Thursday, June 21, 2012


The long anticipated summer has arrived!!! It feels so amazing to not have to study all the time or sit in a hot classroom all day! This will probably get old really quickly, but for now I am enjoying the lazy days, getting some actual sunlight time, and working. Ok, so I'm not enjoying working... but it's something to do and it pays me. Plus it keeps my counseling skills sharp.

It's going to be a busy summer hopefully. This is my last summer for forever since I go on rotations next summer. I have several graduations ranging from middle school all the way to pharmacy school, weddings, and hopefully I can squeeze in some traveling! I've also started working out 4 times a week, which is a huge change from my lazy sit in the library all week routine. It's kicking my ass, but it feels so good to really be challenged physically again. Plus I am getting fatter and fatter... that needs to stop!

I'm not sure how much I will update this blog over the summer. I'm  not even sure what I would update it with. Probably phunny pharmacy stories.

Like I have a pharm tech that typed a script I took from a physician and changed the refill qty to whatever she wanted instead of the number I clearly wrote. Apparently because she didn't agree with the number. Ummmmm yes, sometimes the numbers don't make sense because some physicians are special BUT you type what is written (as long as it doesn't break any laws) because it's their decision and this one actually had a valid reason. Which she would have known if she just freaking asked. She's been getting on my nerves mostly because I am pretty sure she has no idea what the f- she is doing which makes a busy pharmacy 10x more stressful. For someone that's been with the company for years, there's really no excuse for how incompetent she is.

Whoops. Sorry, left over work frustration. I have just wanted to scream lately at work because when I have to work with her, she is so slow that I end up answering all the phone calls while typing or filling prescriptions because she needs to stare at an empty bottle for 20 minutes in order to fill it?! If I don't the numbers just keep piling up and people start yelling at me.

If I could, I'd fire her ass.

It makes me grateful for the other (amazing) techs that I work with. But I seriously legit do not like this one at all.

It's also frustrating that the pharmacists I work with take advantage of my intern license which means I not only get to pick up the slack of stupid lazy tech, I pick up their work, too. I legit would rather go back to school, but being paid is kind of nice. They need to give me a fucking raise though. Jesus.

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Brahmin in Boston said...

Being paid is indeed nice! :D

Thankfully the pharmacy that I use don't have such oversmart people. Well, there is one old Russian guy who ALWAYS asks me if I am Indian and then launches a discussion about my name - EVERY.SINGLE.TIME.
I fear when he is at the counter and I have to pick up some prescriptions... LOL

You seem to be a busy body this summer! Hope you get to enjoy the temperature and some free time!