Sunday, December 13, 2009

Silly people.

I am sick. Joy. BUT! The brightside is that it is not the piggy flu!! Muahahhaa. I knew it wouldn't get me... at least not yet. My lungs are burning though and it hurts to breathe, cough, and sneeze, which is all I can really do right now, so that kinda sucks.

I am so medicated right now, and it's not really helping any. It alleviates some of the symptoms, but it just makes me stuffy nose into a runny nose and to behonest I'd rather be stuffy. I am not a fan of stuff oozing from my nose, or any orifice. haha.

... Now that I have grossed you all out by that gross mental image, here are some fun quotes of the week:

"OH MY GOD, you sound terrible! Are you sick?" ... yes. "Really???" ... yes. "OMG, STAY AWAY!" ... you have been infected by your slow reaction time. "WHAT???" (insert maniacal congested laughter) "You're a jerk." I am well aware. Hug? "eeeee! no!"

Hello Mikey. "HOLY HELL DUDE, YOU SOUND GROSS." Thanks Mikey. "... why are you here?" getting drugs. "oh.. ok, don't lick anything ok?" ... not gonna be a problem pal. "THANKS!"

On the phone:

Hello? "Who is this?" ... you called my cell phone... "Well.. ok, but I'm looking for Carolyn." ... This is Carolyn. "Are you sure?" ... yes. "Wow, you sound more manly than usual." ... Manly?? More than usual? You're an assface. "Hee hee"

Corporate pharmacy how can I help you? "Hey, who is this?" Carolyn "You're not Carolyn." Umm... ok? Are you looking for someone? "Yes... Carolyn." ... How can I help you? "I said I wanted to talk to Carolyn!" Are you kidding me, Ellie?? "How do you know who I am? And no... is she there?" IT'S MEEEE I am just sick! "Wow I thought you were joking..." About being Carolyn? "Good point, who would want to pretend to be you?" jerkface!

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