at the desk, then you go through the final security check with your new ID card to actually board the ship.

We ate on the boat and finally got into our rooms! It was lovely! The room as super tiny, but the balcony gave us an amazing escape. Then I had my first Hawaiin sunset:

The only downside was the food was not so good. Oh well, the food was included in our price, so I guess we shouldn't expect too much hahaha. We promptly went to bed around 11 since it was technically 2 in CA and we were exhausted. Plus the kids were still getting used to the boat so we tried to sleep in our now rocking room haha.

Day 2 Maui

I woke up to this:

This was no sleeping in vacation. We usually rose with the sun to eat and be on our way to the days excursions. We took a bus ride to the Haleakala Crater in Maui. We even got a park ranger escort up to the crater because of the annual bike race. I guess they feared a tour bus might run over someone haha. The pictures do not do it justice. The elevation was so high that the temperature dropped by 30 degrees. It was freaking cold up there. There was also this really cool little trail that took you to its highest point. Brr.

Afterwards we explored the ship or a bit an soaked in a hottub. That was fantastic. We also saw a polynesian dance show on the ship. Great show full of really funny moments. I was really impressed with the ship's entertainment.

Monday, August 31, 2009

I miss living on a boat.

Ok, it wasn't your regular boat, it was a ginormous and slightly tacky cruise ship, but it was so much more fun and way less tacky than I expected. I had never been on a cruise before, or been to Hawaii so it was like two adventures all rolled into one. Also add that I needed to survive with a lot of family for a whole week posed as a huge challenge in itself. It was great the first few days... near the end of the week I was hiding (ok so I was a bit drunk too) from them in various parts of the ship.

The strangest thing is you still feel like you are on a boat for at least two days following. A strange, yet soothing feeling. Luckily I do not get motion sickness.

I got to do so many fun things. I saw a crater, and other hot spots in Maui. I played and swam on a black sand beach in Hilo and got some excellent pictures of a huge sea turtle. I also met an awesome friend who was a photographer on the boat that day when she tagged along with us in Hilo. She was fantastic to hang out with and talk to. I also got to ride a raft and snorkel in crystal clear blue water in Kona. I also got to kayak in a river in Kauai and hike to two waterfalls and spend hours at the beach. I got pretty dark, and luckily did not burn.

The best part were the amazing pictures and memories I got from the cruise. I wish I could do it all again!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Adios amigos!

I am going to be on a boat for the next week. Will catch ya'll later =)

Coming Out

Coming out is really crazy sometimes. I've pretty much gotten to the point where I think, 'Well if this friend can't handle it, then we were not meant to be friends'. Well, it's still scary. I don't know why I find it so scary sometimes. I guess I've been too babied with everyone at work knowing, my friends knowing, and even a few cousins. The family... I still need to work up enough courage to face that mountain.

Well, today I came out to someone I hadn't spoken to in years. We recently caught up again, and it was really great! Reconnecting with old friends is always an amazing experience. When it goes well at least. I knew that I had to tell her. I can't hide that from someone and then drop it on them later. I don't know, I guess it's better to tell them sooner rather then sometime down the line going 'oh, by the way, I'm gay.'. At least that way I don't have to play that stupid pronoun game. I am terrible at it anyways. I usually slip or make it ridiculously obvious. I am a terrible liar.

I think she was slightly confused at first, mostly because I didn't outright say I was gay. For some reason I am a terribly vague person. She didn't seem to mind, so hopefully things aren't weird after this. Unfortunately my net pooped out on me shortly after. Stupid AT&T.

It was like a weight had lifted. Probably because I spent a few days debating whether or not I should tell her. It's weird, after I come out to someone, I feel so much better. I'll be happy once I find the courage and right time to tell my family. My parents are 'the gays are bad!' types of people, so it may have to wait until I finish everything because I don't think I can handle it right now. haha.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Random memories of Europe

I've been thinking about my past travels lately. Partly out of nostalgia, and partly because I miss the pictures I've lost. Spending a month of my summer for two years in Europe with other high school students enjoying everything it has to offer was one of the best times of my life. (These are just scattered memories, totally not in order, but whatever funny things come to mind)

I miss the friends I made overseas and sad that most of us has lost touch. Then again it's been 8 years. I remember the youth hostel in Austria where the German kids taught us bad words in German sign language. I also remember seeing their band, 12 accordians, a bass guitar, and a singer perform at a festival while we were out there.

I still remember the hilarity of street vendors in Italy that got in your personal bubble without a second thought, or the drunk gondala drivers hitting on you as you walked across a canal bridge.

One disappointing thing I remember was The Mona Lisa. Why you ask? I don't know why, but we all expected it to be a huge painting! When we finally saw it at the Louvre it turned out to be an 8x10 painting surrounded by a huge crowd. Certainly not the most impressive piece there, but getting lost in the Louvre was sorta fun.

Actually, for some reason that also reminds me of our friend John requesting 'Pope soap on a rope' while we explored The Vatican. We were disappointed to find that no such souvenir existed. Rats.

The homestays in England and Ireland were also amazing. It was weird not being together as a group for a few days, but it was fun. I got to live in a quaint little cottage in an English countryside, and also a wonderful house in Ireland with 3 rowdy boys that were a lot of fun to hang out with.

I know we are all going to hell for this one: while staying in dorm rooms at the University of Edinburgh we used bibles to prop open out windows. Mine fell out of the second story window and nearly smacked a friend in the head. Oops.

Wow, hiking up to Arthur's seat was also an amazing experience, the way the sun's rays peaked through some clouds made the view all the more breathtaking.

Our sayings 'England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales' -castle-castles-and more castles. 'Italy, Austria, Switzerland, and France' -cathedrals-cathedrals-and more cathedrals. It may sound dull that way, but each place had unique amazing architecture.

Mmmm swiss chocolates- 'nuff said.

