Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello... Goodbye.

I'm not sure if there are many people that work in a pharmacy where every one is like family. I've heard stories of ones where everyone hates each other. How much would that suck? My pharm family is usually what gets me through the day. Although they will get on your nerves just like your real family.

The day I got into pharmacy school was a really happy one. The day I met The Girlfriend was a really drunk, but happy one. The day I chose between a school much loser to home and a school over 2000 miles away, was a hard one. When I signed my life away and committed to a school farther away, it made me sad. In the end though, I made the decision to go somewhere I would be happiest, not what would make this relationship easiest.

A month or so ago we agreed to break up in August when I left. It wasn't an easy decision and over these short 3 months she changed my life. My coworkers were split between begging us to stay together and saying that we should just end it now. (Like I said, they love gettin' in your business, just like family.)

I've never really connected with anyone quite like the way I connected with her, and I guess she felt the same way. We were both reluctant on the decision, but logic always wins in our debates.

I broke up with her last night. I just couldn't drag it out any longer. As happy as I am with her, knowing tht we were going our separate ways in two months just made me so sad. I couldn't imagine how much it would hurt by the time August rolled around.

I think I may regret this later.

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