Tuesday, July 21, 2009

PT is fun for everyone.

I have been feeling some insane backpain for the last week. Sometimes it gets so overwhelming I find it hard to breathe. So I am on temporary leave off work (so long as I can find someone to cover my shifts) so I don't injure myself further. It's been almost 2 months since the accident and things are just getting worse. This makes me sad. It makes me miss the life I had before (and I am making it sounds like something more distant in the past than a mere two months) and all the fun and risks I could handle. I'll be honest, this whole thing makes me angry. Mostly because I can't go running when I want to. Some days I really despise the kid that hit me, and some days I understand it was an accident. Shit happens, but most days I am really mad at the kid for not checking and slamming me into a median.

My physical therapist saw me today and the first thing she said was 'Oh my god, are you ok?!'

I am guessing I looked worse for wear than even I realized. My back is stiff and I can hardly move. Not the best feeling in the world.

I'll leave it to them though. I really like my physical therapist and the office staff. They are hilarious. It makes the 90 minutes of PT fly by in a fit of laughter and silliness. My kind of people. Today she tried to stretch out my back. This was full of hilarity.

Imagine you have your arms crossed, hands on each opposite shoulder and someone is rolling you up into their body so your face is pretty much squished into their abdomen or other areas. Just experiencing it put me in giggle fits. Even though I'm sure I should not have been laughing. I just couldn't help it!

I really do enjoy them. They are great bunch and they make me smile even when I feel like shit. Plus they make me feel better. Haha.

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