Sunday, June 28, 2009

Hot as a pistol?

In my two years working in a pharmacy, I've pretty much been dragged through the good, the bad, and the 'so this is what hell feels like'. You've got the addicts that make you wonder if they are going to wait outside and jump you when you leave, that scream and cuss you out because you refuse to fill a fake script, or a questionable script for narcotics. You also get the people that always seem to have a giant pole stuck up their ass, and the 'I'm rich so you should do whatever I want' types.

The thing about me, I don't bend my morals for these types. Actually, I really don't bend my morals for anyone. Scream at me all you want, if it's not legal, I'm not doing it. Be a drama queen all you want, I know what will kill you and what won't. But I don't feel like discussing these types anymore, since they really only serve to irritate me haha. I have the rest of my life to deal with these.

The type that help keep me going are the ones that take the 2 seconds to listen to me when I say, I cannot give this to you right now because this drug interaction could cause you to bleed out, kill you, give you seizures, put you in a coma, and not scream at me because I am withholding it for their safety. I love the ones that scream at you when you inform them there's a drug interaction that needs to be discussed with the doctor because we don't want it to kill them. Really people? Anyways, so I was helping this little old lady today who I've known for almost the entire time I've been here who's usually very sweet. She made my day when she leaned over and whispered (like it had to be a secret or something haha 'Honey, don't go outside today, it's hot as a pistol out there.'

hahahhaa. I don't know why but that totally made me giggle.

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