Wales- learning to say the name of the train station that holds the record for longest train station name in the UK in Welsh. I can still say it too! Also this: 'Ok, now the thing to remember here kids, you must stay to the left of the hotel. Do not wander to the right, that area is not safe.' Haha we stayed on the border between 'safe Cardiff' and 'Dangerous Cardiff'

We also had a run in with some Chavs (Brit slang for wannabe-ganstas) that slapped my friends ass and they were nearly jumped by 30 angry teens hah.

I miss Europe.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family and PT Love

So for the past few days I haven't been able to eat much. I just feel nauseous halfway through the meal so I figure forget it, I may as well keep down what I have eaten than see it all again.

Well my mom noticed I wasn't looking so good when I picked her up from work (I guess she needed to leave before my dad) and started the hard questioning all moms do. It ended up like this (all in Viet, translation for all you english speakers haha):

Mom 'What's wrong with YOU?'
Me: (I am feeling really nauseous and not so good with each passing second, but I'm driving so I try to shrug it off) 'I dunno, been feeling sick for a few days. I can't really eat without wanting to throw up.'
Mom 'Well, at least you're not eating too much. You are getting fat.'

hahahha That made me feel a little better. Not because I am getting fat, or eating less, but because it was just a funny thing my mom would say about me being sick.

My PT place is hilarious. They laugh at me/make me laugh all the time. The topics of conversation range between beach houses, vomiting, and hobbies. It's entertaining. I was doing my stretches and this random 12 year old gymnists starts gawking and goes 'OMG ARE YOU A SWIMMER?'

I turn around abruptly because it kind of caught me off gaurd so I gave her a funny look and apprehensively said 'Well... yeah. I used to be...' and wonder why on earth this girl is asking me such a random question.

This girl is very easily excited haha because as soon as I reply her eyes go wide and she goes 'OH MY GOSH IT'S NOT FAIR! I've been stretching for THREE years and I can't get my shoulders to do that!'

Maybe she should pick up swimming? Then again her body is definitely well suited for being a tiny gymnist, where mine as my PT person said 'Well, your body is very aerodynamically built for swimming' (I really hate it sometimes, the skinny legs vs. broad shoulders/upper body. It makes me feel like a boy)

Drats, I should have stuck with swimming. I could have been the female Michael Phelps. haha. Or not.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Signs you've had too much to drink.

Friend: Don't forget your camera, I want to be able to capture embarrassing moments tonight. Ya know, life if you accidentally make out with a guy.
Me: What are you planning on putting in my drink? Magic straight elixer?
Friend: That's for me to know and you to find out.
Me: ....

Me: Thanks!
F#1: WOW you are only a few months older than me. Like four or five. Wait. *counts on fingers* YEP FIVE!
Me: hahahha

F#2: I am old.
Me: When is your birthday again?
F#2: ummmmmmm September.
Me: So in one month!
F#2: NOOOOOO two months! Duh!
Me: ummmm September is next month... it comes after August.
F#2: no it doesn't! oh wait. hahahhahaa

Last night was a lot of fun. Although a friend's roommate came also and he wouldn't stop touching me. Not really inappropriately, but he would rub my shoulder. F#1 saw my WTF is going on look (when he started touching my hair) and went "DUDE. She's a lesbian. Why are you touching her?" LOL.

He ignored that comment though. It was an odd night, but I had a lot of fun. And woke up at a very inappropriate time the next day hee. Birthday weekend continues!

Friday, July 31, 2009

Sometimes I wonder why I even bother.

Me: That's the pain medication... it's for pain.
Lady: WHAT?!
Me: It's for treating pain.
Me: .......... I don't know how else to iterate to you that it's for pain. ( I guess I need to bring a thesaurus to work.)
Me: .... hold on a second.

Then I walked away, every one is laughing, patients and coworkers alike. I go find some other poor soul and hand it off hoping they have better luck.

Then I hear the same conversation over again, and I also hear something similar to a head banging against a wall. Then someone looks over at me and goes, so what's pain medication for? At that point I just bang my head against the wall too. Maybe I should I have said it's for ouchies? But then I'd have a lawsuit on my hands when the lady gives it to her kid whe he gets a paper cut.

Friday, July 24, 2009

I feel like a pedestrian in England

If you have ever taken walks around the UK (mostly London), you will understand the title after reading this blog. You may have the right of way walking in the US, but if you ain't in a car in London, you better move your ass outta the way.

I am slowly finding it tolerable to drive again. At least cars don't terrify me as much as they did a few months ago. Granted I have discovered people see you slightly better when you are IN a car and not walking. I can probably safetly and conservatively estimate that I am nearly hit by a car twice a week as a pedestrian.

My favorite incident was when I was walking with two of my cousins to the car after we saw a movie. This car, literally backs up INTO me. At this point I am slamming my hand on their trunk, and seriously considering stabbing my keys into their trunk to get their attention. I wasn't so much concerned about myself as much as the little one. Had I been in less pain, I probably would have sent many dents into that corvett for backing up into me. My other cousin was staring, horrified at what was happening, and yelling KEY THEIR MOTHER-EFFING CAR CAROLYN!!!! WHAT THE F- IS WRONG WITH THEM?

I mean come on...don't people use those rear view mirrors anymore, it's not there for decoration.

Come to think of it, being in downtown LA, probably a good thing I didn't pick a fight with those idiots. Car vs. pedestrian, car usually wins, even if I dent it. And it was also LA and I wasn't armed hahaha.

Another wonderful incident was crossing the street to a local drug store in a business area. Ya know, 15mph, slow, all that good stuff? Well dumb woman on a cell phone in a ugly ass SUV must not have gotten the memo and missed that question during the written portion of the DMV exam because she was going about 30 (and speeds up as she comes closer to us) and nearly hit my 12 year old. I was so pissed after pulling him out of the way, I threw my cell phone at them. (Fuck the cell phone, she almost hit my kid!!!) My 25 year old cousin then decided this was the opportune time to shout GET THE FUCK OFF THE DAMN PHONE YOU FAT BITCH.

I nearly fell over laughing when she said that. I guess when it comes to our 12 year old, we're not very polite people. My cell phone rocks by the way, it only has a few scratches after colliding with her car and the pavement.

