Thursday, August 13, 2009

Family and PT Love

So for the past few days I haven't been able to eat much. I just feel nauseous halfway through the meal so I figure forget it, I may as well keep down what I have eaten than see it all again.

Well my mom noticed I wasn't looking so good when I picked her up from work (I guess she needed to leave before my dad) and started the hard questioning all moms do. It ended up like this (all in Viet, translation for all you english speakers haha):

Mom 'What's wrong with YOU?'
Me: (I am feeling really nauseous and not so good with each passing second, but I'm driving so I try to shrug it off) 'I dunno, been feeling sick for a few days. I can't really eat without wanting to throw up.'
Mom 'Well, at least you're not eating too much. You are getting fat.'

hahahha That made me feel a little better. Not because I am getting fat, or eating less, but because it was just a funny thing my mom would say about me being sick.

My PT place is hilarious. They laugh at me/make me laugh all the time. The topics of conversation range between beach houses, vomiting, and hobbies. It's entertaining. I was doing my stretches and this random 12 year old gymnists starts gawking and goes 'OMG ARE YOU A SWIMMER?'

I turn around abruptly because it kind of caught me off gaurd so I gave her a funny look and apprehensively said 'Well... yeah. I used to be...' and wonder why on earth this girl is asking me such a random question.

This girl is very easily excited haha because as soon as I reply her eyes go wide and she goes 'OH MY GOSH IT'S NOT FAIR! I've been stretching for THREE years and I can't get my shoulders to do that!'

Maybe she should pick up swimming? Then again her body is definitely well suited for being a tiny gymnist, where mine as my PT person said 'Well, your body is very aerodynamically built for swimming' (I really hate it sometimes, the skinny legs vs. broad shoulders/upper body. It makes me feel like a boy)

Drats, I should have stuck with swimming. I could have been the female Michael Phelps. haha. Or not.

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