Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Vacations are amazing.

I just got back from vacation to visit some of my old college friends. It was much too short and I really wish I was still there. My best friend picked me up, we grabbed dinner, and then went back to her place to watch a movie and sleep.

Ah, some things never changed. I missed her, but I didn't realize how much. Sometimes the little things we used to do together is more fun than figuring out activities to do. We were so comfortable with each other that I could study in one corner and she could watch tv and/or read in the same room and just enjoyed each other's company. Even though it was kinda like ignoring each other, haha. I miss those days, but I do not miss my insane exam schedule/thesis writing.

Throughout the week we did a lot of things, and we even fit in a snowboarding trip. I laughed so much and had so much fun with my friends. It had been almost 2 years since I had seen them, but we just picked up where we left off. Making fun of each other, laughing til we cried, making random jokes, and just having fun no matter what we were doing!

When my best friend dropped me off at the airport and hugged me goodbye, I just wanted to hop back in the car and not go home. I missed my family and my puppy dog, but I just missed being there. The place I called my home for four years. I'm not gonna lie, I wanted to cry while I sat at the airport waiting for my flight.

I am still smiling just thinking about all the fun I had. I even got to meet some neices and nephews for the first time (the oldest is 10!) and bonded with them. I wish I could have spent more time with them. It made me sad when one asked 'Auntie can't you please just stay with us??' after only knowing me for 3 hours.

Vacation simply just does not last long enough!!

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