Friday, June 19, 2009


There are days when I wonder if I want kids some day. There are days when bratty kids come to me and scream and cry so they can have their way and it irritates me to see their parents reinforcing the behavior by giving in. Maybe it's because it's the way I was raised, or maybe I'm just a meany head. Ha.

In a way I have a lot of kids. I'm one of the oldest out of a lot of cousins. I just had a high school grad, middle school grad, and elementary school grad today. I mean holy crap that's a lot of graduations to go through in one day. To me a lot of my cousins are like my kids. When I was younger their parents would watch me, help me with my homework and take me out, so in a way I'm doing the same for their kids. Granted it costs me a lot more money with the sheer amount of them, but I love doing it because I love them! I really would do anything for my family. They are such a big part of my life. I probably ruined my back again today.

I was going to say no, but a race to the park just sounded like so much fun. When we got there the 5 year old looked up at me and said "Can me has a piggy back ride pwease?" How could you say no to the cute little face that is asking you oh so politely with the silliest grammar and with that damn sweet smile? so I bent over and trotted around the playground with him, which led to all the other kids wanting a turn. Ouch am I feeling that now. My back is a bit better though. The accident really hurt it. I am still having trouble bending my neck certain ways without pain and it makes work really crappy. Ah well. Back to happy.

After a while at the park we ran back to my house and I had some cuddlehugs with them after feeding them some more haha. Days like these makes me want kids, we'll see how I feel tomorrow! haha.

I also have a silly video with my pup skateboarding. SO cute. For now, my puppy will do as a child substitute. Haha.

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Ashley said...

I'm not sure about kids either, but I sure do love my nieces more than I could have imagined.