Saturday, July 17, 2010

Me? A homophobe?

I picked up an extra shift today as a favour for an old RX manager because something happened to her closing tech. I hadn't been to this store since '08 or '09, but from what I remember it wasn't too bad.

The store, regardless of how I remember it, is one of the most bipolar stores I have ever been in. At least at my store I know 99% have sticks up their ass, here, it was so random! Half the time they would snap at me, the other half would be really nice, and some started out nice, snaps at me when I ask them a routine question, and then apologizes?

I was so confused. But this is my usual state of mind. It wasn't until I helped rather toothless large man that things went from strange to WHAT THE FUCK?

I couldn't really tell what the passenger looked like as she was blocked by the large toothless man, but the name was for a male. Alright, it's an estrogen shot, gotcha trans. That's cool. Whatever. I've dated someone that was trans before except it was FTM. Not a big deal for me.

There was one large problem, this particular shot had a generic available and this patient wanted brand. This patient was also on a state funded medicaid program. Since the state is pretty broke, a rejection popped up saying PA required, generic must be dispensed. When I informed the patient they went all ghetto on my ass.

"Nuh-uh you don't know whatchu talkin bout do your fucking homework beetch. Fucking homophobe. I want someone else to help me bitch."

I literally was speechless. I set the phone down, walked over and said "Um... they don't want me to help them? Asked for somone else?"

Apparently they knew alllll about these two. Yeesh.

Then I broke out hysterically into laughter because she called me a homophobe. Everyone thought I had lost my mind. Most people I work with know full well I love the ladies, but I haven't really worked with these two before so I'm sure they were wondering what was so funny. (I don't announce it, most people either figure it out, or whatever. I personlly don't care who knows, but I'm not going to broadcast it.)

I don't care if you're black, yellow, brown, orange, pink, or rainbow colored. If your broke ass can't get a job, you should take what the state gives you. Not I want brand this and that. You want it, you pay for it. I have to pay for my own insurace that barely covers shit! I work hard to pay my bills and part of my hard earned money is being wasted on state funded medicaid. I know that some people need it and that's fine, but not people in big ass cars that would take an entire day of my pay to fill the tank up. Sell your fucking car if you 'can't afford you meds'.

This is starting to turn into an angry rant about medicaid, so I will stop here.

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Phathead said...

About a year and a half ago I had someone go off on me in a rather similar manner. Except their retort was: "You do not want to give me what I want because I'm a dark skinned Native American do you?"

I smiled and replied back, "Ma'am, I also have Native American blood in me and I'm darker than you, pretty sure that's not the case."

She got in a huff and left. God I miss working at that store.