Friday, November 20, 2009


Here are my list of reasons (excuses) on why I've been a bad blog friend and gotten so far behind on every blog this past week or so. (Days have begun to blend together)

1) Work has been giving me ridiculous hours, i.e. work til 11pm two nights then work at 7am the next day, then work again until 11pm. Not being away from the pharmacy fo more than 8 hours is no fun.

2) been working on my physical therapy, acupuncture, seeing my spine specialist (my spine is ok though! thank freakin' goodness), and working on being less lethargic.

3) tutoring the kids. Checking homework, help study. It's like I have actual kids.

4) Friends are back and demand my attention. Attention I happily give them because I have missed them something fierce.

5) I crash as soon as I get home, or too tired to do more than watch Grey's Anatomy or HIMYM online and usually never make it through the whole episode before passing out.

6) I just finished Guitar Hero World Tour. I almost finished it within weeks of getting it, but I stopped playing due to work, accident, applications, etc but my friend was the catalyst in getting me to play again. This re-sparked my love of the game and I finished my last set on medium on drums! My arms were going to fall off, but I did it! Weee.

7) My sister was on bed rest. I spent most of the free time with her, bring her and my brother food, keep her company, etc.

8) The extra time that I did have online was devoted to fixing itunes. For some reason when I tried updating itunes, it wouldn't update. It then prompted me to uninstall then reinstall. Too bad IT WOULDN'T FREAKING RE-INSTALL. Hours of time was spent un/re-installing itunes in a number of ways, disk checking, scanning my computer for viruses (just in case), defragmenting, and then today... IT FINALLY REINSTALLED. It was driving me insane.

Now it's past 1am and I must be off to bed. I hope to start trying to catch up with all you lovely people by Saturday evening.

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Ashley said...

That is a rough work schedule. My work schedule sucks, but at least it's always the same! Rest up!