Monday, April 26, 2010


As much as my job can be infuriating at times, there are the fun times and the interesting times that get you through the day.

One of my favorite things to do at work? Busting drug seekers. I'm sure corporate is unhappy that this may 'hurt their bottom line', but I don't care. Many people in my profession can spot these people from miles away. It's always irritating when you know it's not legit and the MD is on their payroll, but one you can bust 'em, it's just awesome.

Take this one guy for example. Every time he comes in, it's for the same narcs, pays cash in 20 dollar bills for narcotics that cost about a total of $1000 every month, cash that is kept in a bank purse that has way more money in that every single time he comes in. Another thing is I hate taking that much cash. 1) I have to check all bills 20 and larger 2) having that in my drawer makes me uneasy, 3) why the fuck are you carrying around about 5 grand in cash with you at all times?! I have 5 grand too buddy, but I store it at this place calle THE BANK. Or at least in a safe at the house. Fuck carrying that around.

He also does the one thing that irritates he shit out of me while I work. He hovers around the pharmacy, peeking in, giving that you should hurry that shit up vibe. Fuck you, man. Funny thing is, this usually makes me work slower. I've been wanting to bust him for months, but my hands were tied. MD said the RXs were legit, etc blah blah blah. As we're doing the second data review on the script a red flag pops up that he's filled norco somewhere recently.

Oh AAA, you were always a pain sometimes, but I <3 them for not only jumping my car when I need it, but busting his ass. Tracking AAA discount (p.s. some pharmacies offer AAA discounts on your rx's if it's not covered or you don't have insurance) was pain in the ass, but through a few phone calls I tracked down the second pharmacy they were using and found out he goes to them about a week after us for the same narcs. BUSTED.

I don't know why, but it's so much fun to bust them. Almost as much fun as talking to the kids that come in, or the regulars that give you a laugh.

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