Thursday, January 1, 2009

Wait, rewind, where did the time go?

I feel like 2008 flew by in a blur. Some good, some bad, some crazy, and a dash of everything else. So how is it I found myself 'celebrating' the new year in some odd company. Not bad company, I am just amused. I spent last New Years Eve with the ex, without the girl she dumped me for. Weird yes? What was I doing there? I don't even know.

This year I spent it with a few friends (that didn't leave me for a huge bash in another state that I couldn't go to due to unforseen circumstances). The odd part was being with someone who I nearly dated, but ran from since the situation was a little too close to my last not so pleasant relationship. Drama prior to relationship is never a good idea in my book. Before last night I hadn't seen her in a long time. I forgot how gorgeous she is. Then I kicked myself in the arse, reminded myself of a certain someone who might actually be good for me. And who was currently texting me half the night.

I need a nickname for her... eh. Brain no worky right now, which is why this entry is all sorts of random and confusing.

I spent the new year skiing on my awesome new ski's. Ya know those race for a cure for breat cancer races? Well, I ski for a cure! My ski's have a pink ribbon on the bottom, my lift ticket as well was part of the cure. If only I had been wearing pink haha. It isn't something that affects my family, or anyone I know of, it's just another important cause.

I think I'm going to stop this entry of nonsensical rambling now heh.

Happy New Year <3

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