Monday, February 15, 2010

To come out or not to come out

So much to do... and so much to think about before I move. I am going to miss my puppy so much! But it wouldn't be fair to coup him up in a tiny apartmet when he has so much space here!

I've also been talking to my future classmates and the same question keeps lingerig in my head. Should I come out to them? We're all in professional school, but at the same time if one reacts badly I am stuck with them for four years! Well 3 since 4th year is mostly clinical rotations. I was barely out in college. Blah. I have no problems being open at work, but my thoughts always come back to that story where a guy was kicked out of pharmacy school for being gay. My school is a private school too, but they are progressive... you just never know. Blah.

Here'sa fun conversation to lighten those thoughts:

that game is the best
that is my valentine lol
hahhaha well at least it will never leave you
if it breaks then my life is over
or you could go buy yourself a new one
or steal one like you did in your hoodlum days
lol it was one lollipop
whateverrr gateway theft
first it's a lollipop
then it's a candy bar
before you know it you're on the 10 o'clock news on a high speed pursuit down the 405 with cops chasing you.

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