Tuesday, October 28, 2008

You're a what?

Today was an interesting day. I seem to be waking up about 20 minutes to an hour earlier than when I'm supposed to. Apparently even on my days off I have a subconscious fear of being late. I have rescheduled my ophthalmologist appointment so many times in the past three weeks due to the PCAT, work, and school, that I apparently wrote down the wrong time AND date and showed up 26 hours and 45 minutes early. Which is odd considering I entered it into my calender right after I rescheduled my appointment.

Ah well. They took me anyways. I have 20/20 vision, but my vision still fluctuates. Mostly because my eyes are about as dry as the Sahara Desert. Now I have three different eye drops and these odd plugs in my tear ducts that are a sweet shade of blue. Not that you can tell anymore. I panicked slightly has I saw tweezers coming towards my eyes and the pressure of the plugs entering my tear ducts. They itch something fierce though.

I also voted today! There was a large turnout, which makes me happy since that will make my job slightly easier on November 4th (assuming at least a few were assigned to my precinct). My friends laughed when I told them I was a poll worker. Then they stopped laughing after I clarified that I was not going to be half naked and swinging from a poll. No one wants to see that.


sheA said...

i giggled at that poll worker joke- but then I felt proud to be an American.

Carolyn said...

Shea- Teehee, glad you got a giggle out of it =)

Not a Total Disaster said...

Blockagers in your tear ducts? WTF? Please explain these things to me.

Carolyn said...

They're basically plugs put into the tear ducts in your lower eyelids to help prevent drops and stuff from just draining? They itch sometimes.

It's strange. I hate them, but apparently they are helping?