Seriously... how can you not see three people in the middle of the street? Especially in the middle of the afternoon.

Hmmm I feel like I need to carry rocks with me whenever I go for a walk now. Good exercise, and useful in case I need to throw it at some idiot that fails to watch where they are going.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

PT is fun for everyone.

I have been feeling some insane backpain for the last week. Sometimes it gets so overwhelming I find it hard to breathe. So I am on temporary leave off work (so long as I can find someone to cover my shifts) so I don't injure myself further. It's been almost 2 months since the accident and things are just getting worse. This makes me sad. It makes me miss the life I had before (and I am making it sounds like something more distant in the past than a mere two months) and all the fun and risks I could handle. I'll be honest, this whole thing makes me angry. Mostly because I can't go running when I want to. Some days I really despise the kid that hit me, and some days I understand it was an accident. Shit happens, but most days I am really mad at the kid for not checking and slamming me into a median.

My physical therapist saw me today and the first thing she said was 'Oh my god, are you ok?!'

I am guessing I looked worse for wear than even I realized. My back is stiff and I can hardly move. Not the best feeling in the world.

I'll leave it to them though. I really like my physical therapist and the office staff. They are hilarious. It makes the 90 minutes of PT fly by in a fit of laughter and silliness. My kind of people. Today she tried to stretch out my back. This was full of hilarity.

Imagine you have your arms crossed, hands on each opposite shoulder and someone is rolling you up into their body so your face is pretty much squished into their abdomen or other areas. Just experiencing it put me in giggle fits. Even though I'm sure I should not have been laughing. I just couldn't help it!

I really do enjoy them. They are great bunch and they make me smile even when I feel like shit. Plus they make me feel better. Haha.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Is gay a bad word?

Have any of you been in a car while fireworks are going off? I was driving to my friend's house after work and it literally shook my car. Granted, my car is tiny and I was really really close to the fireworks, but it was an interesting experience. Than a manuevering through cars and people sitting in the street was also interesting.

Anywho I finally got there and finally met my friend's girlfriend. She's hilarious. We were sitting around talking and catching up, and I guess we couldn't resist being really really gay. It all started with my friend going 'hey want some gay cake?' as she points to a chocolate cake with a giant rainbow and clouds.

'... gay cake?'

'dude, look at this cake, isn't this the gayest cake you have EVER seen?'

'The only thing it needs to be gayer is possibly some glitter and butterflies.'

Ah, you gotta love it. Well the backstory here is that it wasn't just a friends gathering, but also had some family friends since her parents were hosting. She has the most supportive, loving parents ever, love them! However, there were some very... well conservative relgiious people present. (Although her parents have made it very clear that those who don't believe in gay rights will be shown to the door and out of their lives)

Well a 13 year old girl happened by started listening to our very... gay conversation and interrupted it by very politely asking us to stop using bad words.

We looked at each other baffled at what this word could be and when she explained that she went to a christian school it dawned on us. The girlfriend gave me this 'Oh you have got to be kidding look' and asked 'Well... what should we say? Homosex--, how about bi? It's only half gay.

I lost all control and giggled my face off at that. At this point my friend was trying to be nice, yet failing since she waved her brother and friends over to try a piece of her very gay cake, adding that it was so gay, you'd become a gay too with just one bite!'

I love my friends.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hot as a pistol?

In my two years working in a pharmacy, I've pretty much been dragged through the good, the bad, and the 'so this is what hell feels like'. You've got the addicts that make you wonder if they are going to wait outside and jump you when you leave, that scream and cuss you out because you refuse to fill a fake script, or a questionable script for narcotics. You also get the people that always seem to have a giant pole stuck up their ass, and the 'I'm rich so you should do whatever I want' types.

The thing about me, I don't bend my morals for these types. Actually, I really don't bend my morals for anyone. Scream at me all you want, if it's not legal, I'm not doing it. Be a drama queen all you want, I know what will kill you and what won't. But I don't feel like discussing these types anymore, since they really only serve to irritate me haha. I have the rest of my life to deal with these.

The type that help keep me going are the ones that take the 2 seconds to listen to me when I say, I cannot give this to you right now because this drug interaction could cause you to bleed out, kill you, give you seizures, put you in a coma, and not scream at me because I am withholding it for their safety. I love the ones that scream at you when you inform them there's a drug interaction that needs to be discussed with the doctor because we don't want it to kill them. Really people? Anyways, so I was helping this little old lady today who I've known for almost the entire time I've been here who's usually very sweet. She made my day when she leaned over and whispered (like it had to be a secret or something haha 'Honey, don't go outside today, it's hot as a pistol out there.'

hahahhaa. I don't know why but that totally made me giggle.

Friday, June 19, 2009


There are days when I wonder if I want kids some day. There are days when bratty kids come to me and scream and cry so they can have their way and it irritates me to see their parents reinforcing the behavior by giving in. Maybe it's because it's the way I was raised, or maybe I'm just a meany head. Ha.

In a way I have a lot of kids. I'm one of the oldest out of a lot of cousins. I just had a high school grad, middle school grad, and elementary school grad today. I mean holy crap that's a lot of graduations to go through in one day. To me a lot of my cousins are like my kids. When I was younger their parents would watch me, help me with my homework and take me out, so in a way I'm doing the same for their kids. Granted it costs me a lot more money with the sheer amount of them, but I love doing it because I love them! I really would do anything for my family. They are such a big part of my life. I probably ruined my back again today.

I was going to say no, but a race to the park just sounded like so much fun. When we got there the 5 year old looked up at me and said "Can me has a piggy back ride pwease?" How could you say no to the cute little face that is asking you oh so politely with the silliest grammar and with that damn sweet smile? so I bent over and trotted around the playground with him, which led to all the other kids wanting a turn. Ouch am I feeling that now. My back is a bit better though. The accident really hurt it. I am still having trouble bending my neck certain ways without pain and it makes work really crappy. Ah well. Back to happy.

