Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My body and liver hates me

Oi. The past few weeks have been a whirlwind. Besides checking my email from my phone the past few weeks and watching Lost on Netflix streaming at night to go to sleep I haven't touched my laptop. To be honest, most nights I am pretty sure turning the laptop on was a huge feat in itself.

Last weekend I went out to a gay club on ladies night with my newly found gay cousin and her gf. It was awesome! Mostly because I am spending more time with my cousin since we had grown apart, but it seems our 'gayness' is bringing us back together. HAHA. I inform them tha in order to get me + dancing, you need to also factor in alcohol. Somewhere in between several vodka tonics and beer or two, I was dancing around like a fool. Too bad I got home around 330am and worked at 10am.

Quote of the night, in response to my lightweight in the drinking area: "Girl, I may not be a 90 lb girl, but I sure as hell do drink like one!"

I stumbled out of bed sometime around 9am to shower and go to work. I found some Vietnamese coffee in my fridge and nearly cried from happiness. Halfway through the bottle at work I finally read the label that said "Concetrated" on it, then realized I was supposed to mix it with ice. Turns out I had about 4 cups of it which equals about 12 expresso shots. Oh shit.

A few hours later I was running around the pharmacy like a crackhead. Zipping around like a freaking hummingbird. My equally hungover, but coffeeless coworker stared at me and said "Oh god, please stop running around, you're making me dizzy!!!"

Still wired from the coffee after work I went over to my friend's house to get 're-schooled' in beer pong. I haven't played that crap since college. Around 2 am I realized, shit, work at 8am. A friend drops me off, and the day goes on. This time I had the appropriate diluted amount of coffee and was still going strong for my coworker's house party.

I am pretty sure my liver is cursing me, and my nervous system wants to kill me with the overload of caffeine and alcohol, but it was good fun!

Somewhere in between all that in the week we also made two trips to disneyland and played house for my sister.

I am waiting for everything to hit me all at one and go into some insane sleep coma. Too old for this shit!

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