Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snowboarding is painful.

I am a pretty decent skier, and I really enjoy it. I've been recently convinced to give snowboarding another go and the success that first time made me give it another chance. Today was the first time in two years I actually boarded for an entire day.

I forgot how painful it was. Haha. I really wish I had a camera crew following me around because it was hilarious. I didn't know I could fall and roll in a way that made my snowboard do cartwheels. I fell and then couldn't stop and the snowboard sledded me several feet on my back. I fell getting off the lift and my cousin did too and he ended up kicking me in the nose. I lost my balance hopping and landed on my face. My butt definitely hurts. I can barely turn my head. Tomorrow is not going to be fun haha.

It sure does give me funny memories though.