Saturday, October 17, 2009

Flying on Jet planes

So I recently took a trip. More business than pleasure, but I don't really want to blog about it until I know the results of the trip.

I feel like I've become mildly narcoleptic, yet still quite the insomniac at night. I fell asleep every where on my trip. I even fell asleep on the metro train on my way back from the National Air and Space Museum (Yes, I chose to go there on my few free hours hahaha). Luckily I woke up at my stop. I fell asleep checking my email, I fell asleep watching TV, I pretty much just kept falling asleep. It's odd, but it's probably just exhaustion and lack of sleep at night. On a side note, I found out later that a stabbing occured across the street from the metro station and the guy ran into the station about five hours after I left. How scary!

Seriously though, the museum was so much fun! I got to do a simulator flight on a fighter jet. I kept accidentally doing barrel rolls and we were screaming because we were stuck upside down for a while. We later found out (from other people screaming) that those things were NOT sound proof hahahha. It was fun though.

The flight home was good and bad. Bad.... it felt like FOREVER. Even though I passed out as soon as the plane started to taxi and woke up 30 minutes later. Unfortuntely the flight is 5 and a half hours long. Plus I had a connection to make. The good: I had a really cute stewardess on the flight. I don't really watch those safety demos on planes anymore because I fly so often, but ya know, I just couldnt help but watch the second time around hahahaha. My connection ended up being with the same plane and crew and I was amused they remembered me. One asked me a question about chips from the last flight and all I said was 'I dunno... I was asleep.' and the cute fight attendant giggled. Aww I love cute giggles.

I am a dork. A tired and sleepy dork.

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Brahmin in Boston said...

Oh my my!! It seems that you are talking about my life! TOTALLY!

I went to the NAaSM in Wash DC and kept doing the barrel rolls with my hubby in the simulator flight - but I managed to gun down one enemy aircraft!

Wow... good that you weren't there when the creep ran in to the station! Actually you are a very cute, tired and sleepy dork! Haha! Good for you that you had a cute stewardess on flight... *sigh* I never get a cute steward on flight :-(