Thursday, October 8, 2009

Erin the Confessional

I have always found it strange that some people whom I've known for all of five minutes love to use me as a confessional. Now, I don't mind listening, not at all, but I do have the 'uncomfortable subject' zone when it comes to people I don't know.

This time would be a I think 18 year old girl asking me about sex. More specifically straight sex and if she could be pregnant. Now, I am in training to become a young professional in the world of health care, but our parents were talking in the next room. I hadn't seen this kid since she was TEN. TEN!!! I did my best to not be weirded out by this girl that I hadn't see in 8 years dropping this on me and give her the best advice I would give any other young girl that would come to me in the pharmacy. In my head, this kid was still 10. I have this weird thing where kids don't actually grow up until I see them again, so I was still getting adjusted to the 'this kid is 18, not 10 anymore' mindset.

I think I just found it awkward that she was entrustig me with this information whilst our parents were in the next room and that she begin the bomb dropping by bringing up her love of rubbers. YES RUBBERS.

Come on, I have no use for those things. Ok, in her defense she does not know I am a big giant homo. So what was I supposed to say when she preluded with, 'my favorite part of the pharmacy are RUBBERS!!' I mean really??? really?? What was I supposed to say 'Oh me too!! Aren't they the greatest?!' Because lets face it, the chance of girlfriend getting me pregnant, zero.

I just think it's odd that people really love using me as their confessional. Awkward, but at least I am not used as a fire hydrant.

p.s. I am amused that many find my blog via the search words 'am I gay?' and 'Is gay a bad word?' I can't wait to see what kind of hits I get from this one. haha.

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