Saturday, May 30, 2009

Re-fueling the passion

For a while, the tedium and crazy patients had been getting to me and I was starting to really hate my job. When you are being yelled at for most of your day, or being stared at for 10 minutes while you work can be very irritating.

Today, was surprisingly an exception. One of my interns was here today and I think he really helped me refuel my passion for the profession. It started off a bit... worse than most days. I walked into a mess, I had to special order a medication to make a cream for a patient (more complicated than regular meds), special suspension to make from powders, and things were super busy. Within 2 hours, I had been yelled at, my intern was cussed at, and there were just a lot of problems.

After things settled down and everything cleaned up properly things got a lot better. I am now referred to as Encyclopedia Carolyn. Got a problem? Get Carolyn. Can't fix it? Get Carolyn. It can be irritating when I am doing a bunch of different things at once, but it's always hilarious when they say "What the hell did you just do? You just pushed a bunch of buttons and it's fixed... like magic!" It's nice to share and teach people. Mostly because if I teach them they won't bother me again and of course to spread the wealth of knowledge. Granted I feel bad when I just fix it and not teach them because people are staring and rushing me.

Applications open soon. I am really nervous and excited. The prospect of getting lots of rejection letters is not something I am looking forward to.

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