After a while at the park we ran back to my house and I had some cuddlehugs with them after feeding them some more haha. Days like these makes me want kids, we'll see how I feel tomorrow! haha.

I also have a silly video with my pup skateboarding. SO cute. For now, my puppy will do as a child substitute. Haha.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Family <3

My family is so mean to each other, everyone was watching the Lakers game (except me I was reading because I am a rebel like that) and suddenly I hear screaming. Not the normal YEAHs!! or DAMMITs! and such you hear when watching a game, but a screeching NOOO! OH MY GOD! STOP!! EW EW EW EW!! YOU GUYS!!!! coming from one of my kids. It turns out all the other kids thought she needed to get over her phobia of feet and started touching her with their feet.

So this 15 year old is sitting there screaming and batting feet away, while everyone else is laughing and saying FACE THE FEAR! and prodding her with feet.

.... I love my family, they're nuts.

Then my pup decides that me laying on the floor petting him was not enough. Eventually he moves onto playfulling biting at my hand, something he hasn't done in a long time and suddenly he's hopping back and forth trying to figure out the best way to pounce on my hand. For some reason I decided, oh I need to roll over so I did.

Wrong. Move. Before I know it, he pounces on me and puts his paws on me like he just conquered a bear and every time I tried to move he'd playfully bark and nip at my elbow. Yep, I got beaten by a 16 lb dog. If that wasn't enough he decided to just lay across my back and started wagging his tail happily. Haha. Oh how I love him and his silliness.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Cars hate me.

So... there was a car that decided that swerving into my lane suddenly would be a good idea. Unfortunately I didn't think it was and thought it'd be a good idea to try and swerve to avoid the collision was a good idea. Unfortuntely this still led to me being crashed into the median and that mother-effer driving off.

Now my poor car is most likely probably totaled, and I am in some pain and stiffed up. It could have been worse. I could have let the person hit me and ended up between that car and the median. I walked away from it alright, but it still fucking sucks.

I saw my MD today just to make sure everything was alright. She sent me off to get some Rx's for the muscle spasms and NSAIDs. I'm not a fan of painkillers because they are gross. NSAIDs should be enough. As I was crossing the street to the pharmacy, this car comes speeding down the street. I hopped out of the way and the guy missed me by 2 inches. The guy was speeding, and it's not like I walked in front of him. He was a good 20 yards at least from me when I started crossing the street. I can't move fast right now, so jumping out of that cars way, not so much fun. For a second I stared at the car coming towards me scared shitless at the fact that he was not slowing down. Luckily my brain rebooted itself just in time for me to take that last step out of the guys way.

Is there a sign that says HIT ME WITH YOUR CAR PLS pinned to me or something? The best part is, cars TERRIFY me right now. Driving in one, being around one, riding in one. It scares the crap out of me. So crossing the street and some guy speeding by nearly missing you, not freaking helping.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Re-fueling the passion

For a while, the tedium and crazy patients had been getting to me and I was starting to really hate my job. When you are being yelled at for most of your day, or being stared at for 10 minutes while you work can be very irritating.

Today, was surprisingly an exception. One of my interns was here today and I think he really helped me refuel my passion for the profession. It started off a bit... worse than most days. I walked into a mess, I had to special order a medication to make a cream for a patient (more complicated than regular meds), special suspension to make from powders, and things were super busy. Within 2 hours, I had been yelled at, my intern was cussed at, and there were just a lot of problems.

After things settled down and everything cleaned up properly things got a lot better. I am now referred to as Encyclopedia Carolyn. Got a problem? Get Carolyn. Can't fix it? Get Carolyn. It can be irritating when I am doing a bunch of different things at once, but it's always hilarious when they say "What the hell did you just do? You just pushed a bunch of buttons and it's fixed... like magic!" It's nice to share and teach people. Mostly because if I teach them they won't bother me again and of course to spread the wealth of knowledge. Granted I feel bad when I just fix it and not teach them because people are staring and rushing me.

Applications open soon. I am really nervous and excited. The prospect of getting lots of rejection letters is not something I am looking forward to.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Disappointment with a silver lining.

So I woke up this morning to not so great news. I still can't wrap my mind around the idea that the California Supreme Court could rule 6-1 to uphold prop 8. Really? 6-1??? At least they didn't forcibly divorce 18000 couples.

It still blows my mind that a simple civil right is so easy to deny when they are gay. Gay Marriage, a limited time offer! Expires 11/4/08.

We're supposed to be a progressive state, but what I've seen in the past 6 months we're not holding our own. I know one day we'll all look back on this and giggle at the ridiculousness and hilarity about how people over reacted because gay people want to get married.

I've recently gotten into using twitter, and I had a twitterthon (I really have no idea what to call it) with a friend of mine in London. She was outraged by someone she knew claiming that gay people were acting like little kids throwing a tantrum over 'not getting what they wanted' and that 'gays could have it a lot worse in America.' Yes, we can have it a lot worse, but then again many of us still face the fear of being assaulted because of our sexuality. Even in CA, hate crimes are a reality and no one is safe from it. I don't want to be scared to be who I am.

I was at a rally today protesting the decision to uphold prop 8. Being with such a large wonderful crowd of people was amazing. It was energized and full of hope and love. I'm not giving up this fight, but I'm not just fighting for my state. I'm fighting for this whole country to wake up and realize that this is a ridiculous thing to fight about. My goal is for our children to someday look back on this and have the same reaction as we do when we hear that interracial marriages used to be illegal. Until we can laugh about this day, you can bet that I, along with many many other people, will continue fighting for what is right.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

All cultured out.

Wow. So much has happened. so I'm going to keep it as brief as possible.

I saw Dirty Dancing, the musical, which was pretty good. The guy that sang 'Time of Your Life' made me swoon. I think I fell in love. Just kidding, but his voice was amazing. Then I saw Grease the next day with Taylor Hicks. He made the best of his one song, I wasn't really interested in him as much as the musical, but it was an added bonus. They changed the arrangement. I. Hated. It. Totally interrupts the storyline. The people in front of us hated it more and left during intermission. I wish we stole their seats because the large smelly man next to me was invading my space and then accidentally sat on me when Taylor Hicks came out to play his new single after the show. My sister laughed at me.

