Sunday, February 28, 2010


Me: ... Wow... apparently 'tis the season to be pregnant.
Pregnant Coworker: "SHUT UP...."
Me: Sorry! Just messin' with ya.
PC: It's ok... everyone had a pregnancy scare that week.
Me: ... except me. And the one person that wants to be pregnant!
PC: true... did you know RxM is preggers too? The same time as me!
Me: Holy crap!
PC: See! You should get pregnant and have a baby with me!
Me: ... And through what miracle would be achieving this feat?
PC: *snickers* Well... it COULD happen.
Me: No honey, it can't.
PC: What! You could be carrying baby jesus.... or the anti-christ.
Me: ha. ha. ha.

The very next day....

Pharmacist: Oh! So G wasn't feeling so good yesterday. I guess she was feeling really dizzy. I think she may be pregnant again.
Me: Wow. Is that good or bad?
Pharmacist: ... I don't know.

Five minutes laer G calls to let the pharmacist know she was ok. And not pregnant.

Pharmacist: OH! Good you took a test? Oh! Erin! She took it twice! Not pregnant!
Me: Congratulations? Hi G!
G: Who was that?
Pharmacist: Erin! She says hi!
G: OH! Tell her I say Hi, I'm NOT PREGNANT!
Pharmacist: She says hi and that she's not pregnant!!
Me: .... congratulations?

I am just amused at the relief. And the fact that even though it has been said over and over... she kept reiterating that she wasn't pregnant. Then again G just had a baby in August... so I'm guessing one child depriving her of sleep is more than enough for her and her hubby.

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