Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My company + Pride??

Ok, well I am one of the lucky folks that work for a company that does include sexual orientation as a protected class along with sex, class, race, etc. I have always been thankful for that, especially since my coworkers have some crazy gaydar. Or at least when it comes to me. I have long hair and dress pretty much like every one else at work, so I don't know how they figure it out, but they did.

So my boss was reading our corporate emails while I was trying to figure out a strange prescription when I hear my boss excitedly calling me to read whatever she was reading. The only thing in the subject was [Company Name] Pride. I scoffed and began reading.

Well I'll be damned. They are going to sponser some of LB pride, have booths, and possibly get in on the parade float thing. Yeah, that's pretty cool! Funny since I have still failed to go to Pride, mostly because I'm always working haha. My boss was super excited though and wanted to volunteer me for the float.

Oh please, no. I don't know if I could handle that haha. Last thing I need is the parentals watching faux news and see me in the parade. haha. It would be pretty awesome though...

Pride isn't until June though I think, so pretty far ways away... and it would be pretty freaking sweet.


Brahmin in Boston said...

LMAO @ Gaydar!! That was funny!

Indeed it is sweet of them to include sexual orientation in the equality thingy...

Eeeek! I hope you would be the one to tell your parents. Nothing is as awful as they knowing from some other source. But on the other hand you will be relieved of the tension of how to break it to them..

Thanks Carolyn. I hope too that I find greener pastures soon!

Brahmin in Boston said...

Thanks for your comments!

Yeah the G1 does use the 3G network - I think since it was my upgrade. It take 24 - 48 hours for them to reset it...

(sounds like I am making excuses. lol!)