Thursday, January 7, 2010

Literally a hot ass.

Since winter is in full swing (kind of... SoCal doesn't actually get 'winter' it just gets 'cold') so is my snowboarding/ski season. I've only boarded this winter because I want to improve more and I've only been going with people that board mostly, and I've had some pretty rough falls. Today was no exception. Luckily, I always always always wear a helmet and that definitely saved my life, or at least saved me from a concussion.

I was riding down the mountain happily, going faster with more confidence in my ability to avoid people and stop, and I've been getting better at my jumps too. I've been trying to gather courage to do a 180 turn during a jump, but I decided to be really solid in jumps first. I perfected a few jumps, getting a lot of air and landing in the correct area so it's a soft landing, but I ran into one problem. Multiple jumps while controlling speed.

I hit the first two with decent air and good landings, but somehow failed to slow down enough for the third. The air I got was remarkable, but this also caused me to miss the 'landing zone' by a good 3 feet, or 1 meter for you international folk. Next think I know my board hits the ground flat with a large thump, then I am on my ass, I hear a crack as my head slams into the ground, and I roll few times down the slope before I actually stopped.

For some reason it doesn't occur to me to just stay down and gather myself for a second and I just push myself back up and kept going, tapping my helmet a few times to make sure it wasn't actually cracked. No cracks after closer inspection later, surprisingly.

Now I am home and my butt really hurts. I think I may have landed on my tailbone since it really hurts to sit. It's actually kind of funny to watch me try and sit, I've been giggled at many times today by friends and family. My friend suggested I put one of those heat patches or bengay on my ass. I considered this thought for a moment and could only come up with this reply:

No thanks, having a hot ass is nice, just not literally.

For some reason she thought hurting my tailbone would hinder me professionally, but I stand... all day. And I certainly do not count pills with my ass (thought you all would be relieved to know that), so I am not sure how it will hurt me haha. Silly friends.

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Brahmin in Boston said...


I would have stayed on my ass and tears would have started pouring out of my eyes. (Either may be due to wounded ego or wounded ass!)

But yeah I was pretty happy after I had 3 goblets of sangria.