Thursday, September 3, 2009

Days 1 and 2

I noticed I have been starting to forget the details of my trip, so I am going to write them down now. Feel free to skip the next few entries haha.

Day 1: Flight to Honolulu and boarding the ship.

So here I am sitting patiently waiting for the plane to take off when suddenly I feel something sprinkling on me. What the hell? Is it raining on the plane? I look up confused and a lady in the aisle looks down at me and says 'Some dipshit just spilled soda on you.'

.... What. Hooray. I get to be sticky for 6 hours. He didn't even apologize. He also managed to kick my chair every 10-20 minutes even though he didn't sit directly behind me since that chair was soaking wet thanks his effort of trying to store open drinks in the overhead compartment.

If you haven't been to Hawaii before, it is HOT. It was like getting kicked in the stomach when you first get outside (if you're not used to super high humidity). I thought my hair would suddenly become an Asian fro from all that moisture. We also had a very mean cab driver. She was quite the angry little Asian lady. I thought she was going to kill us haha.

We finally got to the port, and all in one piece too! Man, checking into a cruise is more intense than an airport. You need to pass security on the docks, check in your large luggage, pass the security into the check-in warehouse, get herded through some metal detectors, then you go and actually check-in at the desk, then you go through the final security check with your new ID card to actually board the ship.

We ate on the boat and finally got into our rooms! It was lovely! The room as super tiny, but the balcony gave us an amazing escape. Then I had my first Hawaiin sunset:

The only downside was the food was not so good. Oh well, the food was included in our price, so I guess we shouldn't expect too much hahaha. We promptly went to bed around 11 since it was technically 2 in CA and we were exhausted. Plus the kids were still getting used to the boat so we tried to sleep in our now rocking room haha.

Day 2 Maui

I woke up to this:

This was no sleeping in vacation. We usually rose with the sun to eat and be on our way to the days excursions. We took a bus ride to the Haleakala Crater in Maui. We even got a park ranger escort up to the crater because of the annual bike race. I guess they feared a tour bus might run over someone haha. The pictures do not do it justice. The elevation was so high that the temperature dropped by 30 degrees. It was freaking cold up there. There was also this really cool little trail that took you to its highest point. Brr.

Afterwards we explored the ship or a bit an soaked in a hottub. That was fantastic. We also saw a polynesian dance show on the ship. Great show full of really funny moments. I was really impressed with the ship's entertainment.

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