Monday, November 30, 2009


I need to breathe before I freak out. Just the mention of my soon trip to Arizona makes me hyperventilate. I am really nervous about going. I used to love traveling. Well, I still love traveling, but for fun! Traveling for 'business', not so much fun. It's nerve wrecking. I won't even check in my bag even if it's free because if they lose it, I lose my suit. I lose my suit, well then I'm just screwed.

People are thinking that I'm just lazy and not coming to work-work as often, but what they don't know is I'm not at home relaxing the day away. Quite the opposite. I feel like wound up and edgy. Time! Please please slow down. How the hell did this year disappear so quickly?!

I gave up biting my nails years ago, and man it's one of those nail biting times. I'm not going to revert back and start biting them again though. I work with sick people, nasty habit to have when you have no idea what you're touching.

Sorry for the scattered thoughts. Time to go and review.


CJ said...

Hang in there!! Try to enjoy your trip just a little!

Carolyn said...

Thanks! I did end up enjoying the trip. I was there for exactly 24 hours from touching down in the airport and taking off again haha.

Besides the anxiety and exhaustion that was crammed into those 24 hours I still had fun. I even got to go buy a mini fake tree and decorations and decorated it with my friend while I was there!