Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Disappointment with a silver lining.

So I woke up this morning to not so great news. I still can't wrap my mind around the idea that the California Supreme Court could rule 6-1 to uphold prop 8. Really? 6-1??? At least they didn't forcibly divorce 18000 couples.

It still blows my mind that a simple civil right is so easy to deny when they are gay. Gay Marriage, a limited time offer! Expires 11/4/08.

We're supposed to be a progressive state, but what I've seen in the past 6 months we're not holding our own. I know one day we'll all look back on this and giggle at the ridiculousness and hilarity about how people over reacted because gay people want to get married.

I've recently gotten into using twitter, and I had a twitterthon (I really have no idea what to call it) with a friend of mine in London. She was outraged by someone she knew claiming that gay people were acting like little kids throwing a tantrum over 'not getting what they wanted' and that 'gays could have it a lot worse in America.' Yes, we can have it a lot worse, but then again many of us still face the fear of being assaulted because of our sexuality. Even in CA, hate crimes are a reality and no one is safe from it. I don't want to be scared to be who I am.

I was at a rally today protesting the decision to uphold prop 8. Being with such a large wonderful crowd of people was amazing. It was energized and full of hope and love. I'm not giving up this fight, but I'm not just fighting for my state. I'm fighting for this whole country to wake up and realize that this is a ridiculous thing to fight about. My goal is for our children to someday look back on this and have the same reaction as we do when we hear that interracial marriages used to be illegal. Until we can laugh about this day, you can bet that I, along with many many other people, will continue fighting for what is right.

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Brahmin in Boston said...

I heard about that in the evening news yesterday. I was shocked to see that a supposedly, liberal state like CA with all its Hollywood crazies could give out such a decision!!!

On the contrary, "stuck up" states of Northeast at least have given the rights to gay. For the first time I am relieved not to be in CA.

I wish you all the good luck!