Wednesday, December 30, 2009


The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Here are some things that stick out in my mind:

My friends are back, which means I will gladly sacrifice sleep so that I can see them. Even if it means 3 hours of sleep a night for over a week, I will push through because they are only here for so long. We've done everything from snowboard, go out, have a pre-xmas party, and just watch a movie together.

Work has been interesting. At my main store, there is a current fued between power tripping managers in the front and the pharmacy staff. This leads me to believe more and more that I should transfer before shit hits the fan. At the store I am moonlighting at, the police had to show up to remove a verbally abusive lady from the store. I also did some CE credits about emergency contraception and chronic constipation. The funniest thing I learned is what I have dubbed "The proper pooping posture". I had no idea there was a 'proper' way to sit while going #2. When the manager at store #2 heard about my serious consideration of transferring out of my main store, her eyes lit up like a Christmas tree. I guess I do have a place to go haha.

Now for the fun! Snowboarding! I've been three times in two weeks! The best was Christmas eve because it was not crowded at all. I've improved a lot, but let's face it, it's funnier to hear about my falls.

Fall #1
I had a bit too much speed and hit the jump way too fast and ended up off balance about 5 feet in the air. As I realize there is no way I am going to land this, I go into my default falling position, which I guess is body slamming the mountain. This prevents any further knee injuries and any new wrist injuries, but definitely knocks the wind out of me.

Fall #2 I hit a rail, again off balance and roll off of it and landed hard on the ground on my left breast. Ouch. That hurt. I was hugging myself the rest of the way down shaking that off haha. It's still sore.

Fall #3 the quarter pipe. My cousin says "It's really easy just ride up and slide back down. you can do it!" Well I made it up, but halfway down I definitely fell back hard on my butt and possibly my head. He said I did, but I was wearing a helmet and didn't feel a thing. (don't be a fool, helmet's rule!)

Fall #4 The box of DOOM. Looks like the easiest box rail to do, but due to its enormous size and length, it's really hard to keep your balance. Half the time I fell backwards and slid off and tumbled down. I have ice burn on my butt from one of the falls off the box of doom.

Fall #5 I got about 6 feet of air and land the jump, but realize that the next jump is too close for me to slow down in time to take it. As I approach the second jump way too quickly, I bailed and break-dance like spin on my butt down the slope and halfway up that second jump.

Fall #6 The best one of all. The wavey box rails. I hit the first one wonderfully, but somehow lost my balance on the second and landed right in the halfmoon rail on my butt. OOHHH!! and OUCH! could be heard from the people passing by on the lift that got to witness that haha.

Aside from those awesome falls, I've really improved my jumps. I landed most of them, until I was exhausted by hour 7 of snowboarding and my legs began to feel like jelly. It's hard to stick landings when your legs are saying f-you! I'm done!

My legs have the phantom boarding feeling. It's kind of like being in the ocean and later that day laying down and feeling like you're still being pushed back and forth by the waves. My body still feels like it's barreling down a mountain ahha.

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