Thursday, December 30, 2010

Annnnd Break!

Enough about school! Let's talk about break!

I forgot how amazing school breaks are. Sure I still have to pull my days in the trenches of retail pharmacy, but they are by far less draining when you are no longer a full time employee. The best part about break, besides avoiding any studying that may be sitting on my desk, is SNOWBOARDING!

The only downside is transportation. Living in two different states (very far apart) means I leave my car behind. I miss the days when I could just take off for the day to hit the slopes because I felt like it. Now I need to find transportation. Lame. With school taking up most of my life, snowboarding has been put in the back burner, but I think it may change when I come back from break.

Being the over analytical, meticulous students we are, we've planned trips around when we could go and not jeopardize our grades. I'm so excited. I really want a new snowboard, and I am tucking away some money for it. Probably not the best idea when I'm in a ton of debt from school loans.

I'm just stoked to go snowboarding tomorrow. I miss my board.


Priya Shankar said...

Wooo. I love break just because we have that chance to do the things we haven't gotten much of a chance to do in a while. I guess for you, that's snowboarding.

I've never been snowboarding! It's not much of an India sport lol.

Also, I was reading through your last post and can I just say- you're a good writer! I completely understand what you mean- you cannotttt teach common sense, that's for sure. And also, you just gotta hope that maybe in a couple of years those people might just figure it out. Maybe?

Erin said...

Thanks for the comment! I guess it's not really an India sport, it's not much of an Asian sport either. Must be another reason people call me a banana. haha.

I really hope they do. It just worries me because in a few years, they will have other people's lives in their hands.

Erin said...
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Ashley said...

Hope you had a great time snowboarding! I gave up skiing when it became too expensive, but I'd love to do it again sometime.