Saturday, February 21, 2009

bruised knees and bums

So today I opted to go snowboarding again instead of going to work. My friend wanted the hours and frankly I didn't want to go to work. Win, win really. Problem is I am exhausted from my lack of sleep and crazy schedule as of late. It was really fun. I am progressing really well and today we took on a few jumps and rails. My first rail attempt was a funny fail. I hopped up, slid off, but for some reason I came down hard on that rail and I was left clinging to it while the rest of me slid off. I have two nice bruises on my knees from that. I did land a few rails though.

As far as jumps go, difficulty is about the same on snowboard and skis. I caught my tail a couple of times and created a mini snow storm as I slid on my butt on the landing. My tailbone kinda hurts, but judging the amount of times I spent falling on my bum, I'm not surprised.

Other news? A lot has been on my mind lately, but I'm glad skiing and snowboarding has helped distract me.

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sheA said...

YeeeOUCH- tail bone pain.... Glad you have a way to relieve your stress...I should try that skiing thing