Tuesday, January 26, 2010

drunk bush running.

Now, if you are thinking something dirty, please remove your mind from the gutter. ;) I actually did drunkenly run through foliage.

After an exhausting and boring day at work, I went home to get things done. This turned into going home and passing out on the couch for an hour. I wake up to a text that read:

'Grab drinks before movie?' YESSS! Of course!

So I met up with my friend at a bar about half a mile from the movie theatre. I was planning on my usual one beer. That turned into a beer and a shot of petrone when he offered to buy me one. That snowballed into a beer, a shot of petrone, and an Irish Car Bomb. In less that 45 minutes. Woo. Remind me never to do that again. I am too old to be drinking that much that quickly.

We realize at this time that we are going to be late to the movie. Too drunk to even consider driving, we decided to walk since our other friends wouldn't pick us up. For some reason as soon as we got outside my drunkeness caught up with me. We also didn't realize the amount of foliage walls we would encounter. At the first one we came up to, my friend looks at me and goes "should we?" and we did. The bastard jumped in and pretty much tumbled into the bushes. My drunken ass decides to try and wade through it and got caught on some branches and I got some nice cuts from them haha.

At one point our friends call him to see why it was taking us so long to get there and this distracts his 'bush wading skills' and he pretty much slips and falls over into the bush. I am laughing my ass off at him and then he gets up and takes off running.

I was not sober enough to run that fast. So I stumble after him and watch him disappear when our friend calls me. Of course I am wading through new bushes this time and as karma would have it I slipped and pretty much rolled through. I am surprised I didn't lose anything haha. Then I started to 'run' towards the movie theatre. Wow. What a sight. We couldn't stop laughing. We both had some mud on us, and the cuts were hilarious. The movie was eh, but was a lot better drunk haha.

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Toya said...

I could use a night like that right now with all the crap I'm going through but I'm glad you had fun and you are right...some movies are better when your drunk! hehe