Saturday, January 9, 2010

Lady Gaga overload

So while at work today, my coworker is calling a patient and has it on speaker and instead of the usual ringing you hear the pharmacy is suddenly blasted with Bad Romance, by Lady Gaga.

Every one is looking around trying to figure out where that music is coming from, I'm trying not to laugh and all of a sudden the girl's voicemail pops up. I think that's when we all realized it was coming from a phone. He really should have picked it up when the music started blasting, but it was pretty funny. That or he did it on purpose, because the volume was pretty damn loud.

For some reason, I thought it was a silly song, and as karma would have it, seconds later someone called me (and my dumbass forgot to put my phone on vibrate) and it too played 'bad romance'.

So that's what the kid was doing when she was playing with my phone and giggling. I never should have showed her my free ringtone app.

That song has now been stuck in my head for 12 hours.

In other non-lady gaga related news, my other coworker has recovered from her tonsilitis and is back to her usual self and making fun of me.

Coworker: AHAHAHA That's because you don't need it cos you're gay!
Me: So?? BCPs have other uses!
Coworker: Yeah, yeah. Wish you didn't come out of the closet now, huh?
Me: I didn't come out of the closet, ya'll THREW me out.
Coworker: Oh yeah...
Me: I still don't know how you all figured it out.
Coworker: Trust me, it wasn't hard to tell.

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