Saturday, August 8, 2009

Signs you've had too much to drink.

Friend: Don't forget your camera, I want to be able to capture embarrassing moments tonight. Ya know, life if you accidentally make out with a guy.
Me: What are you planning on putting in my drink? Magic straight elixer?
Friend: That's for me to know and you to find out.
Me: ....

Me: Thanks!
F#1: WOW you are only a few months older than me. Like four or five. Wait. *counts on fingers* YEP FIVE!
Me: hahahha

F#2: I am old.
Me: When is your birthday again?
F#2: ummmmmmm September.
Me: So in one month!
F#2: NOOOOOO two months! Duh!
Me: ummmm September is next month... it comes after August.
F#2: no it doesn't! oh wait. hahahhahaa

Last night was a lot of fun. Although a friend's roommate came also and he wouldn't stop touching me. Not really inappropriately, but he would rub my shoulder. F#1 saw my WTF is going on look (when he started touching my hair) and went "DUDE. She's a lesbian. Why are you touching her?" LOL.

He ignored that comment though. It was an odd night, but I had a lot of fun. And woke up at a very inappropriate time the next day hee. Birthday weekend continues!

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Allie said...

Happy birthday!

Birthdays equal fun tequila nights. Although, isn't it funny how you could barely sleep the night before your birthday as a kid, and now you end up passed out because of the birthday party the night before? lol...maybe that's just me.

This year, my birthday was in the same week as senior week/my graduation. That was an unfortunate week for my liver.

Have a great week!