Friday, April 23, 2010

Work apathy

I've just seriously been so apathetic lately at work. I think it's a combination of burn out and wanting to be with my girlfriend. I know it's not just me that goes through all the BS in the pharmacy. We all get yelled at over ridiculous crap that's out of control, but I just don't even care anymore. Most of the time I just raise an eyebrow, turn and walk away. This may seem rude to them, but if I don't walk away there is a huge chance I would say many many not so nice things.

I'm sorry you 'lost' your vicodin down the toilet for the 3rd time in two weeks. We cannot give it an early fill without doctor approval. I'm sorry your copay sucks, yell at the insurance company. No I do not magically know your insurance ID number. No I cannot magically guess what it is especially if you don't even know the name of your insurance carrier.

It also sucks that girlfriend's hospital schedule and my pharmacy schedule are complete opposites. Serves me right I suppose. I finally date someone I do want to see often, and work prevents it. If she's got the late shift, I have an early morning shift.

Not to mention we're conveniently ignoring the fact that I'm moving in 4 months. It's weird. I guess as soon as I decided on where I was going, it made it real that I was leaving. It also made it real that we would most likely not be together at the end of these four months.

I adore her. I've never really been with someone I wanted to spend all my free time with. I've always been the one that needed her own time and space. It's just different with her. I just don't think I could handle long distance. Not with stress from school, and the stress she's under. It just sounds like an explosion of fights waitingto happen. Ugh, need to stop thinking about that and enjoy the moments we have now.

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