Wednesday I saw Shen Yun Divine Performing Arts. That was amazing beyond words, the traditional dance, and stories were pretty amazing. check it out ;)

What sucks is that I've been feeling sick on and off lately. HOLY JEEZ THE SWINE FLU! Ha. Ha. No. If only I had an excuse like that to get out of work. Speaking of which, it kinda just dropped off the radar eh? Maybe everyone realized they were panicking over.... the flu.

After 3 musicals in a span of 5 days, I thought I'd be all cultured out. I'm really just exhausted from people.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pansies and the swine flu

Alright ya'll, I am so freaking sick and tired of all this fear over the swine flu. First off, before you all think I'm just spouting off my own version of the facts, here's an article from the LA times (,0,3606923.story) about how this strain, according to the WHO (World Health Org) and CDC, is possibly not even as deadly as your RUN OF THE MILL INFLUENZA VIRUS.

Sorry, the ridiculous panic at work has me really irritated. This one lady badgered my manager about buying our ENTIRE inventory of hand sanitizer. Are you fucking serious? Just wash your hands. Sure, I don't care, but I really don't want to be badgered by the next drove of crazy panicked people about why we have no hand sanitizer in stock. Trust me, crazy fear panicked people will just scream at you because the crazy person before them cleaned us out.

Then you have these GENIUS doctors giving out tamiflu Rx's like they're goddamn candy.

Listen, it's a waste of money IF YOU ARE NOT SICK. Leave the medication for people who are actually sick and NEED this medication. It's a waste of resources and money. It irritates me that people are hoarding all this medication when they don't even so much as have a sniffle.

Want to get through the swine flu scare? I am going to leave you with what I left on my facebook.

Wash your hands and don't fuck pigs. There's your PSA for the day.

But seriously, wash your hands. If you don't regularly, that's just nasty.

Sunday, April 26, 2009


I have a deep love for the counter that separates me from my patients. It keeps them a safe distance away from my personal bubble and gives me some space from their germs haha.

I try to avoid going out to show people where things are and just direct them with directions, but sometimes... they really can't listen. "Aisle 8, halfway down the aisle, middle shelf, left hand side" Then when they walk to aisle 7 and look to the right... well.. you begin to wonder if they have x-ray vision or can't read signs. The reason I don't like going out there is because they always encroach on my space. This one lady stood shoulder to shoulder with me when looking at items I was showing her in the aspirin section. Her entire body, shoulder down, was pretty much squished up against the side of my body. After that, I really just didn't want to go show anyone anything.

Well today, this little old lady was asking about an item, and she couldn't find it in the aisle so I left my protective counter to show her where it was. She was a little old lady, how much harm could she do? Right? Right??

As she turns around to thank me for pointing out the three shelves of the brand she was looking for, she grabs my boob. I know, this was an accident, but after the lady scratching at me last week during Mamma Mia, I am still a wee bit traumatized. I mumble a 'no problem' because at this point my personal space has been violated, and shuffled back behind the counter.

I do have weird personal space issues when it comes to strangers. If I know the person I'm fine.. but for some reason strangers freak me out.

Moving on...

So I was helping this lady with a discount for her medications. She was very happy that I told her about the 'discount card', but at the same time was VERY angry at us for not telling her earlier? So she was half thanking me, and half yelling at my coworkers (none of whom were present since it was 8am haha) screaming and saying "I don't know how you work with some of these people! Ugh!"

Wow. Awkward. I managed a few mumbled words, awkward silence while she ranted, all the while my pharmacist was giggling in a corner. Thanks. Then she nearly reached over to grab my hands, in what I am guessing was a gesture of thanks, and of course I flinch. Very noticeably. I pretty much flinched, took a step back and gave her the "WTF don't touch me!" look. I felt really bad... but it was just my reaction at 8am on a Sunday. It's not often a patient reaches out to touch my hands.

For the record, most of my coworkers are nicer than I am. Which I found ironically funny.

I also find it awkward when people thank me and bow. I'm not really sure why. I'm sure they mean no offense by it, but it makes me feel super awkward. Especially when they look at me and expect me to bow back. I usually raise an eyebrow. Just cos I'm Asian doesn't mean I'm a super FOB (Fresh Off the Boat) Asian.

To top off this entry, I am awkwardly flirting via text while writing this entry. 200 loser points go to me! Sweet.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Honest Scrap

This post gives thanks to Ashley who is an awesome blogger.

The Honest Scrap award comes with a caveat or two. First, you must tell your readers 10 true things about yourself that they may not know. Second, you must tag 10 people with the award.

Here we go!

1) I am seriously accident prone. Sometimes they call me "The Walking Accident". I almost always get daily paper cuts from work, run into things, and drop things. I also manage to trip over my own feet.

2) I am very bad with relationships. I have a habit of running away from relationships, or feeling smothered when things get a little too intense. I think this mostly has to do with things moving way too fast for me.

3) Sometimes I laugh out loud at things and scare my dog JackJack. He jumps and stares at me wondering why I am laughing so hard.

4) I am very scared about one day coming out to my family. I am out to a few of my cousins, but I fear losing my family the most. I think about it all the time and it's something that I push to the back of my mind, but I am constantly thinking about it.

5) I blog mostly for myself because I like having a timeline of sorts of my life and events. And keeping one online is easier to hide than somewhere in my room. That and to write more often. I am a terrible writer, so I'm working on it.

6) I have a weird love for compounding medication. I am good at it, and it makes me feel like I am in a lab again.

7) On days that I question my career, I playfully think about getting a PhD in biochemistry and continuing the research I started on malignant brain tumors.

8) On days that I feel #7 is equally crazy, I think about becoming a forensic scientist.

9) I play in a softball league and my teammates work in forensics, and one is an old coworker from Disneyland. It's so much fun!

