Saturday, November 1, 2008

Being Open

"Hey, how do you feel about that prop 8 thing?" - my one of my assistant managers

I stare at him blankly and start laughing at him. The reason I laugh is because we were all out drinking last month and we were making a lot of gay jokes. And I was slightly tipsy by this time and I just said "Look, there's only one big homo at this table."

He just stared at me seriously and asked "who?!"

*points at self* Me!

He was apparently shocked and the rest of our table started laughing because we all thought he knew since nearly everyone at work knew. Not a big secret. When new people ask if I have a boyfriend one of my coworkers will always start laughing really hard. I will look at them and smirk, and the poor newbie has no idea what's going on.

I felt slightly bad for the new guy at work, mostly because I haven't really worked with him and he was doing his stuff and I was joking around with "my intern" and my other guys. I just don't even think about whether the people at work know if I'm gay or not. I just now assume they all know haha. I think he was unsure on how to approach me after the numerous things we were talking about that left pretty much no doubt in his mind that I was. I think talking about ex-girlfriends is a pretty dead giveaway no?

He seems fine with it, not like he has a choice if he isn't. heh. I like his philosophy on the presidential election. "I vote for whoever is smarter than me. Or at least smarter than their opponent." Which of course would be the person who graduated Magna Cum Luade from Harvard for his JD. Not someone who graduated 5th from the bottom of their military class.

Bed time.. work again tomorrow =(

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