Friday, January 22, 2010

And we're back!

I'm back! My brain is running at 90% right now, which is far far better than the haze I was living through this past week. I no longer feel nauseous, the world no longer tilts at random moments, and my head no longer pounds. Huh, I just realized having a concussion is similar to being very very drunk, only less fun.

So I don't exactly remember what went wrong in the moments leading up to my concussion. I remember flying into the air, but then my mind goes blank and I feel my head hit the ground much harder than it ever has. The pain was intense, I couldn't even open my eyes. I remember trying with all my might to push open my eyes, but some other force was keeping them shut.

Now, for some reason, not being able to open my eyes made me try to roll over to get up. You'd think not being able to see, your last thought would be to get up right? Well I'm a dumbass. Good thing I was too hurt to move. I felt my limbs shake at my feeble attempt to roll my body over, so I just laid there for a bit. After a few minutes I was able to open my eyes and roll myself over and get myself off that mountain. Whew. I probably should not have kept riding, but I did. After about two though I called it quits and laid in the car while the rest of my group enjoyed the day.

I was slightly terrified to sleep that night, but I woke up the next morning going YES! I WOKE UP! My next thought was, Dammit. I have to go to work. It was hard because I was feeling really nauseous, and my head still pounded pretty fiercely.

It took most of this week for the pounding to subside and the haze to lift, but I'm ready to take on the fresh powder!

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