Monday, June 14, 2010

Oh snap, you just got pwned druggie.

Ya know, patients say a lot of strange/weird/stupid things to me, but I think this guy takes the cake.

Patient "I need to know if I can get this refilled now."

I get the info, turns out to be a narcotic, filled for a month supply less than 2 weeks ago.

Me "Sorry sir, this can't be filled until this date because you just got it filled less than 2 weeks ago."

Patient "No! You only gave me 60 tablets and it says here to take it twice a day so that's FOUR TABLETS A DAY. EVERY SIX HOURS." (he left out that the part where it's only as needed"

Me "Sir, twice a day is every 12 hours, 2 tablets a day."


Me "Sir, one day is 24 hours."

Patient "SAYS WHO?"

Me "... the rest of the world? And also because 24 hours is how long it takes the earth to make a full rotation on its axis. Please just follow the directions on bottle. We cannot release this medication until this date."

Patient "WHATEVER!"

Then my pharmacist looked over at me and said "What?? Did you really just have to tell someone repeatedly that one day is 24 hours?"


Phathead said...

Simple math is hard...

And there's 22.182 hours in my day. My awesomeness causes the world to spin faster.

Brahmin in Boston said...

Wow... I missed this post?! Unbelievable! Well, not so much. Ha!

gosh... wonder what they teach the kids today?12 hours is a day and the rest of the 12 hours that you spend sleeping and browsing net - doesn't count. So essentially we have stopped aging... If only it was so easy!