10) I go to the shooting range on occasion for fun. I am a pretty good shot. I also teach a lot of my friends about gun safety and teach them how to shoot their very first gun. I feel better knowing that they do it safetly with me. It's weird.

Wow that was harder than I thought heh.

The ten bloggers I tag are... (Ya'll don't have to do it, just thought it'd be fun)
And... my LJ friends that know and read this blog. I am not going to link since they are mostly friend's only blogs.

I guess I am not a very social blogger... Should change that...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Late night BBQs

Good friends are really hard to come by, and I am so very lucky to have the ones I do. Even though most of us are scattered across the country, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly and easily we fall back into easy conversations like no time has passed at all. Granted, it makes me realize how much I miss them because they have been a part of my life for so long. We've been through it all and we've grown up and are still close.

One of the things that I've missed the most are their hugs. I remember when I came out to them years ago how terrified I was. These were some of my best friends and I knew it wouldn't matter to them whether I was gay or straight it still scared the hell out of me. They are like family to me and how immediately accepting and loving they were gave me a lot more confidence in myself.

Seeing a few of them today was amazing. We had a welcome home BBQ for one of my friends that's here on a short break from professional school. We shared stories, caught up, and laughed the night away, just like we used to. I still have a silly grin on my face. I even made plans to spend a few days with them in the near future. I am so excited for that.

I really want to visit them more often, there's some good diving down there hehe.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mamma Mia, here we go again...

Ok, so once again I was off to LA to see another musical. I can't believe all the great things I've been able to experience and do this year. One of the highlights is being able to see so many musicals. If you don't know me, I am a huge theatre/musical theatre nerd.

The weirdest thing happened though in the middle of act I. I was just sitting there minding my own business when suddenly the lady next to me reaches over and scratched my arm. I nearly jumped out of my seat in shock. I am the type of person that needs personal space from strangers. If we're close than I don't mind my bubble being invaded, but I don't like being touched by strangers.

Of course my first reaction is to look over and stare at the culprit. Weird. She didn't even acknowledged that she creepily scratched my arm, accident or not. It's a dark theatre, I understand. I guess.

It was a pretty good production! It's hard to live up to after seeing Wicked, Phantom, and Rent, but it was still very enjoyable. They had some mic problems (I only notice because I used to play around as a theatre tech in high school), but otherwise the show was hilarious. People hopping about in snorkeling gear, making funny sexual gestures at each other and just the overall light-heartedness and silliness of of all was wonderful!

Donna and Sophie were ah-may-zing. It makes me feel awkward that I now have a slight crush on both of them (since they play a mother/daughter). What can I say? Women that can sing get me every time. We got to take our picture with Donna and Sam for donating money to charity. How awesome is that? In brightly colored spandex too. haha.

The best part of it all was taking my little cousin. She's a teenager, but we have a shared love for musicals (along with my other cousin that came with us) and we got to take her to her first musical! She had the biggest smile plastered to her face. It makes me wish I took her to see Rent.

It's gonna be a crazy musical month for me. Next up I have Dirty Dancing, Grease, and Shen Yun. I bought Dirty Dancing tickets for my sister as a birthday present, we are watching Grease the very next day haha. My sister bought Shen Yun tickets as a birthday/mother's day present for my mom. More about it here.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Nashville Highlights

I love the south. It may be too conservative for me, but it is amazing. People are actually... Nice. I nearly fell over with shock. Nahsville had such a unique... vibe to it everywher I went. The houses were all cute and unique, not cloned from one house on the entire block. And there was so much to do! This started out in order, but then just went all over the place. Scattered like my mind.

I was instantly happy when I saw my best friend at the airport. I was so excited I pretty much jumped on top of her when I saw her and almost knocked her over. She drove my bum ass around all weekend and I felt horrible at cutting into her research time. Meeting her friends was also super amazing. I <3 nerds. They were a riot.

My first full day was spent observing research for a few hours(which to me is super awesome). Then we went for a walk in the park. Nashville has a replica of the Parthenon. I laughed my butt off when she told me that. Seeing was believing. Then I tripped on the stairs. Go me! Then we drove to a drive-in to watch Monsters vs Aliens. It was cold and I was freezing, but it was fun. Then we went drinking in Nashvegas where I rode my first ever mechanical bull. I fell on my head... in style. Then got another drink to nurse my ego. We also saw a live band with a very cute fiddle player. They were really good.

The live music in Nashville was beyond expectations. Really talented musicians with a lot of character.

Saturday night I got a wee bit drunk and actually danced at some club for two hours. I don't dance people. This is one Asian with no rhythm and two left feet. So I must have been feeling pretty good. I wasn't feeling so good the next day haha.

We also drove around Natchez Trace. My favorite thing was the wall of trees. Just driving around surrounded by a wall of trees on either side was just so pretty. The two random turkeys running in a field was also pretty awesome. We took a hike off a trail and ended up jumping in a creek just for kicks.

We were having pizza and beer one night with friends and they talked about how M always complained about being single. Somehow they thought it'd be funny if I made out with him to shut him up. I was at a loss for words and before I could reply my friend rescued with me and said "HAHAHA I don't think he's her 'type'." I just giggled and agreed very enthusiastically. I don't think they quite got it.

Really the best part of the trip was just spending time with her. I missed our pizza and beer nights, and just hanging out with her. Maybe I should move to Nashville haha.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

No more vacation? =(

Clearly I was too drunk in my last post to realize why I was even online.

I am back from my amazing trip. After a really long boring 3 hour delayed layover, I made it to my destination and it was nothing but good times from there. Although the drunk couple, or should I say drunk wife (her husband seemed sober and was quite nice), on their honeymoon were quite entertaining. I envied her inebriation as I was sober and really just wanting to get out of that damn airport.

Despite the rough start to my vacation, everything from there was wonderful. My liver and stomach are cursing me as we spent many nights drinking and dancing. Something I am not used to. Well, the drinking yes, but clearly had more than I should have if I was dancing. Spending the weekend with one of my best friends was so amazing! It made me realize how much I missed her and how wonderful she is. It seems odd sleeping alone now. My bed feels super empty.

