Monday, August 31, 2009

I miss living on a boat.

Ok, it wasn't your regular boat, it was a ginormous and slightly tacky cruise ship, but it was so much more fun and way less tacky than I expected. I had never been on a cruise before, or been to Hawaii so it was like two adventures all rolled into one. Also add that I needed to survive with a lot of family for a whole week posed as a huge challenge in itself. It was great the first few days... near the end of the week I was hiding (ok so I was a bit drunk too) from them in various parts of the ship.

The strangest thing is you still feel like you are on a boat for at least two days following. A strange, yet soothing feeling. Luckily I do not get motion sickness.

I got to do so many fun things. I saw a crater, and other hot spots in Maui. I played and swam on a black sand beach in Hilo and got some excellent pictures of a huge sea turtle. I also met an awesome friend who was a photographer on the boat that day when she tagged along with us in Hilo. She was fantastic to hang out with and talk to. I also got to ride a raft and snorkel in crystal clear blue water in Kona. I also got to kayak in a river in Kauai and hike to two waterfalls and spend hours at the beach. I got pretty dark, and luckily did not burn.

The best part were the amazing pictures and memories I got from the cruise. I wish I could do it all again!

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