Thursday, February 12, 2009

All better.

My computer is all better now. I feel like an idiot for breaking it in the first place. Let's just say it involved me, a lot of alcohol, and tripping over my ac adaptor that was plugging into my laptop. Very unfortunate. But that's what warranties are for haha.

I am so excited for this weekend! A whole weekend away from craziness and work. Nothing but wonderful snow and skiing and snowboarding for an entire weekend. This week felt like it lasted a whole month.

I didn't realize this was Valentines day weekend, mostly because I don't care for the lame holiday. My boss kept giving me a hard time about requesting the weekend off. Who are you going with? Romantic getaway huh? And then the nudging started. I laughed. I am not at the point of a relationship that I would feel ok going away for an entire weekend alone with anyone haha.

My boss also called me a boy. Pft. I am not a boy. Just because I don't like being smothered to death in relationships and seem to have developed commitment issues lately (it's long distance, you can't fault me for being wary.) So everyone agreed that I am a boy (except me). Then my coworker comes from out of a corner going YOU'RE SEEING SOMEONE AREN'T YOU?! (Also a funny note I wrote doing someone instead of seeing accidentally...)

I almost fell backwards. We're good friends, but haha damn. Oops, not such a secret anymore? I don't know, I'm just not big in divulging much about my relationships, or lack of. So now everyone is asking me all these questions. I feel like I'm being interrogated when there's really nothing to say. Unless I'm drunk, because then apparently there is a lot to say.

I better get some sleep. Have a good weekend ya'll