I can't even begin to summarize the trip. We packed so much into three and a half days it amazed me. I even tried mechanical bull riding. I saw amazing sites. I listened to amazing live music. I met some really amazing people. I really spent a lot of time taking in the culture and gorgeous city as well as the really weird confusing highways. If I had to drive for the weekend we would have ended up in Mississippi. I was confused just sitting in the passenger seat.

All in all, it really made me want to move there and get out of here. On my first flight home that put me on a layover in Texas, someone wore a lot of cheap cologne and gave me my first experience with nausea on a plane. On the second half of my flight I sat in front of a 4 year old that spent the entire 3 hours from Texas to California kicking the back of my chair. Two more reason I was unhappy about going home.

Back to a life of responsibilities and general boredom. Haha. At least I have an awesome photo of me on a bull with my hair eating my face. If I were ever to become famous the paparazzi would never get a photo of me. My hair will always eat my face, it is awesome like that. Sometimes I resemble Cousin It from the Adam's Family. Well that's what I'm told at least.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Secret annoyances

For those of you who care, and those of you who don't, here's something that secretly annoys me anyways:

It really peeves me when a few of my friends say "Are you sure you want to go skiing or boarding again? I mean you did hurt your knee. Maybe you should stop."

It's sweet of them to want me to be safe, etc. but I really don't like it when people tell me I should stop doing something I love just because I had an accident... or two.

I tore my ACL about 3 years ago now, fixed it all up and was back on the slopes 5 months later. I went through all my PT and worked really hard to get my knee back into shape. I didn't do that just to play with it in a bubble house. Sure, I did slam my 'good knee' into a rail a few weeks ago, but whatevs.

I'm accident prone, I get it, but that doesn't mean I should stop doing something I love because I may get injured here and there. That's why I got better health insurance! haha. I don't know, it just bugs me when someone tells me I should stop doing something I have fun doing because of an injury. I guess I'm just not someone who lets that slow them down. When I hit that rail I probably boarded a good three hours more before we called it a day. I'm tough, and I can handle it. Plus, I got to get an icepack from that really hot ski patroller. She was sweet and put a bandaid on my knee haha.

Most of my friends appreciate the fact that I don't let falling on my face multiple times, or having a bad injury get me down. Because I don't like to give in. I love it, accidents happen, I move on! And they should too. The concern is sweet, but borders on annoying when they repeatedly bring up old injuries to try and get me to stop.

In other news, I went boarding... again. This time I was a lot more daring. A bit silly yes, since I had just readjusted my bindings to give me better control (after getting used to it of course), but I went for it anyways. I finally got the courage to do the jumps that are taller than me. Not the 16 footer holy crap I might die if I try that jumps, just the 6 to 8 footers. I am so proud of myself! I think of all the high jumps I did, (about 12) I landed all but two.

What I've learned from all this is not to let fear hold me back. Sure it can be scary the first few times when I'm unsure of how to stick the landings, but as long as I don't let it get to me I do really well. I like challenging myself, otherwise I get bored fast. It was kind of funny, approaching those jumps and thinking "Holy crap, that's taller than me, I can't even see over it!!!" But I pushed those aside and concentrated on my take-off and landing. It seriously makes me really happy when I can challenge myself like that and do it well.

So what if I'm a bit accident prone? I trip walking on flat ground. May as well have accidents doing something fun ;)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Snowboarding, Disneyland, and work, oh my.

It's been a really crazy two weeks filled with a lot of overtime, one day of snowboarding, Disneyland, and a very tired me.

The weirdest thing happened after I finished snowboarding last week. I was waiting for my buddies to finish going to the bathroom before we headed out for the day and I had leaned on board, which I've lovingly named Ollie, against the ski/board racks and sat down on a bench. As I was sitting there people watching, and babysitting Ollie from afar, I notice these two women staring at Ollie. Then one of them approaches Ollie and smiles at her friend and reaches out for Ollie. Now I'm just thinking NO! DON'T STEAL OLLIE I'M SITTING RIGHT HERE! DON'T YOU DARE!

I am about ready to rescue Ollie, when I just see that she wanted to touch the stomppad. Really? Why is a piece of generic plastic (I don't have a cool designy one) so interesting? Then she walks around and is clearly checking Ollie out and I start laughing to myself, and I was secretly relieved when she picked up her own board and left. My board set up is pretty hard to confuse with anyone's. It's a woman's board with male bindings, and a rainbow PEACE sticker slapped on the tail. There's no way anyone could mistake their board with mine. I am still really amused that she just wanted to rub the plastic stomppad though.

Afterwards I went to work again to cover another shift and somehow volunteered myself out of sheer insanity I'm (sure of it) to come in to work at 630am. I was still at work at 9pm. Not to mention I this was supposed to be my 'weekend'. So I still had to work my own week! Somehow I got the person I was covering for to work my friday and managed to switch the Friday off to Thursday (since I had been working 9 days straight already). I was somehow convinced that I should go to Disneyland on my one day off as well. I haven't been there since I quit 6 years ago! So I was pretty excited. I toured my sister's friends around and I had a lot of fun, but 13 hours of it was exhausting. I forgot how much I love that place haha. It really is the gayest place on earth.

Oh I forgot to mention, the person I was with spotted Victor Newman of the Young and the Restless and got super excited. I had/still have no idea who that is, but it was funny. She was trying to get pics of him. I felt like I was hangin with the paparazzi. Funny stuffs.

I'm so glad my 'weekend' is finally here again. I really need the sleep haha.

Friday, March 13, 2009

A Good Cause

Hey everyone. Breast cancer awareness month may have been in October, but really it's something we need to be aware of all the time. This affects so many people and is occurs more commonly than many may think. I know times are tough and money is tight, but as always every little bit counts. Research is so important in fighting cancers to help develop treatments, medications, and look for possible cures. Even small amounts will add up in the long run.

