Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Quickie before my body gives out haha.

I don't know where I found the energy today, but thank goodness I had it. I woke up at 6am this morning to shower and go skiing. I stupidly left my gloves in the car and was too lazy to go back and get them, so I skied for a few hours without gloves. Afterwards I went back to the car and got my friend's snowboard.

Now, I am not the most graceful (at all) person in the world. I can't even walk without tripping sometimes. But I decided I should try it. I figure, third times a charm right? I actually did pretty well! I didn't fall on my face when I got off the lift, but I did fall on my face and my butt for the next two hours I went boarding. I am quite proud of myself, I didn't think I'd get very far. It just wiped me out. I could ski all day and hardly break a sweat, but I was exhausted after two hours.

Then we went home and I ran a few errands before... changing to play softball. It was a last minute decision and they needed more female players so I said why not? Keep in mind I haven't played in over 6 years. I dusted off my old gear and went for it. I was HORRIBLE. I am so ashamed of myself haha. Slow pitches are so hard to hit... and I didn't know we started out with a 1-1 count. I was super confused half the game.

Hopefully I will still be able to make their games. It was fun, but I felt bad for being so horrible. My body is aching though. Work in the morning is not going to be very fun.


sheA said...

Hey Carolyn- yeah I never got that whole 1-1 count even before you step up to the plate..... Warm bath and candles might help ease the pain from all of your activity!!! Hope you dont go through too much strain.

Carolyn said...

Thanks Shea! I was fine actually just a wee bit sore in the arms but doing our warehouse order worked the pain right out!