The Surprise Dyke, a wonderful blogger and friend is supporting her family friend who is participating in the Avon Breast Cancer walk. Please click on her name to read more.

Thanks for reading! If you'd like, please pass the word on!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Not so nice realization.

Ok, so I was watching 24, and I realized that the first daughter was very attractive to me. Her character radiated confidence, attitude, and she looked really good in a suit. And then... the touching moment between her mom (the president) and herself awww.

But then... in the last few minutes of the episode, what she said was kinda crazy, and even scared me a little.

Then I realized... OH MY GOD, even fictional characters I am attracted to turn out crazy.

Wow. How's that for depressing revelations?

It did make for great conversation with one of my friends. She assured me that it was just bad writing on the writer's part that she just happened to turn out crazy. Of course I countered. "What about real life? Eh? Wow, my life must be a really shitty TV show." (it really would be, as evident by my blog posts haha)

"If that were true you would have been cancelled a long time ago."

Ah, this set me up for this wonderful line "unfortunately, by proof of Bush, we know cancellations in life are unfortunate that they don't exist"


Sunday, March 8, 2009


Sorry, I know I've been posting lately, but for some reason sick me thinks it's a good idea to post frequently. I'm sure once I get well again (at this rate it may be a while haha) things will go back to normal, but this is too exciting to not blog about tonight. Well, for me at least.

I saw Rent today! It was always a dream of mine to go see it in New York, but when I heard that it was closing in November I was so sad. Then I heard about it's 'last national tour' with Anthony Rapp and Adam Pascall, how could I miss that?! Surely the next best thing to see it on broadway is to see it on tour with two of the OBC! (exclamation points may be excessively used in this entry, I just realized that haha.)

It was nothing short of awesome. Mimi sounded like she had a cold though, but really you could barely tell she did a fantastic job. The entire cast, leading and supporting, sounded amazing. The guy playing Angel did a fantastic job. He was one of my favorite, he had me laughing through half of it! One of my favorite bits was the scene where they are looking for a new coat for Collins and it went down something like this:

*Looks through coats* "No... No... No...Ew. No. no. *lady holds up hideous coat Angel falls over and lies down on the stage and screams* OH MY GOD NO!!!! *shakes leg at it*

Hee, I don't know why, but just the way he shook that heeled leg made me laugh really hard.

Maureen was platinum blonde. That... was slightly odd, but she did an amazing performance. I usually don't like the 'over the moon' song, but I enjoyed this one.

Oh! During 'La Vie Boheme' I remember wanting to dance in my seat and then all of a sudden this little asian chick loses her shirt and is wearing a fuzzy pink bra. I don't know why it surprised me, but I found it funny. Not to mention some hot kisses in the midst of all the dancing.

The girls in front of me were mooning over Adam Pascall. Haha. And the very gay boy behind me squeed like a little girl every time Angel was on the stage. Super cute. I was losing my voice and could only clap like a very enthuasiastic monkey. Sad.

Plus, Anthony Rapp's white boy dancing. So. Freaking. Awesome. Just watching him in Tango Maureen was hilarious.

The orchestra was amazing too, I love the music so much... I think I may have to listen to it tonight. Haha.

The only thing that annoyed me during the show was the back door. When it opened, the light was so freaking bright you couldn't see anything on stage. Mostly because it was shined directly in our direction. It would have been fine it wasn't just this blindingly bright white light. When they dimmed it near the end, that was totally bearable, but at full blast it was painful.

I was so excited about this, I could barely sleep last night (hence the previous blog post). Now I am exhausted and I promised a friend I'd go boarding tomorrow. Hmm.. taking care of myself healthwise is not working very well. Haha.

Sorry, I'm gay.

Ah, new patients are funny. My coworker walked up to me with a military ID and proceeded to ask me how to process it as insurance. So I follow him back and tell him the ID's and the numbers that he was going to need and then started working on my stack of scripts. Out of no where the guy goes "Is (the company I work for) a family business?"

... haha.. just cos we're all asian doesn't make us all related. I just told him no, and we're not related either, in fact we're not even the same ethnicity. Sure that was a bit racist, but it was funny as hell. Because after this he proceeded to ask if my (male) coworker and I "exchanged valentines" this year. We looked at each other and busted out laughing. Oh there were so many things wrong with that.

Patient "What? There's nothing wrong with that!"
C "Haha... no. We don't even get along!"
Me "Yeah, I can't stand this punk! He's such a jerk!"

C was thinking pretty much the same thing. "Sorry sir, she's gay." I kept my mouth shut and kept the playful bantar going. Eventually he left and we got our work done, ya know after the, OMG, HE'S RIGHT! I LOVE YOU! makeout session. Ok, maybe not. After that we couldn't even look at eaCh other without laughing from the ridiculousness. After C went home the guy came back and started asking about C.

"I thought I saw a spark between you two! You two should be good to each other!"

I almost fell over laughing again. Let it go man! Never gonna happen! He's like my brother and even if I was straight I doubt it haha.

Life is good. I'm getting a lot of skiing/snowboarding in. I am getting to go see musicals often. I am going to see one of my best friends in a month! My best friend from college may be visiting soon! I have spent a lot of time with my family. If I could just kick this sick I'd be happier. Haha.

I was sad a few months ago because my friends and I are separated by so much distance now, but things are falling together as they should. The plus is now that we live all over the country, there's always a place to visit with a place to stay!

Friday, March 6, 2009

Heading South Ya'll!

I have the biggest grin on my face right now. I am hoppin' on a plane to go to Nashville!

I have so many travel plans that I want to do all at once. It was a hard three way tie between seeing my BFF in Nashville, my other BFF and old college buddies in Colorado, or my other BFF in Boston/New York. So after 3 days of mind boggling sickness, I came home from work to a brilliant gchat and a spur of the moment decision. I am so excited, I've never been to Nashville before and getting to see one of my best friends!

I am squeeing all over the effing place right now. It's all booked and confirmed. Now I just gotta wait. Which is of course the worst haha.